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Post by OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol » Thu Feb 06, 2020 10:12 am

Hi everyone,

I wasn't very sure whether MTC or here was the right location but, heh, since I'm obviously interested in animeish vtubers..
Anyway, so, I was introduced last year to the vtubers phenomenons thanks to Sispri's 可憐, who became a vtuber in September of, well, last year.
As a computer developer, the technology interested me so I looked a bit more into it. Reading about self-proclaimed artificial intelligence Kizuna Ai, being an AI graduate, I got even more interested.

So the questions are... Are any of you vtubers "experts"? Could any of you introduce me to some "interesting" animeish ones, stating why one would follow them? Any pages about the tech. behind? And stuff like that. Thanks.

Oh, and hi again to all the old regulars~

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Re: vtubers

Post by DaRk_KnIgHt » Mon Feb 24, 2020 9:42 pm

I only had some casual exposure so here's my thoughts and experiences.

The only one I really watch is Kizuna Ai, and it's kinda an on and off affair rather than following her religiously. I like her cause she's a complete spaztic and fairly unrestrained in her reactions to games.

I did watch a bit of Sally Amaki/Sakura Fujima of 22/7.

I vaguely know some names off the top of my head. Kaguya Luna is probably the second biggest player next to Kizuna Ai. Deep Web Underground seems to be Vtuber dealing with more sketchy topics and there were quite a lot of her posters around Akiba when I visited at the end of last year. I tried giving them two a go but their 3D models/"animations" were a fair bit worse than Kizuna Ai's so I didn't last very long.

I might be more interested if my Japanese was good enough to listen to them, which would make the 3D models less of an issue. And also just be more compatible with my habits, since I often use youtube videos as background while I play mobile games or multitask other things.

Kizuna Ai recently had some controversy due to replacing her voice actress or some nonsense, but I haven't followed it too closely.

I haven't watched Hololive stuff, but I've been exposed to them through a crossover event in Azur Lane. And they also had quite a huge booth in Comiket 97 which I attended for a day. Hololive's basically this mega huge group of Vtubers. There's so many of them there's probably one that fits your tastes that you can probably discover one and stick with. To my knowledge they do a lot of gaming related videos. Probably one of the bigger players around these days.

Some random photos I took at their C97 booth. They are a bit poo however.

I don't think the tech is anything amazing per say. It's probably just some simple mocap gear(wouldn't be surprised if some of them use jury rigged Kinects) linked up to some 3D model, and they probably just have the voice actress sit there talking and doing whatever. The ones I've watched had rather simplistic and sometimes really janky animations and motions so I'm inclined to believe mocap + MMD is how most are done.

There's also the option of animating the model separately, recording the voices separately and putting them together - which kinda goes against the spirit of the whole streamer feel IMO, and is also a lot more work. So I don't think that's how they do it, but wouldn't be surprised if some do. Haven't watched enough. I think if the 3D animation looks too elaborate, it might be a tell tale sign that this was the approach taken.

I'm not sure if any of the Vtubers/companies/etc have revealed their workflows regarding how its done but the tech really isn't anything special.

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