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Where/how to find someone (paid or unpaid) to draw an anime-style picture for me

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:11 am
by Murren
Hi All,

I have an interesting inquiry. I was wondering if anyone here knows how or where I would go about finding an artist (who I could pay or whatever) to draw a colored, anime-style picture for me? It's a long story (and it's just for fun), but I was wanting an anime-style picture of 4 people (myself and a few friends) standing together. It's just for fun, but it's a type of thing where I would just send the artist individual photos of the 4 of us and give the artist everyone's height, and tell them more details if they really want to get into it. But basically, I have no idea where to look, but I figured since I know (or, I think?) that some of the people here are quite into art, might know where I would look or how I would go about finding this?

Thanks for any help.


Re: Where/how to find someone (paid or unpaid) to draw an anime-style picture for me

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 12:38 am
by tsubasa
It sounds like Skeb can help you.

Skeb is a Japanese commission art service where you can choose the illustrator you like, ask her/him what you want in 150 characters, and pay by your credit card. The illustrator has the right to proceed or not. If s/he does not like your offer, you will get a refund. No asking for re-work, no further communication, no cancellation are allowed. You are entitled to use the finished drawing, but no commercial use is permitted.

Commission art is very expensive due to communication costs between the client and the illustrator. Since Skeb does not allow communication, the cost at Skeb is generally lower than the other similar services.

I checked Skeb with Google Translate and apparently it sounds OK in English.