MegaTokyo is special

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MegaTokyo is special

Post by asinine48 » Tue Apr 05, 2022 1:25 am

This webcomic has been around for like 20 years at this point, and I'm not sure how often there are new readers able to give a fresh perspective on the entire comic as a whole. Maybe it's just not in the circles I follow, but I never see this comic being talked about anymore, and never would have read it had it not been for some ancient XKCD referencing it. I guess I just wanted to express just how much I loved reading this. I think it's natural for a series like this to lose momentum when it's being experienced page by page over a period of time instead of read in batch, and for fans to grow complacent with it because of that. But from someone who spent the last weekend reading through the entirety of the story from beginning to current, I want to say that it's a incredible. It's genuinely like nothing I've read before. The inspirations from manga are clear, but in place of comforting cookie cutter tropes and conflicts there's a genuine human touch and all the messiness that comes with that. There is no good reason it should have been able to pull off combining that with early-internet culture and humor (which I guess was just internet culture when this started, weird thought) but damn that combination somehow lands. Obviously the series greatest strength is in its characters, though. They're presented with such dimension to them, and the art sells it hard. The series says enough stuff about the relationship between people and characters that I don't know if saying this is ironic or not, but they really do feel human, like people that could exist. In hindsight, that was almost definitely ironic given the themes, even if I don't exactly know how. If I'm honest, the "meta stuff", to be reductive about it, was probably what clicked the least with me, especially the stuff about fans. I'm sure it's more relatable to people who participate in idol culture and the more deep weeb stuff I've never personally gotten into, but for me it just didn't quite land. That said, it's clear that the story has something to say, and that can be felt even if I couldn't completely put into words exactly what that is.
This probably isn't the right place for this post, in which case it will probably get removed and I'll probably never remember the password to this account to post it in the right place. Tragic. But in case it's not, I guess I just want to shout into the void about how one of a kind this read was, and how desperately I hope I'm able to see it to conclusion.

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Re: MegaTokyo is special

Post by Char » Thu Apr 07, 2022 4:33 pm

Welcome! I wouldn't say it's a wrong place to post this (and don't plan to remove it), though you may also want to drop by Story Discussions which I believe still has a decent following and activity.

It is a void but it's one I drop by now and then!
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