[filk] twisty streets of Tokyo

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[filk] twisty streets of Tokyo

Post by cidjen » Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:50 am

The Cidjen Imagination Barf Theater present

The Twisty Streets of Tokyo
To the tune of The Dirty Streets of London by T.Love
Warning the original song may be PG-15 and NSFW (and TMBO).

I came from U.S here
To find anime in the West
I chose this massive city because I thought it would be the best
To break my misery
To drink one drop of happiness
With my hentai filled book bag
I knew I was a special guest

Oh twisty streets
Oh twisty twisty streets of Tokyo
Sad girls in the rain
Sad girls in snow

I spent my cash on games
And then I got lost in a bookstore
Where the sad comics of old were singing
The old sad song about the thing called love
I wasn't looking for you babe
Where safety gaps were leading me
Oh babe I saw you there
Where you were looking for your rail card

Oh twisty streets
Oh twisty twisty streets of Tokyo
Smartpasses in the rain
Oh twisty streets of pain
Translation to polish
and where it happens when I have time to stream

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- Vulgar.

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