[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 7 - Tragic persona

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[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 7 - Tragic persona

Post by cidjen » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:01 am

- So she made contact ?
- Yes, Doctor, she did. She caused all this little charade with the trip to the top of the mountain, and then the little accident with the horse... for a while she wasn't at all like what you and the Keepers are trying to make her...
- So it happened. Finally. Took her time this time...
- Yeah about that, Doctor... you did not care to tell me who did you hire before me ?
- I did not find this particularly important. Is it so important? No one else asked that before you.
- Maybe so, Doctor, but you're forgetting something... I am special. Yet she took me by surprise so much that I barely had the time to hide my intentions from her... Has she come out like that to anybody else before me ?
- Yes. And to answer your next question, yes, she will be trying to come out again and we will actually facilitate that.
- Very well... I guess I will have to be prepared then.
They walked around the park in silence for a while, then the Doctor said :
- You... are not asking me how were the others contacted and what came out of their attempts ?
- You weren't going to tell me that anyway, either how many did try or that they tried at all. So why start now?
- I guess you're right. I'm not going to. Since you're not asking. May be more authentic to her, if you don't know.
- Right... I guess I have to get myself really surprised, that will then lower her defenses...
- Don't worry, Master Cathal; we will be watching her and you really unnoticeably from now on. I will give my orders out... - the Doctor pat the heap of paper on his desk - ... so that it should look like we're backing off; I guess you really should look very surprised when she makes contact, so we can't really prepare you for anything... all you need to do is that you're safe, whatever happens.
- Thank you , Doctor, that's... reassuring.
- Just focus and remember the mission. We have to the inside of that dark character you have seen, and heal it, if possible.
- I can't even try to think about the next steps... there was something ... I think... tragic in that persona I saw there floating on my chest in the marsh...
- I suggest as well, that we don't have to convene daily.
- What?
- Just make sure you jot down the current day's notes, and leave them somewhere the Keepers can find them, without her knowing. It also has to look like you don't know these notes are being passed;
- I guess I can use carbon copy paper to make the second copy when I'm typing it on the typewriter, and then, you can have someone come and take it off my desk without me knowing...
- Good, then we have a plan.

* * *

- You're sitting here by the fire very long now, for the last few days, the Keepers told me. Is anything the matter, Master Cathal? You don't look well.
- Oh it's you, Doctor. No... Physically I'm fine... Mentally... the new persona of Miss Frances starts to get on my nerves. I know you need it but I can't stand it for too long.
- Is this why you've not written anything in the notes yet?
- Kind of. There was actually nothing to report. Your persona build is going on and seems to be going well... some skill you have, almost would not need me for anything. But you hired me to deal with the past persona, and that one just sits there, glaring at me... like she knew what I need to do with her... All I tried so far, I am only getting a slight smirk from that character, she doesn't want to talk to me... It's a pretty effective defense mechanism, even in a character as damaged as she seems to be.
- Maybe you're trying too hard ?
- Oh, well, I don't have all eternity to sit here and heal one damaged girl, Doctor! I have patients back in Manchester, that I need to go back to some time next month and see them to their recovery... and what we're trying to achieve is not an overnight trick.
- I know this, Master Cathal. So what do you need then ?
- I guess, since you don't want to tell me her story, you could at least hint me about something she ... used to like and do, before she got damaged... something that I could use to show her, that I care... or use it as a lever to make her care about me... Is there something you can hint me ?
- You've seen one thing she did care about, horse riding.
- Yes... so she always liked horses.
- What if...
- Yes?
- We arrange a little accident... with one of her horses... something that she would think be fatal for the horse, but you could be put into the position of a horse savior...
- Mmmm... something along the lines... but no, this will look staged with all the Keepers presence... this is something I need to do... to surprise both her and you and the Keepers. And it can't involve any of her horses... I think I know... and I can't tell you.
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