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What are you Watching/Reading Q2 2018

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Re: What are you Watching/Reading Q2 2018

Post by DJ_Izumi » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:36 pm

Crosis posting here is my fault I think. :P

Also... I'm watching 16 series this season while somehow holding down a full time job and friendships with other humans...

Despite this there's STILL anime that friends like this season that I'm missing...I think I liked it better when there was like ONE popular anime per season at most. >.>

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Re: What are you Watching/Reading Q2 2018

Post by sarkeizen » Fri Jun 08, 2018 3:25 pm

My daughter and I just watched Your Name -- which is pretty gorgeous (maybe a tad overdone in places) -- and are part way through Mary and the Witches Flower. We're previewing movies for her upcoming birthday party. Last year they watched Secret of Arrietty which everyone enjoyed.

There's some irony in that the first time through I watch these things with subtitles but I end up having to go back and watch them in English because I never know exactly how they're going to translate something and the last thing I need is some parent calling me and asking me why I'm not helicopering enough.

As for Manga, we both are reading Orange while my son and I read One Punch Man and occasionally work through watching some of Gundam Seed Destiny. The blu-ray re-masters were nice and clean...well compared to the fansubs I had when I was younger anyway. :-)

I don't read much for myself these days. Although two years ago someone gave me "All you need is kill" for Christmas which I liked quite a bit.

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