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Re: Confessions of a beginner translator

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:49 pm
by cidjen
thanks to the works of the volunteers,

Megalettering is usable again :) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

and we're 200 pages behind, in .pl...

In this episode of COBT with cidjen-

How do you call a girl you like(d) 'stupid' in polish and not have her slap your face [1365]?

Umm... I don't know. I left it as is, as I recognize the highschool 'stupid' trope, hope the readers will recognize too.

But I cranked the 'stinginess' up a bit, from both Miho's and Piro's end, to how PROBABLY such conversations would occur back in MY DAYS (20-25 years ago). So the person 'slapping'/'stinging' verbally (should be) Miho first, then Piro retaliates with the 'stupid'; no GBH occurs because it's an 'equivalent exchange', or rather, I believe this would be the intention.

In previous story page - the SCIENCE does not have (at least back then didn't) an equivalent 'subject' name in polish; What is 'science' for you, is (was) divided into physics, maths, biology and chemistry subjects, with dedicated and specialized teachers for each.

(on the other hand I am resisting to joke to translate 'science' to just 'chemia' (chemistry); just for the laughs, as in, who would put Largo in charge of a potentially dangerous chemistry experiments... oh scratch that, can't resist. Updated the page.) (This is funny to me because I actually liked the chemistry lessons I had, when I had them. Also Largo actually has great... ahem... chemistry... about him. So yeah.)

Re: Confessions of a beginner translator

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:02 pm
by cidjen
Actually scratch chemistry. It's going to be physics (fizyka) because, well... It's easier to make the joke of Junpei getting, physical...