T3h Moeko B00bs 50ng

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T3h Moeko B00bs 50ng

Post by cidjen » Fri Jul 03, 2020 7:36 am

T3h Cidj3n 1m@g1n@t10n b@rf th3@t3r pr3s3nt

T3h Moeko B00b5 Song

inspired by [1559-1561] and this song...


I watched
Two shows
with b00b5

I neeeeed b000000b5

I can--noo-ot feel them


I need b00b5

I need b00b5

I wake up to have breakfast
But my need for b00b5 anime
Is just too strong
And I watch all the shows
In my general direction
And before I know it
I need to buy an entire library
of new shows


(here is how the original song came to be)
Translation to polish
and where it happens when I have time to stream

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