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Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:26 pm
by Murren
So I've been watching a lot of iDOLM@STER recently, and I think some people here are Idolmaster fans (and possibly more involved in the fandom than I am), so I was wondering about something.

As a note, I'm still making my way through the animes for Cinderella Girls and Side M. I'm about 3-4 episodes from the end on both. Well, for Cinderella Girls, that was a few years ago and I forgot most of the show so I'm rewatching it now, currently about 7 episodes in.

Anyway, when watching these shows, I was thinking about how amazing it would be if the characters from 765 Pro, and 315 (Side M) and 346 (Cinderella Girls) were to meet each other and interact. And I was wondering if you think (whether based on things you've seen, or just based on reason) if there might be any possibility that there might be another Idolmaster movie, one in which all 3 agencies collaborate for a big concert. Unfortunately I'm realizing that might just be too many characters to have in one movie. But I would so love to see them meet each other and see how they would interact with each other. That would make my heart so happy.

But anyway, I'm not really involved with any communities or fandoms really, but was just wondering if anyone who is has seen anything that would indicate that such a movie would maybe be a realistic expectation - or if there's just no evidence of such possibilities.

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Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:39 am
by DaRk_KnIgHt
I think there's a major issue with Cinderella Girls crossing over with the rest of im@s. But this is just my speculation and analysis.

The thing about Cinderella Girls is that it is co-developed by Bandai Namco AND Cygames. And I hear Cygames does most of the heavy lifting really and Bamco is mostly the owner of the brand but I'm not personally sure on the facts and details.

Meanwhile the rest of im@S, the original 765, Million Live, Side:M and Shiny Colors are solely handled by Bamco.

While the 765 girls have appeared in the original Cinderella Girls mobage - they never have in Starlight Stage. Starlight Stage is basically a rhythm gacha game featuring the Cinderella Girls cast and is also very successful. The Cinderella Girls themselves haven't had much of a showing in 765/Million Live land. There were appearances by some of the characters in Shiny Festa and One for All, but I think that's the extent of it.

I've heard rumours that there might be some rivalry or bad blood between the internal Bamco im@s division vs the Cinderella Girls + Cygames divisions. Cinderella Girls is massively successful while Million Live, Bamco's own attempt at entering the social game space was shut down last year.

Million Live does live on in Million Live: Theater Days. Which is Million Live's answer to Starlight Stage. Which itself launched two years after Starlight Stage.

I don't know if the bad blood/rivalry rumours are true or not. It might be true that Bamco wants to eliminate the competition they themselves created and become the sole custodians of the im@s brand. They definitely seem intent on competing against it. Million Live against Cinderella Girls. Theater Days against Starlight Stage. Normally it wouldn't make sense for a company to compete against itself, but it makes some degree of sense since Cinderella Girls has Cygames involvement rather than being solely Bamco. Bamco's own attempts at the social/mobile game space aren't as successful as Cygames' attempts.

Not sure if related, but Cinderella Girls music CDs are published under Columbia Music Entertainment. Theater Days stuff is under Lantis(which is owned by Bamco). So the divide might run even deeper and be even more complicated.

Also any animation productions are largely to market the games which are the real breadwinners. I think it's questionable whether we get any more anime at all. So disregarding any crackpot tinfoil hat theories I may have had - I think we'll be lucky to get an anime at all much less a super mega crossover. Though with the above facts, I find it unlikely that Cinderella GIrls will crossover into 765/Million Live.

Shiny Colors might be most likely to get a new anime, being the newest im@s entry on the block. Though Million Live never had much anime exposure. I think the few cameos in the 765 movie were kinda it. There might be some internet shorts I'm not aware of.

Cygames themselves have been expanding and have funded anime of some of their other franchises. They have their own anime studio now which made Manaria Friends, which is something related to Shingeki no Bahamut. Maybe they might show interest in doing more Cinderella Girls anime.

In terms of any big bang crossover movies, it's probably more likely that the Bamco side of things will have their own party while the Cygames side does their own thing.

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Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:52 pm
by omoikane
I am not any way an authority on this but Cygame's involvement with Cinderella Girls is purely on the software development/game publishing side. It is a thoroughly Bandai Namco IP. This is one reason why Cygames often have some ridiculous booth thing at the CG live concerts.

The first movie combines Million and 765Pro because Million is 765Pro Live Theater :)

Your guess is as good as mine if there will be another idolmaster anime and if it will be cross-branch. The most likely next anime will be for the Million Live characters, since it was kind of implicitly hinted by GamiP at various points. The question will come down to who will produce it. SideM anime happened largely because of staffing reasons (as in, it's easier to get staff for that project), as some fans have speculated that in order to produce 765Pro characters, the anime production team will have to mostly resemble the crew that produced the film and the original animas TV series. This is very difficult now. It is almost guaranteed that a full-length Million TV anime will have some of the All Star characters.

The new non-mobile game that is due out this year (which, now we know, started dev in 2017) will be cross-department and it was said that Shiny Colors was added last minute, while CG and ML were added in early on. Since we know the game will have DLCs it is not out of the question this game will have SideM added.
Cinderella Girls is massively successful while Million Live, Bamco's own attempt at entering the social game space was shut down last year.
When you see this you know it's a tell--whoever used this to justify anything does not know what they are talking about. If Cygames had a way, they would probably shut down the original Cinderella Girls game too :)