[tcibt] the game disk sleeps tonite

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[tcibt] the game disk sleeps tonite

Post by cidjen » Sun Mar 21, 2021 8:01 pm

The Cidjen Imagination Barf Theater present

the game disk sleeps tonite

(to the tune of Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite by R.E.M.)

This here is the place where I'll be staying
The phone's at the workplace, you can call all day long,
I might not pick it up for a long time
If I don't pick up, hang up, call back, let it ring some more
If I don't pick up, pick up
The game disk sleeps, sleeps, sleeps in the drive
[Call me if you'd like to wake it up
(Call me if you'd like to wake it up) x3 ]


There are scratches all around the surface
But it still works, we should wake it up
The penny machine can only swallow money
It's all done by computer design
It's just a lot of stupid, stupid code

Tell her,
Tell her I will kick her ass
At the game she thinks she plays so well
Tell her so she knows it's really really really really me

Call me when you wake her up
(Call me when you wake here up)

Baby just a beer doesn't really bite me
Today I need someting more sub-sub-sub-substantial
A can of sake and a jar of rice wine
Some caffeine and ice
A Cliff bar, falling star or playthrough of the boss

Call me when you try to wake her up (x6)

The girl in the uniform came back
Wrecked a lot of havoc on the floor
Never had the smile or reason to pretend
She was nothing but background
She needed to sleep but not dream
The game disk sleeps on its back

Call me when you try yo wake her up (x12)

I can always sleep when I'm down
Translation to polish
and where it happens when I have time to stream

- What do admins like the best in Linux?
- Curses.

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