What Megatokyo Swag is currently available?

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What Megatokyo Swag is currently available?

Post by Captain Button » Wed Jun 16, 2021 8:58 pm

What Megatokyo Swag is currently available?

I got the new hoodie and mask last year, but I vaguely recall that Fred may be dropping teespring.

Megagear is, umm, not very active I gather.

Is there any other Megatokyo swag currently available? If so, where.

I know about the webcomic compilation volumes and the Kindle novels.

(I'd be interested in a messenger bag maybe, since I just gave away my ratty computer bag.)

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Re: What Megatokyo Swag is currently available?

Post by paarfi » Wed Jun 16, 2021 9:15 pm

At this point, really all that is available (outside of the books) are:
- Tshirts and similar at https://megagear.creator-spring.com/?
- Original Arts at https://www.megagearstore.com/
- Prints at https://fredrin.artstation.com/

Fred may switch away from Teespring at some point, but currently that is still the place to go for MT tshirts, hoodies, etc.

Fred is still way behind on shipping from the megagear store, so I can't recommend it for anything but Original Arts at the moment. His bus job got extended to the end of June, and he has two months off after that. I'm hoping he'll be able to use some of that time to ship stuff.

The artstation site is the place for Prints now. The quality is good, and you don't have to deal with waiting for Fred to ship it. But he currently only has 5 of the artworks shown there set up for prints. Prints require a separate upload of higher res scans, and we just ran out of time when initially setting up that site. If you want a print of something that isn't currently set up as a print, just let me know and I'll add it to the list for him. Hopefully he'll have time to set more arts up for prints over his two month break.
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