[Fanfic] 0ff104d : A Megatokyo Story: Bonus chapter 5.1 : Dynamic script

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[Fanfic] 0ff104d : A Megatokyo Story: Bonus chapter 5.1 : Dynamic script

Post by cidjen » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:46 am

[Music : The Marble Machine by Wintergatan (Live at Victoriatheater version)]

Piro, Kimiko and Miho sat around the table in Piro's office at Lockart.

- So did you write all that ? - asked Kimiko - Alone?
- Well how ever else do you think... we need to keep a really tight lid on this, if any of this spills to the interwebz, no one will be safe, even in our own universe... I don't fully understand what it is Seraphim is trying to convey here, she keeps inserting some obscure Doctor Who references... some from the shows I haven't seen.
- Show me - Miho said - I saw them all.
Piro shoved his laptop in direction of Miho, she got down to reading what came through on Seraphim's IRC window.
- No offense, honey... but this script has so lame lines, it all feels so artificial, even an AI would sense this is all rehearsed. And you're telling me, she is much more potent than any AI from any game you saw... and she's a skilled hacker ... she will see through all of this. We need to put more feeling into it. Do a couple of wet dress rehearsals. I think, no offense, dear... but you need some serious script help.
- So what do we do ?
- I was thinking about Yuki...
- Yuki ?! her version of the story does not have the gap! She doesn't know! I don't want her to know !
- Then what about Junpei ?
- Junpei... mmm well ninjas live by the code of honor, not love... this may work...
- Dad ? - Yumi's head appeared in the door - we don't have much time. We're almost done reading the story with her... She says she understands you a bit more now... but her personality code still won't let go of the piro-homicide script. It's so entangled in her AI, only she herself could untangle it.
- Did you manage to snapshot that ?
- Yes dad - Yumi tossed a pendrive in the direction of her father, which Miho intercepted mid-flight - uhh, aunt Miho... you ... I still can't grasp you are this quick...
- Arguably, Yuki is now faster than me - smiled Miho.
- Yah, I know... Kirigashi and I have some pretty saucy videos of her and uncle Kobayashi...
- What?
- Oh never mind... what. you didn't know you can catch what they are doing on a 1000fps camera?
- Oh this is entertaining - said Kimiko slowly - why did you do that ?
- Oh mom don't ... we actually deleted it all recently... but it was entertaining for a while... we had to be extra careful you know, only when they were visiting our house... we noticed, that aunt Yuki and uncle Kobayashi sometimes look at each other, then disappear for a second, then they come back again... with him all bulgy-eyed and pink, and her sometimes having forgotten her underwear... not much to imagine what they were doing... but they were actually doing it on our bed sometimes... aunt Yuki can bend time, we know that... and can take uncle Kobayashi with her along for the ride... but they can't do it at their own home, because then she takes her twins along... they are magical too. Looks though like uncle Kobayashi is pretty turned on by doing it in other peoples' houses...
- Yumi! enough... too much information... we are trying to work something out here... sigh. have a look. this is your da's script.
- Err... oh. dad... you've really got some issues, I tell you... You sure you actually told us all the truth this time?
Piro's face went dark red - I ... eh... oh... well... yes... doesn't make it any less embarrassing to try to write it down... there are some parts I'd rather not...
- Well let me call Junpei then - said Kimiko - and don't worry Yumi, your da is really embarrassed now. I can feel when he's acting... he deceived me for long enough, that I know what that feels like. I'm an actress, remember...
- She says - Miho cut in - to try out to activate Pirogoeth's loss management routines... she needs to kill someone she actually cares about, in rage.
- Oh. OK. But Kimiko's idea... I like it, It may be a good thing to use some ninja-editing...
- OK then... I am going to ease Kirigashi off the duty of keeping Pirogoeth occupied... and check that he doesn't need recovery from backup. We really need to work on the continuity aspect.
- Fine then... Kimiko you call Junpei... I have a couple of errands to run... oh you know what I was after! we actually did locate and acquire the last backups of all the Endgames servers, before they were shut down. Corporate at Lockart seem to liking the idea of resurrecting it... they have lawyers now going through the copyright stuff.. I tell you, these things can get pretty ugly if we don't pay attention... and the coders, they go through the game world and fixing known and unknown holes... fuzzing the API and stuff... everyone is actually pretty excited of what this game could become under our lead. Even Largo expressed his sense of 1337... What's important, we need to really play this well for any of this to work the first time... I can see, as we work on this script, Seraphim gets better... so far our choices were all right. But we got to turn the right choices and their intensity up to eleven, for Pirogoeth to believe that... I ... didn't... do it on purpose...
You know... I haven't really asked you to help me with it... I... can't really demand that you play this one with me... or can I? If you want to quit, just say so... I will understand...
Kimiko and Miho looked at each other, then back at Piro.
- Err... like I would go away from all of that right here - Miho said - I'm not doing it for you, you know... Seraphim is who helped save me back then... I owe her a lot...
- And I, I want the Piro I loved back then, back here... you haven't been himself since you made that last wrong choice... It was bothering me all these years, and now I know... if you don't pull it through, I will actually leave... even an actress can't live with a man of no conscience.
Piro closed his eyes. - OK then... I wish you could see how Seraphim is reacting to that... her wings are growing back.

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