[filk][tcibt] i don't wanna die

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[filk][tcibt] i don't wanna die

Post by cidjen » Sat May 20, 2023 9:14 am

To commemorate the new comic by Fred,
The Cidjen Imagination Barf Theater Present a 5 min stint:
I don't wanna die to the tune of i don't wanna dance by Eddy Grant

I don't want to die, over and over, again
This is just something I do not want
It is hurting so bad, it's hurting so bad

I love the immortality Oh but I don't want to die on the show
It's edging on insanity, repeating the way to go
With all them gaps in the story even if I manage to trick 'em
They still seem to do that number and they kill me still

But I don't want to die [...]
I don't want to die [...]
No i don't want to die[...]

Pirogoeth, now that party's over, I'll send your friend over to hell
Now the zombies that kill me over, are standing still
It might be a grave mistake, I wish I could meet you still, but
I'd rather play with your feelings, than to get you killed

(Chorus as above)
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