[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 11 - The Faery Tale

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[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 11 - The Faery Tale

Post by cidjen » Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:16 pm

- Well, Master Cathal, seems that your gamble has paid off. The Keepers have not been seen around the village yet. Are you not recovering well?
- I don't know, Frances. The wound seems to be closing, but it seems like the bullet embedded itself instead of passing through.
- Well it's sort of a bother. You can not travel in this state too far.
- No. You should go without me. Thanks to the letter I left behind, I can still pretend I just got lost, shot for trespassing somewhere, and return, and the Doctor will operate it out. But you should go away far enough to not be found, and do not tell me where are you going
- Because when you go there, the Doctor and the Keepers will first heal you then put you up for questioning, that what you mean?
- Yes. Additionally they could try to install me the parasite personality, as they tried to do with you. So you should go, leave this place and never come back.
Frances walked towards the hut window, which was shielded from outside by a straw mat. It was raining outside, it rained for the last week.
- The road has become impossible for any horse. I am stuck here as you are.
- No, you are not. Remember how you were rescued. By getting shot with a bullet soaked in faery blood. That not only separated your other personality, but also passed some faery powers to you, since the blood was given voluntarily by the fairy.
- You mean to say, that I have faery powers now?
- I don't know. They should have manifested itself already. The old man is talking with the faeries as to what's causing the delay.
- I did not know to expect this to happen. But now knowing this... - Frances walked towards his bed - maybe I should ask the faeries if they see it in me yet?
The door opened, letting in some rain and two characters, one of them being the old man, the other, a stern-looking hooded figure, whose coat visibly dried out the moment it passed through the threshold.
- I heard you talking about this, master Cathal - a faerie voice, at first impossible to tell whether male of remale, resounded around the hut - I am indeed going to tell you what you should expect and when.

* * *

The faerie blood

When given voluntarily

Saves life

Infuses with faerie essence

The sky will cry

Until the power is found to calm it

It will welcome

The power of the faeries

Under the faerie bush

The leaves are falling

Keep chasing them

* * *

They listened to the faerie's explanations, until it ran out of things to say, silence ensued.

- So... that's it - said Frances slowly, holding her eyes locked on the faeries' face - I understand now. Full moon should be in a few days, until then, can you keep master Cathal alive?

The faerie extended its hand, and a packet wrapped in linen cloth, coloured blue, appeared - give him this if his condition deteriorates before that.

- Thank you, o faerie - the old man said as Frances retrieved the packet from faeries' hand - we will put the plan into action right at the midnight of full moon.

The faerie nodded, turned back towards the door, and with an expression that could only be translated as "don't be late" proceeded to open the door, step out and disappear in the rain.
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