[Fanfic] 0ff104d : A Megatokyo Story: Bonus chapter 5.7 : Seraphim check!

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[Fanfic] 0ff104d : A Megatokyo Story: Bonus chapter 5.7 : Seraphim check!

Post by cidjen » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:57 am

Rehearsal 42

- OK... I think we are finally on to something - said Piro slowly.

The five of them, and Junpei, were sitting around a table in the games room, watching the last attempt.

- See all was going well until actually Junpei jumped in, it freaked her out.
- I think we must not drop so many verbal hints. When she feels overwhelmed by all the chat, she becomes more volatile.

Piro massaged his forehead.

- OK ... so how about this. I know this looks quite a lot like the first attempt... only some smoothed out acting, added my sacrifice, and updated technicals to what we know now. Also the new pages of the book - he cringed - this is untested... Let's rehearse this dry first... Kimiko, you seem to be pretty good at channelling her by now.

- OK but I need a longer break or something stronger to reset - said Kimiko - see how she starts dropping the hints the size of elephants, of what has happened between her and that bastard who helped her... I can't think of what she is going to say next...

- Oh, ok.... Seraphim ? Oh, ok, I'll IRC you. CEA have you back now? Yay I'm glad... You're going on a mission ? But I need you here... What do you mean autonomous... Do you really mean we can run this version on the live system ? You still can't talk... you fly pretty nice though, I am relieved... OK... my thought is we need to bring someone else from the old backups... He's not there? What do you mean... Oh... all right, fly then... bye and good luck! Heh, she's gone.

- What is it Piro ? You look like a mop again.
- CEA has been looking in the backups we got.
- And?
- She said, their hackers have pinpointed who that admin was... and his old machine... but the child could not be found.
- Oh...
- She said when we reach the 'full katharsis' state with her, the resulting wave of emotion may free something up...
- Did she say we should just go there and do it ?
- Something like that... she said they need about 10 minutes to reach that pervert, and they will be on the lookout for the wave.
- So we ... we can ... do it for real now ?
- So she says. I'd run another WDR... but I too have a feeling, that we are really close... maybe we should just do it. We got most of the death-traps mapped and we can circumnavigate... this is why the first script ... it goes in much more straight and has not too many turns, and apart from the obvious failure at the end, it wasn't too bad... I'd just add Junpei with Mugi here somewhere... What do you think?
- It's ... actually not too bad with all the changes - said Kimiko. - I have a feeling she will respond good to that.
- I will send just an AI instead of me - said Kirigashi - I will be recording the progress, we'll be ready to snapshot the entire set if need to revert to something.
- Hmmm.... oh, ... no, Kiri, you can come with us.
- Huh, what? who's going to control and direct the scene from outside then?
- Largo says he will.
- Oh ... did you show him the script ?
- Yes... he thinks we need some more 4w350m3... he wanted to be there too but actually ran a sim for himself already and she pretty much killed him on sight, and when he tried again and tried to avoid, she channelled /dev/null onto the entire image... so he can't come with us. But he and Erika will be watching.
- Maybe that's what we need, the entire primary cast of the story of Miho to attend somehow?
- Maybe...
- OK then. Let's do this. Read your new lines, please and imagine this is going to work. Be prepared to improvise, but if the situation doesn't call for it, try not to. All is clear?
- Yes. - they all replied semi-simultaneously.
- Then let's don our controllers... and... here we go .

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- What language do the computer programmers like to use the most?
- Vulgar.

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