[short stint] IB Scene from the Threat Documentation Project

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[short stint] IB Scene from the Threat Documentation Project

Post by cidjen » Fri May 01, 2020 11:42 am

The Cidjen Imagination Barf Theater Present

After the end of episode 3 of TPTDP, this little dialogue came and would not leave till I wrote it down.

[Chokage] I happen to know, these are not the only 3 options you actually have.
[Masamichi] Meaning?
[Chokage] Don't play dumb, mister cataclysm policeman. Like you don't know, what happened around the time I started destroying this life of mine.
[Masamichi] I was hoping, I don't have to actually state this, but since you know... Are you saying you were trying to commit suicide by police all this time?
[Chokage] You don't have the faintest idea what it's like! What it's like, to see a friend one day, then disappear the next! Nowhere to be found!
[Masamichi] Friend... [flips pages in the tablet] Aha, this one?
[Chokage] [wipes tears, takes the tablet again, reads] Wait a minute... what?!
[Masamichi] [official tone] Yes there is a secret mandate. We can call in TPCD resident magical girl to confine the disobedient monster to their monster form. Said monster will only then be a vessel without their will, their power available to us as we need. But this is not what happened here.
[Chokage] DAMN RIGHT not what happened! she only worked there out of her own will! To earn a bit more money! And she really liked the pork rinds! And then she turned into a giant stinking zombie!
[Masamichi] Yes. And was massively losing body parts. We didn't interfere in her life before since we found her of use quite a few times too.
[Chokage] It's almost like you imply she had more muscle than brain and you found it efin' useful.
[Masamichi] Please refrain from implying we have some kind of institutional racism here, the institution will be compelled to defend itself by any mandate possible. So stop it.
[Chokage] But when she got zombified, you did not find it in yourself to call in that resident MG to do it straight away, only tried to hold her down for long enough for the artillery to destroy her head... And you still think I should work for you? Out of being grateful for leaving me be?
[Masamichi] That was unfortunate and we learned a lot from that. She also got compensated for the trouble later.
[Chokage] ... So it says here... 'the posture being the biggest threat to civilians has been shrunk and the miniature has been taken into care of [redacted] for over a week' and... she's not a zombie now any more? Can I see her?
[Masamichi] [Sitting down in official pose] That, my friend, only depends on you now. Should you cooperate on this project, you might see her again. If not, well, you won't leave us much of an option. So, what's it gonna be? Your choice.
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