[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 8 - The Plot

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[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 8 - The Plot

Post by cidjen » Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:02 pm


if you are reading this letter, I am probably dead.

Yes I tried everything. The defenses of the tragic persona you left for me to heal or eradicate from Miss Frances soul, were blind and mute to any attempts of approach. I can not do this in this house. Or in the vicinity of the Keepers.

Therefore I am taking Miss Frances for a long walk down the river. How long will this walk take, I do not know. I ask you, Doctor, to not send the Keepers behind us. But since I left a few days ago and haven't come back yet, it is likely that she, or my attempt to get to her, could have killed me. Please pack up all my luggage and organize for it to be sent back to London.

I have been researching how to get to this point for a while; I noticed, that the Keepers do not like water; they never followed me when I hired a boat; but the river here is too narrow and they can always take the bridge, or jump over it; Therefore I elected to do the deed of freeing from Keepers surveillance differently.

I can't tell you how. For if I failed, I shall never be found again. But it's not unlike the way the prisoners escape pursuit with dogs - we had to cause the Keepers to lose the smell of us.

I really did not mean for our collaboration to end this way.
I hope you will find Miss Frances. Just go along the river, up or down stream, and take second left. That was the initial plan.

Goodbye, Doctor.

* * *

At the border between the grass and the sand and gravel, a woman has been sitting, her beautiful blue dress all wet, her shoes lost in the mud.
She sat looking at the point in the middle of the ford, a man's body floating in the water, surrounded by a few peasant figures, trying to extract him out of the water, and onto a horse drawn cart.
The river wasn't very deep or very fast here.
The woman stood up, turned her back towards the river, walked a few steps towards a black cab waiting for her, with a few black clad figures all around.
Before entering the cab, she turned her head again, so she could see the scene from above.
Her eyes did not give out anything she felt.
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