[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 2 : Letters to K., vol1

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[Fanfic] Saved - A Megatokyo Story - Chapter 2 : Letters to K., vol1

Post by cidjen » Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:08 pm

Dear K.,

I hope this letter reaches you well.

I hope I can hold the pen for long enough to write something.

I don't sleep all day any more. The doctors say, I'm getting better. Still sometimes, I go to sleep during the day, and when I wake up, i feel like was sleeping for weeks. I told the doctors. They say, this is normal and they are giving me ailments for this.

Recently I started having dreams. The doctors don't want to hear them any more... but they are not here when I'm sleeping. I'm scared by what I'm seeing in my dreams. Sometimes I feel like I was falling down, but when I look down, the ground isn't there... there is only falling. Sometimes, I dream of my crew, taking me by the hand, lifting me from the ship wreck reliving the events of when I was with them. I hope they are OK.
Sometimes I dream of how it happened, that my ship I was traveling on to see my uncle, has grounded... I told them it was a lightning strike... because they would not understand what I really saw - I saw ... a white-haired woman, she might have been older than me... appearing on the deck, like she was trying to hide from something... then I saw a strange cloud approaching... but this was no cloud... this was a sound of iron, hoofs, horse shoes, terrifying tall warriors all in full plate armor... armored horses charging... like the knights of times pased... they looked like they were immaterial - but they plowed through the ship as if it was made of butter... how did they not notice me, I do not know. Perhaps the white-haired woman, she saw me when the cloud of warriors has disintegrated the cabin right in front of me... she pulled me and jumped into the water with me and the door. Then she said something... and disappeared... and I fell asleep... and I woke up. And my crew were now pulling me from the wreckage. This was just a dream... the entire thing was just a storm.

Please reply, write me something interesting. Maybe I can't not sleep throughout a day, because I haven't been given anything to read ? I long to read something... but there aren't any books or papers in my room... and I'm too weak to walk. I can sometimes get up and sit in a chair by the window, when the weather is nice. But you know, how many nice days are here in the North-West.

Yes I actually know where I am... I've been here before, after all it's my family's most western possession. The staff are caring for me well. Not that I see a lot of them more than once... I wonder why would that be... there are always, as I remember now, different faces every time I wake up - the maids, the nurses, the porters, even doctors... I wonder how long is this been going on. The view from the windows is interesting... a garden at the foot of the mountains, where the sun goes down. In good weather, I like to watch sunsets.

I write and send this letter to the address you told me, when I saw you last. I remember it... I can't forget. I will not forget.

Please write something back, Kitty.
Yours, Frances.
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