[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 4 : Bad Sight, vol 1

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[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 4 : Bad Sight, vol 1

Post by cidjen » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:54 pm

- So when were you going to actually tell me who she is ?!
- ahrg... Let go... hey, you know your knees are actually dislocating by ribs now... You don't need another death on your conscience do you...?
He looked into my eyes, then stood up. I sat down on the floor, then, not letting him out of sight, i located the desk with my hand, and slowly and painfully, dragged myself up.
- You knew ! You knew all that time! Why did you not tell me!

* * *
- Look at them, gov'nor. They look so happy.
- Doctor. How good to see you. Yes... I see Frances is getting better every day. Almost back to her former self.
- Did she... mention anything... from before ?
- No, gov'nor. But the fear is among the Keepers here, that it may surface any time.
- Greetings, Governor - a voice suddenly sounded behind us.
- Oh... It's you. You're one of them. A Keeper. You know, we, normal human beings, do not appreciate being spooked by someone appearing behind our backs... it may kill us, you know. We told you many times.
- You forget what the play is about - sounded the answer - we do not have the time or the luxury of waiting for you... we understand how all of this works, you don't.
- Then why don't you do it yourself, if you're so omnipotent!
- That I explained to you at least three times already, Governor, I do not appreciate having to word this all out another time.
- Gentlemen - said the doctor putting his hands on both my and the Keeper's backs - peace. This is not the time for quarrel. All is going according to plan so far. We got you Keepers, following their every move without being seen, and that's what you're here for. You, Gov'nor, are to make sure, we manage the normal human beings according to plan too. We have to work together, otherwise this situation will blow up in our faces again! Now be quiet. They are coming this way.
- Hello Gov'nor, hello doctor - said Frances, with a smile, curtsying slightly.
- Greetings, gentlemen - said he - t'is a nice weather today. Frances told me, you have very nice gardens here, but I never thought, they could be this amazing.
- It really is dependent on weather - I replied - you know, this kind of sun only lasts for a couple of days at a time, in this country. The rest of the year is so soggy, you couldn't put a rug on the grass like you did, without getting it ruined.
- I know - she exclaimed - let's get a party to the tip of the mountain over there! It's not that far! We can be there before sunset, and you know you can see the Atlantic from there? I feel so good now, I could scramble mountains! Gov'nor ? What do you say?
- I... - I started, then noticed, that the doctor and the Keeper were looking at me; the doctor's mimic seemed to say 'finally', the Keepers' face was blank, but he nodded almost unnoticeably, and moved his arms up and down, as if he was preparing for a fight - I think, Miss Frances, this is a very good idea. Let's set out immediately.

* * *
- Enter!
- My name is Cathal, but I am known as 'Kitty' to my friends.
- Welcome to my dungeon - the woman in bed pulled herself slightly upwards to sit comfortably - they sent another one...?
- Excuse me?!
- The governor... and the keepers... they must have told you about me... - looking at me, she attempted to stagger to her feet, held the bed shade pole in her hand as if it was a tree to lean on. Her hair was black, unusually, because the other elements of her complexion looked, like she was supposed to be blonde. She looked at me with her eyes turned into little slits... then, out of a sudden, she broke out a very bright smile. It was like the room exploded suddenly with a million suns.
- Ha! Yes they told me about you, sir! I am so relieved someone came to visit me... I do not understand why they keep me so tight here... You look spooked. Did I spook you just now? Don't worry! It never lasts very long! My name is Frances, by the way! I'm looking forward to attending tonight's dinner! Good day to you sir! - then she jumped on to her feet, and ran out of the door. I did not look, but I heard the sound of Keepers' shoes pounding on the corridor floor. I stood there, when the Doctor came in.
- I see young Cathal, you met Frances already. Have a seat. I'm doctor Barnes.
- I... I did... what happened there... was very unusual...
- We know. She looks like a bad and hurt and weak person one moment, then changes into a cheerful and sunny disposition on the next. I assume you had some experience with such cases already.
- Yes Doctor ... I will do my best. I assume, the Keepers are now chasing her and will try to overpower her and put to bed?
He looked at me - Is that what they do in such cases ?
- Well ... sometimes ...
- Well then no, we don't have to do that here... observe, master Cathal, here they come - he said as a humorous scene emerged from behind the corner. It was Frances, with a pack of Keepers, they didn't actually touch her... they never could touch any one... but they whispered in her ear, and she listened with her eyes closed, and a big smile on her face - her hands making wing-like movements, her silk gown flying in the wind behind her - see master Cathal - said the Doctor again - she's getting better. Before we started, we couldn't get a new face in front of her, without her dying. Now she survives much longer.
Frances let herself be led into her bed, laid down and covered with bed sheets. Then she opened her eyes, and smiled again.
- Master Cathal! I see you've met my Doctor! I feel slightly tired now, I'm sorry gentlemen, I will have to say good night for now... - she closed her eyes.
- Is that it... - I started, but the Doctor interrupted :
- Yes... the cheerful persona, is what we want her to be remembered as. It is of utmost importance, that she stops being the dark and broken figure you have seen at first.
- Who is she? Who... who was she?
- That, master Cathal, is not for me to tell, and not for you to know.
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