[filk] Zombies

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[filk] Zombies

Post by cidjen » Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:34 pm

Fair warning : this might offend people. Feel free to report to mods if it does. I am VERY geographically and historically aware of the actual background of the original song. This IS an imagination barf. I am not explaining myself.

The Cidjen Imagination Barf Theater Present

Zombies (to the tune of Zombie by The Cranberries) (what would Largo look like explaining to Yuki where to aim if she was into western music)

Another head bursts grimly
Brains are being taken
For this violence, there's no silence
We are not mistaken

Hey you see, ee-em-gee,
it's not hard to, you see,

Smash their heads, their heads, with me
With the tanks and the bombs
and the bombs and the guns
in their heads, in their heads we're aiming

Bustin' their heads, in their heads,
zombies, zombies, zombies, zombie--es
What's in their heads, in their heads,
No-othing, no-othing, no-o-thing-thing-thing!
Translation to polish
and where it happens when I have time to stream

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