A Very Perilous Thread – The Void! The Laws of Physics! The Kitsune! T3h G4m3!

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A Very Perilous Thread – The Void! The Laws of Physics! The Kitsune! T3h G4m3!

Post by Adaon » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:19 pm

In this thread there is another group of essays. This is another attempt at something. A significantly aggressive attempt…

The reader is implored to read this entire introduction…

As with previous threads of this nature, there is an attempt here at a detailed focus on and an explanation of some aspects of things that are featured in the comic and/or in the light novels.

There are some concepts here that were mentioned in previous discussions. Due to changes in the way that certain things have been being interpreted, some of what is in this discussion may seem to contradict some things from the previous discussions.

The reader should be aware that (if anything that is in this thread happens to be correct), there are several instances in this discussion where things are being DIRECTLY STATED. Furthermore, this discussion attempts an actual explanation for some aspects that are very significant to the MT story and which span significantly far back in the story, to relatively early points.

So, the reader is again cautioned…

The following essays are respectfully submitted:



This is done with some trepidation, but this discussion will attempt to explain some of the “laws of physics”.

So, this discussion will begin with some things related to the laws of physics and will then expand outward from there. These things primarily concern the Endgames light novels, but it would seem that at least some of the things that will be discussed here must be applicable to the mainline MT story as well.

Let us begin this discussion by focusing on “The Code of the World”.

The Endgames light novels have mentioned “The Code of the World” a number of times. The relatively small number of people in the Endgames world that have the ability to be mages are able to “channel” from The Code of the World in order to perform their magic spells.

The Code of the World is apparently a complex thing, and we see it referred to in more than one way. It seems that some of the terms that can be used to refer to it are “information”, “power”, and “magic”.

Basically, mages can “channel” power from the Code of the World in order to allow them to cast their magic spells. In a sense, as they perform their magic they are temporarily violating the laws of nature. In a broader sense, it could be said that they are (to some extent) altering reality according to their will.

Pirogoeth was able to learn how to scry, an activity which apparently involves somehow entering the flow of the Code of the World with her consciousness. It seems that the Code of the World is certainly a place that it is possible for her to “go” to, but there is a clear indication that this is a place that she can only “go” to in spirit – in other words, she can only “go” to that place in a non-physical manner.

Since the “Code of the World” is sometimes referred to as a flow of power, whatever it may be that the “Code of the World” actually is, it is obviously possible for power to propagate through it in a significant fashion.

Pirogoeth is our primary example of a mage, but it is shown that Pirogoeth is much more powerful than the “average” mage. Also, the human mages were not the only beings capable of performing effects of significant power. The Elves were also capable of performing some kinds of powerful effects. The Elves were able to perform “shaping”, which made it possible for them to reshape physical matter in a significant fashion. The Elves were even able to use this ability to create un-natural creatures by combining two completely different animals together. It is implied that it is absolutely not possible for the Elves to channel power from the Code of the World. It is also implied that, with regard to what the Elves can do, they can do it a lot more effectively than a mage can. That is, if a mage and an Elf were both using their “un-natural” abilities to perform a certain activity for a significant period of time, the mage would run out of energy long before the Elf would. Clearly, then, the Elves must have a source of power that enables them to perform their significant “shaping” effects, and that source of power must be something different than the Code of the World.

The Code of the World is a very important factor for the Endgames world. Another extremely important factor is the Void. We know that the surface area of the Endgames world – that is, the land and water that it is possible for Endgames characters to occupy – has been gradually disappearing over time. The disappearance of an area of land (or water) occurs in tandem with the Void advancing to swallow up that area. Apparently, after the Void has swallowed up an area, it is the case that there is absolutely nothing that even exists in that area. We have seen that apparently any physical matter that should enter the Void will instantly dissolve into nothingness.

It is apparently the case that the Void cannot consume an area unless the ley-line network of energy (which is the same thing as the Code of the World) in that area has been weakened enough to result in the complete dissipation of the network’s energy in that area.

So, now, if it is the case that it is not possible for any physical matter to exist in the Void…

Let us make the following assumption:

Let us assume that the Code of the World is essentially a separate dimension. Furthermore, it is an entirely non-physical dimension. Let us also assume that the Code of the World exists everywhere, and that means that it is always occupying the same space and existing “along-side” of all physical matter. Now, let us also assume that we can say the exact same things about the Void. So, the Void is also a non-physical dimension which also exists everywhere.

If power can be transmitted through the Code of the World, presumably it must also be possible for power to be transmitted through the Void.

If talented people can channel from the Code of the World for the purpose of violating natural laws (or even altering reality somewhat)… Presumably it might also be possible for people to channel from the Void as well.



Now, it is also the case that the Code of the World is associated with… the Coders.

We see it clearly stated in the light novels that deities exist in the Endgames world. The deity/deities that are mentioned most often are “The Coders”, who are the beings that actually created the Endgames world. From the perspective of the mainline MT world, the Coders are just employees of the video game company that created the “Endgames” game, but from the perspective of the characters that live in the Endgames world, these are the beings who actually did create the world and so they literally are deities.

Not only do these deities clearly exist in the Endgames world, but there are a number of points of some significance that are related to this fact. What follows (in this section and in some subsequent sections) is an attempt to make sense of the things that we are seeing here, and to fit those things into some sort of framework. As would be expected, some of what is discussed here relates to deities, or relates to the relationship between deities and mortals.

If a habitable world exists, and one speculates about that fact, one possible logical hypothesis that can be proposed is that the world came in to being at some point in the past. If one assumes that hypothesis to be true and then further speculates from there, then one logical hypothesis that can be proposed is that the world was created by some sort of intelligence. In the case of the Endgames world, we do know for a fact that the Endgames world has a creator deity.

One can assume that a creator deity will tend to be favorably inclined toward the world that they created, and will tend to want to maintain their world in a harmonious fashion.

We saw that Miho, acting through her character Moh, caused massive damage to the Endgames world. From the perspective of the Endgames characters, Miho’s power level was clearly that of a deity. Miho’s actions ended up completely destroying a significant part of the Endgames world. So, we could say that from the perspective of an Endgames character, Miho could certainly be thought of as a deity that causes chaos and destruction. Her very destructive actions obviously went completely against the desires of the company that created the Endgames game.

Okay, so in this case you have a Creator deity, who created the world and wants to preserve it, and another deity, bent on destruction. And you have a world that is sort of a battleground.

Now, let us switch perspective a bit. The following framework would seem to have some explanatory power related to what we see going on, and so it shall be applied here…

Let us assume that the fundamental purpose of the world is to provide a dwelling place for human beings.

Let us furthermore assume that the fundamental purpose of a human’s life in the mortal realm is to provide the human being with the opportunity to CHOOSE. (To choose to be good or evil, for instance.)

Therefore, really, the existence of the world is centered around human beings and their Choices.

Since it is the Choices that are important, then the Choices that the human beings make must be substantially un-compelled. Furthermore (in order to help the humans learn something during the process), the humans will be forced to experience the CONSEQUENCES of their choices – of both their personal choices and the choices made by others.

(The “fundamental” choice made by each individual is what is important, but perhaps that choice can be made in a gradual manner, as the cumulative effect of numerous minor choices.)

The Code of the World is associated with the Creator, and with order and harmony. (Presumably it is the case that the Code of the World provides the energy to keep the general existence of the world maintained.) Let us assume that the Void has basically the opposite characteristics. So, fundamentally the Void would be associated with chaos. If the Code of the World is associated with order, then presumably, the existence and behavior of the Code of the World would need to consistently follow some kind of natural laws. In contrast, technically, there is no reason that the Void would have to obey any natural laws or rules at all. (Presumably the Void itself wouldn’t even have to make sense.)

It has been previously speculated (elsewhere) that people who get deeply involved in fantasy will tend to experience an overall decrease in empathy for others, and to become isolated. Also, of course, fantasy is not reality. So, anyone who tries to live their life centered around (or based upon) a fantasy will end up trying to live out of step with reality, and that is not likely to end up working very well.

Again, if the existence of the world is centered on humans and their choices, then it would make sense that human choices could have a significant effect on things.

It has been previously speculated (elsewhere) that significant changes in outlook occurring in a community could have an effect on the surrounding physical environment.

So, let the following hereby be speculated:

The “Code of the World” and the “Void” are both dimensions that are always present alongside of all physical matter. And both of them have some influence on any given area. But the overall outlook of the human beings that are present in an area has a significant effect on how much influence each of those two dimensions has on that area.

If the humans in an area place their focus primarily on reality (which is associated with order and harmony), then the influence of the Code of the World on that area is strengthened. If the humans in an area instead place their focus primarily on fantasy, then the influence of the Void on that area is strengthened.

This has an effect, because the natural laws are associated with the Code of the World. As the influence of the Void becomes more significant, even the very laws of nature start to lose their power, and things that are normally physically impossible start to become possible. Things can go all right in an area even if there is a significant imbalance in favor of the Void. But if the Void becomes overwhelmingly dominant, that will cause effects that can be very negative. If all of the laws of physics go completely out the window, then all order and structure disappear and the existence of anything significantly large or complex cannot be sustained (and so many physical items will tend to break up and to crumble into small pieces). In a particular area, if the influence of the Void becomes so dominant that the influence of the Code of the World becomes negligible, then that area will no longer receive any power from the Code of the World. That means that the area will no longer be receiving the power that is needed to sustain the existence of that area. So, the Void will start to consume all of the physical matter in that area, and will continue until eventually all of the physical matter in that area has been consumed.



If the Creator deity has the power to create the whole world, then obviously the amount of power that they have (from the perspective of the created world, at least) is a staggeringly gigantic amount. Since “The Code of the World” is a flow of power that is associated with the Creator, it would make sense that such a power flow would be able to provide enough power to temporarily break natural laws.

Since the Void would seem to be associated with chaos and it would not have to really obey any rules or natural laws, it would make sense that someone channeling from the Void could also be able to perform effects that violate natural laws.

So, basically, it would be that anyone who was observed to be performing supernatural feats would have to be channeling power from one of these two power sources.

Okay… Now, we can start to assume that some things that have been previously discussed in relation to the Endgames world could also be applicable to the mainline MT world as well…

For instance, there is no reason that the mainline MT world could not have its own versions of the “Code” and the “Void”.

It has previously been discussed elsewhere how the general outlook of people seems to be having a significant effect on the surrounding environment. It would seem that a lot of people in the Tokyo area seem to have a strong desire for fantasy, and furthermore it would seem that events of the type that they desire are actually happening in reality.

[528]: "I think I just feel things more intensely than most people…. That's why I want to be an actress. It's a way to live what I feel, even if it is just part of a story."

[166]: “Games exist as a channel for the boundless energy of people all over the world.”

So… First of all, we can be fairly certain that there are a good number of people playing games in cyberspace. Some of these people are putting their heart and soul into their gameplay. Probably a lot of these people have a high level of emotion. I’m going to posit that because of all of that activity, there is a lot of emotion that is sloshing around in cyberspace.

Broadening out beyond cyberspace, out in the “real” world of MT, there seem to be a lot of people who are placing a lot of focus on fantasy in their lives. It seems that fantasy is often associated with strong emotions. So, I am going to posit that there are a lot of emotions sloshing around in the area of the “real” world, as well.

(Of course we know that there ARE a lot of emotions sloshing around in the real world. If you go to some place where there are a lot of people, you will certainly tend to observe people expressing emotions of various types.)

Since the “Code” is associated with creation, then let us assume that the “Code” is associated with things that are real.

Conversely, let us assume that the “Void” is associated with things that are not real, with fantasies of all types, and, since fantasy is associated with emotions, then, with emotions as well.

People tend to broadcast their emotions outward on a frequent basis. Let us assume that once those emotions have been broadcast outward, those emotions then exist in, and circulate through, the Void.

Let us assume that these emotions are a form of energy. Furthermore, let us assume that emotion is the primary mechanism of transmitting energy through the Void.

Now, it has been previously mentioned elsewhere that human beings have a part of them that is material – their physical body, which is real and which exists in the real world. Humans also have a part of them that is immaterial. This includes their mind and their consciousness. For instance, a human being can project their consciousness into a world that does not really exist (e.g. a story in a book, a video game) for a period of time. So, the immaterial aspect of a human being is something that somewhat goes beyond the physical world.

The heart is basically the center of energy of the physical body. The brain would be the center for the immaterial aspect of a human being, since the brain would be the place where the immaterial aspect of the human being intersects with their physical body.

The heart circulates blood. The brain generates the nerve impulses that are transmitted through the nervous system.

But when we hear the word “heart”, it is only a minority of the time that the physical heart is what is being referred to. Most of the time when we hear that word, the thing that is being referred to is the metaphorical “heart”. This kind of “heart” can be defined in a number of ways: The “metaphorical” center of emotions for a person. What a person has affinity to. A person’s overall outlook. The core aspects of a person as that person has chosen those aspects for themselves.

Let us assume that this metaphorical “heart” actually causes something to circulate as well.

Also, let us assume that for most people, the state of their “heart” will determine what they have the most affinity to, the “Code” or the “Void”.

People whose “heart” tends toward rationality and harmony would have affinity to the “Code”. People whose “heart” tends toward adventure or fantasy would have affinity to the “Void”.

I’m guessing that a person’s “heart” actually taps into the “Code” or the “Void” to a very small extent, and then circulates the thing that the “heart” obtains from the source that it has tapped into. Presumably this would be something that the person craves, that helps sustain their spirit. In the case of the “Void”, this thing might be emotions.

It was previously posited that anyone who was observed to be performing supernatural feats would have to be channeling power from one of the two possible power sources. Let us assume that statement has to apply to… magical girls.

Given that Yuki’s early attempts to use her powers tended to cause disruption and chaos, it would appear that the supernatural powers of the Magical Girls rely on energy that is channeled from the Void. (So which power source would the Ninjas draw from? I can’t be sure…)

Given what we have seen, it must be possible to channel from the Void (at least to a degree) instinctually, without needing to first be taught how to do so.

Since Yuki’s supernatural abilities violate the normal laws of nature, presumably it would require a lot of energy to be channeled out of the Void in order to allow Yuki to be able to use her powers. It seems that Yuki is easily able to use her powers at will, so Yuki must essentially have the ability to channel all of the power that she needs.

Let it be hereby postulated that all magical girls have two specific characteristics: They have a rare natural ability that makes it possible for them to access the Void in a very significant way, and they have powerful “hearts”. Their “hearts” are so powerful that they are capable of pulling a large amount of the emotional energy that circulates within the Void to themselves. The total amount of emotional energy that has been pulled to them is so large that it is a large enough amount of energy to allow magical girls to perform supernatural feats.

Since there is such a massive number of people in the Tokyo area (with a good number of those people heavily focused on fantasy), there is certainly enough emotional energy available to power a significant number of magical girls.

So, therefore, it would seem to be the case that the power source for people who channel energy out of the void is Emotion.

As was stated before, it would seem that a lot of people in the Tokyo area seem to have a strong desire for fantasy, and it would seem that events of the type that they desire are actually happening in reality.

It takes a lot of power to cause reality to be altered, and so it would seem that there are some people, individuals or perhaps maybe collective groups, whose desire and “heart” is powerful enough to pull enough emotional energy out of the Void to provide enough power to alter reality.



The events of Miho’s “origin story” (well, as much of it as we have been told), are shown in the few comics that start with comic [1403]. Let there now be an attempt to make some interpretation of the events of Miho’s “origin story” in the light of all of the other things that have been previously discussed.

At a time in the past, probably somewhere around 120 years ago, Miho was a young Irish girl. (And of course since she was an Irish girl, her name probably wasn’t really Miho at that time.) We are told that she was a “restless” girl who “longed for adventure”.

Let’s extrapolate from those facts and make the following interpretation of the events that we see in those comics:

Miho wanted adventure. She wanted a life that was more than ordinary. She wanted to live an exciting life, like the life of a character in a fantasy story. She wanted this with all of her heart…

Miho could not truly live an exciting fantasy life at home. So, she eventually managed to persuade her parents to let her go on an overseas voyage, to a place that one of her family members lived.

But even that voyage was not exciting enough for her.

But then, something really exciting did happen! There was a great storm… and the ship sank… and Miho ended up adrift on the ocean… and then she was rescued by pirates! (Well, we can’t be sure that they were pirates, but they were apparently involved in some sort of nefarious activity, at least.)

What was really going on here, however, was this: As a result of Miho’s very strong desire for adventure, Miho had ended up instinctually channeling from the Void. And so, because of that, reality had changed in accordance with her desires…

Finding herself on a ship, and surrounded by “dangerous” people, Miho could have chosen to allow herself to be ransomed, and then she could have simply returned home, back to her ordinary life, and lost nothing. But, instead, Miho insisted on staying on board the ship, and becoming part of the crew. Perhaps she was actually an active participant in their illicit activities. And so, Miho lived the life of a “pirate” for a time. It was an exciting life… a dangerous life… a life on the outside of the law…

Miho was trying to literally live an exciting fantasy life. And what she was trying to do worked… for a while.

In the process of trying to live the exciting life that she desired, Miho became more and more attuned to the Void. Perhaps it was the case that Miho ended up (deliberately or not) continuing to channel from the Void in order to warp reality to keep her life as exciting as she wanted it to be. And then, Miho finally made a Choice… she would choose to try to live her life in fantasy rather than in reality. It was a decision that would end up having significant consequences for her.



Let us again apply a framework that may have some explanatory power, based upon what we have been seeing.

In this case, we are talking about things that concern the Endgames world, but it is possible that what is being stated here could be equally applicable to the mainline MT world.

What is being speculated here is based upon some evidence, but there is only a limited amount of evidence related to this subject that is available.

Let us think back to a time just after the world had been created. (The Endgames world, in this case.)

So, the world had just been created, and the various plants and animals that populate the world, as well as the human beings, had just been created as well.

Let us assume that humanity was the Creator’s “chosen” race. The whole world’s existence was centered around the humans. The main purpose of the world was to provide a location for the important events that were to be taking place. Fundamentally, the important events that were to be occurring was that all of the human beings were to be tested, and offered the opportunity to make an important Choice.

Of all created beings, humans were made closest in nature and in attributes to the Creator.

The Creator also created other living things as well – animals, plants, and so forth. Some animals, at least, were given abilities that allowed them to outperform humans in certain ways. But, still, the humans were the Creator’s favored race, and the Creator intended for humans to be in charge of the world.

Right after things were created, everything was in perfect order and harmony. There was no need for any human being or animal to ever harm another.

Now, let us make the assumption that some of the animals were created as beings that were fully sentient and that had a level of intelligence that was on a par with human intelligence. (Presumably there is no reason that such a thing could not have happened.)

Now, since the existence of the world was centered around the humans, the rules that the humans had to live under were different than the rules that the animals had to live under. Animals were not given the opportunity to make the crucial Choice. The animals were allowed free will, and so they could make choices, they just could not make the crucial Choice. It is likely that less was expected of the animals than was expected of the humans. Anyway, let us assume that the punishment that animals would face for making harmful choices was much less than the punishment that would be faced by the humans (the animals would not be faced with the possibility of any kind of Hell, for instance).

Since the humans were more attuned to the Creator, had a closer relationship with the Creator, and faced greater consequences for their actions, the humans had an incentive to be obedient and loyal to the Creator.

Since the animals were not the favored race of the Creator and since the animals faced negligible punishment for any bad actions… the animals were far more susceptible to certain temptations. Temptations such as someone offering to teach them certain kinds of knowledge, such as how to tap into the Void. Or, regardless of the Void, temptations such as obtaining power or advantage by being aggressive and victimizing others.

And so, the animals quickly stopped obeying the Creator’s will and living in harmony, and proceeded to pursue their own selfish goals. The sentient beings started first with this bad behavior, and then the non-sentient beings followed suit. Even the plants chose to start behaving badly. And, therefore, nature as a whole quickly devolved into chaos. Animals started eating each other, and the life of the plants and animals that lived in untamed nature devolved into a brutal struggle for survival.

The humans also started making selfish choices, but that happened in a significantly slower manner.



Insects, spiders, and other really small creatures are able to do certain things because their bodies are very small and light. A human-sized creature would not be able to do these things (because of the “cube-square law”, or something?).

Presumably, therefore, the abilities that have been demonstrated by certain creatures (such as Juno the spider-chimera) should not be physically possible under the ordinary laws of physics. At the minimum, therefore, the natural-law-violating aspects of the Void must have been involved with these creatures somehow.

To provide another example, the fire-breathing ability of a ‘zilla should also be physically impossible, and so presumably those large creatures basically have to be in an area that is significantly influenced by the Void in order to be able to exist, or at least to be able to use their ability.

The Creator would not have created any beings whose existence or abilities were in defiance of the natural laws. Also, presumably all beings that were created by the Creator would have been somewhat pleasing in appearance.

However, it is apparently the case that some sentient animals decided to rebel against their Creator, and those animals chose to gain the knowledge of how to access the Void. And the Void is associated with chaos, with the breaking of rules, and with things not even making sense.

One could assume that sentient animals who made heavy use of the Void could eventually become warped and changed. Their very nature (including their physical bodies) could end up being altered, in such a manner that the alterations would be able to be persistently passed down through the generations. (So one could speculate that over numerous generations, a previously “normal-looking” sentient animal might end up being warped into a large, ugly, fire-breathing ‘zilla.)

Let us assume that animals tend to be envious of humans, who are the favored race of the Creator.

It seems that there are a number of accounts from Japanese folklore of Kitsune being able to shape-shift into human form. (Doing that is apparently a skill that kitsune are able to eventually learn, at least.) I’m going to just assume that kitsune are able to shape-shift into human form in the MT world, regardless of where that ability might come from. (Maybe all sentient animals were given the ability to shape-shift into humanoid form to make it possible for them to more effectively communicate with humans?)

(Kitsune are simply foxes, of course, but the specific “kitsune” that we are discussing here are creatures that are sentient and have approximately a human-level intelligence.)

When we see Komugiko and her kin, they seem to always be in humanoid form. Why would kitsune want to exist in humanoid form most of the time, and to hang around humanity? I can speculate a number of reasons why that could be the case (assuming that is the case). For instance, humans probably tend to treat each other somewhat better than foxes treat each other, and the human world has all these nifty gadgets and technology. And, presumably the humanoid form makes it easier to do certain things (e.g. lift or manipulate objects) than the fox form does.

There are two body parts that a fox has that a human does not – their tail, and the ears on the top of their head. At times when a kitsune has shape-shifted into humanoid form, presumably they leave their ears and tail visible and in an un-shape-shifted state whenever it is possible for them to do so, because it would take a significant amount of energy to shape-shift those two body parts to a degree where they would not be visible, and to continually maintain them in that state.

Even though kitsune may have begun their existence as sentient but “normal” foxes, presumably kitsune are now genetically significantly attuned to the Void.

Now, some further speculation regarding the kitsune:

[1490]: “I know that if you have more than one tail your spines occupy the same space…” “…you can distort space…”

The human brain is the means by which humans can access the unseen world – the world of ideas and imagination… and of various fantasies. And, the “Code” and the “Void” would also be part of the unseen (and immaterial) world.

The brain sends commands to the nervous system. The commands are sent by nerve impulses, which are a type of electrical energy.

I believe that the most powerful flow of electrical energy in the human body would be the flow that passes through the spine.

So, assuming that the body of a kitsune is roughly similar to the body of a human…

Perhaps, if a kitsune had several spines that occupied the exact same space, that would give the kitsune a significant boost in the amount of energy that their brain was able to direct around. Perhaps the increase in the amount of available energy would be an exponential boost.

Maybe the power boost provided by several spines would allow the kitsune brain to access the Void in a much more significant manner, similar to the natural ability that has been postulated for the magical girls.

Now, on a more general topic… There are plenty of “chimeras” that show up in the Endgames novels. In the mainline MT world, as far as creatures that have the appearance of animals in humanoid form, we have mostly just seen the kitsune. I can’t be sure whether these creatures are sentient animals, some sort of animal/human hybrid, or have some other origin. (Though at the moment, my assumption is that they are sentient animals). Whatever it is that is the case, these poor creatures can identify with humans, but they also have to contend with the wild aspects of their animal nature. They exist at the margins of society, not really having a place where they fully fit in.



And now, there will be an attempt to explain how the zombies fit in to all of this.

We have only actually seen one example of the initial creation of a zombie. That was, of course, in Chapter 9, when we saw a large ‘Zilla become infected by zombies and then turn into a zombie itself.

Based on what we saw in that instance, apparently one way that a person (or other being) can become a zombie is if they encounter a zombie and end up being “infected” by that zombie.

Let the following speculation hereby commence…

Let us assume that the zombie “infection” is the same thing as the phenomena that is referred to in the light novels as “void corruption”.

One way in which such an “infection” could theoretically occur is as follows:

Somehow, an effect occurs that causes a small area of physical space to become heavily dominated by the Void. In this small area of space, the influence from the Code of the World is almost completely diminished. Apparently (in the Endgames world, at least) it is possible to use magic (presumably with great effort) to concentrate the Void in this fashion. Perhaps there could be other situations in which such an effect could occur.

Anyway, somehow this small Void-dominated area comes in contact with the bloodstream of a human being. (We’ll use a human for this example, but things would be essentially the same in the case of an animal.)

Of course, the bloodstream is the fundamental area of vitality and energy for a person’s physical body.

When the Void-dominated area comes in contact with the bloodstream, it starts to infect/corrupt the blood. Presumably it feeds on the energy in the bloodstream. The Void-affected area eventually spreads through the bloodstream. Eventually all of the blood vessels become a Void-dominated area. When the body’s blood vessels have all become dominated by the Void, the body is no longer able to convert food into energy and to distribute that energy to the cells of the body. So, the person’s physical body begins to die.

When the Void has finished the process of dominating the person’s body, however, the person’s body does gain the ability to draw some energy (in electric form) directly from the Void. This energy does enable the person to sustain their consciousness in their body, and it also enables the person to actually animate their physical body (e.g. to cause the limbs to move).

Even though the zombie is capable of animating their physical body, it is still the case that their physical body is breaking down, and eventually their body will break down so much that there will be nothing left for them to animate.

Presumably the zombie wants to continue to have an existence where they have a physical body that they can manipulate. (The alternative is to become a disembodied spirit.)

If it was possible for zombies to obtain energy from ordinary human food sources (plants and animals), then presumably they would usually choose to obtain their energy from those food sources and so they would not usually cause problems for anyone else.

It is hereby assumed that one of the only energy sources that zombies are able to metabolize in their zombified state is the human brain, since the human brain is an electrical organ and it is the place where the non-physical portion of a human being (their consciousness, or spirit, or soul) intersects with the physical body. Since the zombified body can actually metabolize a human brain into energy, it is possible for the energy thus obtained to actually sustain and restore the zombie’s physical body.

Therefore, there would of course be a significant incentive for a zombie to attempt to obtain the living brains of “normal” human beings.



Now, for a final discussion…

Previously there was discussion about what might have happened back at the time that was right after the world had been created.

A framework, which is related to the framework that was used for that discussion, may have some explanatory power regarding some other things that have been observed, and so that framework will be applied here, as there is an attempt to speculate and to state some things.

So… The Creator creates the entire world, and then creates human beings, animals, and plants to populate it.

The world had been created for the primary purpose of being a dwelling place for human beings. The most important purpose of human life was to provide each human being the opportunity to make a Choice. So, the very purpose of the world was centered on human beings and their Choices.

Also from the beginning (more or less, one way or another) it seems that there was also a chaotic deity involved, having some influence on the world.

So there were two deities involved. Each deity had different desires and plans for the world, and so the two deities contended against each other, each trying to get things to go their way. Let us assume that they somehow agreed on a framework that would limit the methods that they would use in contending against each other. In other worlds, from the perspective of the deities, their struggle against each other to control events could be looked at as a sort of game, and this game was a game that had some rules. The purpose of the world was centered on human beings and their Choices, and the object of the game… was human beings and their Choices.

Right after the world had been created, everything was exactly as the Creator had made it. So, everything was flawless. Everywhere in the world there was absolute harmony. All relationships were good ones.

However… Sadly, humans quickly made poor choices. With the first harmful and disruptive choices that were made, corruption entered the world.

It has been assumed that the “game” that the deities were playing had some rules, and that the deities were required to follow those rules. It is possible that one of the rules was that the deities could only act through mortal agents. Since the object of the game was human beings and their Choices, it needed to be the case that the Choices that were being made by the humans would be fundamentally unconstrained, but the deities would still be acting in the world to some extent, trying to influence events in their favor.

(By the way… I can see angels and demons fitting into this framework in the following manner: It appears that the primary activity of angels and demons would be trying to influence human beings to choose one way or the other. But perhaps the net effect that would be accomplished by that activity – which would be the actual effect that was very necessary for this situation - would be that, in important situations, humans would be deliberately made aware of the options that they had – the important things that they could choose to do – and the potential ramifications of those choices. So, this effect could be similar in a way to what is accomplished by the adversarial nature of a courtroom proceeding…)

Due to the regrettable choices of humans, corruption had entered the world. And from its initial beginnings, the corruption proceeded to spread.

As time went on, the corruption spread wider and wider. More and more corruption diffused throughout the general environment, and human civilization was ever more affected by corruption. (Humans, of course, can choose to attempt to live in harmony with others, or they can instead choose other things, such as pursuing selfish gain, or pursuing power). Throughout human society, the number of examples of people that were making disruptive choices increased, and the number of examples of people that were trying to live in a harmonious fashion decreased.

The more corruption that a person is born into, the harder it is for a person to choose a different type of behavior, and to try to live in harmony with others.

The corruption went absolutely against the Creator’s goals, and the corruption was not making things better for the humans, either. The Creator did what it was possible to do under the rules of the game. A complicating factor was that the Creator was perfect, and so the Creator could not directly associate with anything that was not perfect. So the Creator had to stay somewhat distant from human beings in general, though it was still possible for the Creator to act through individual mortal agents. The Creator had established, in the physical world, a structure of loyal humans. The purpose of this structure was to relay the Creator’s wishes to humanity in general, and to guide humanity and to show them how to live in a harmonious and beneficial manner. Furthermore, the Creator gave a small number of humans the ability to tap directly into the Creator’s divine power, and then sent those humans out to execute the Creator’s will in the world.

The chaotic deity was also acting in the world through mortal agents.

Note that the two most significant examples of great chaos and suffering that we have seen occur in the Endgames world (these two things were the incident involving the massive attack by the Daynes, and a significantly later incident which involved the actions that caused the complete destruction of a significant part of the Endgames world) involved situations where one individual, or a handful of individuals, had achieved absolute domination over a large number of people. Massive damage and suffering occurred, but in fact all of the chaos and suffering was really being caused by a very small number of individuals.

Perhaps we can consider those incidents to be representative of the methods that would tend to be used by the chaotic deity.

Switching back to a discussion of the overall situation… The corruption that was occurring in the world was causing a problem, but it turned out that there was actually a more significant problem. The Creator, being perfect, was required to scrupulously follow the rules of the “game”. In contrast, the chaotic deity cared little about rules… and so the chaotic deity was cheating like crazy!

Human beings, of course, have emotions. Empathy allows one person to identify with another person, and allows one person to be moved to help another person or to avoid hurting another person. So, it is possible for human emotions to be swayed by external influences.

Since the entire point of the “game” was the Choices that were being made by human beings, it was important for the humans to have free will and to be able to freely make their choices. But, of course, the chaotic deity was cheating like crazy. The chaotic deity used the humans’ weakness to emotions, as well as every other possible trick that was available, to try and fool humans into making poor and disruptive choices, which would eventually lead to consequences that would weaken or even enslave the humans. But the chaotic deity was not merely satisfied with using those methods (which were allowed within the rules of “the game”), but also the chaotic deity proceeded to “cheat”, using divine power to directly overcome the defenses of some humans, forcibly stripping those humans of their free will and enslaving them. Once a human had been enslaved by the chaotic deity, the human was then forced by the chaotic deity to make the Choice that was associated with chaos and destruction.

Furthermore, the chaotic deity also directly went after the structure of loyal humans that the Creator had established in the physical world. It was not possible for even the most principled and flawless human being to withstand the direct application of divine power from the chaotic deity. So even the structure that the Creator had established in the physical world eventually became heavily rife with corrupt people, and so that structure became of limited use in accomplishing the goals of the Creator.

Due to the choices of the humans and the significant (rule-breaking) use of divine power by the chaotic deity, the world that the humans lived in had become significantly corrupt. So, the humans had to suffer the effects of the disruptive actions of other humans that were caused by the corruption. Furthermore, things in the world had become very unbalanced, with chaos dominating over order. The Creator did care about the humans, and must have been very concerned about the situation. Due to the widespread corruption, and the use of divine power by the chaotic deity, human society was in a state that was significantly short of being harmonious, and there was no way that the situation that the humans were in was going to get appreciably better for a long time. It was even the case that a good number of the humans had no desire whatsoever to even change the situation. There was absolutely no way that the humans were going to be able to appreciably improve their situation by themselves.

Also… the sentient animals, who had been less attuned to the Creator to start with and whose corruption had started very early, were in an even worse situation than the humans…

(However… to simplify things, this discussion will just focus on the humans.)

Furthermore, there were other factors that were complicating the situation.

The corruption of human society meant that people frequently saw examples of disruptive behavior. However, let us assume that the level of corruption was even worse than has been previously stated.

It has been previously theorized that, over the course of several generations, the bodies of certain sentient animals had been fundamentally changed, into forms that had become warped but which persisted from one generation to another.

Let us assume that, over the course of several generations, the corruption in the world had affected (to some extent) the bodies of human beings, and that furthermore the corruption had even affected the very nature of a human being. As a result, the very nature of a human being had become somewhat aligned toward chaos. One effect of this corruption was that the way that a human being even perceived the world had been somewhat corrupted as well.

Therefore, it was certainly possible for a human being to try to live in harmony with others, but, due to the corruption of the human nature, it was not possible for them to be completely effective at actually doing it.

This corruption significantly complicated things, because it was the case that the Creator was perfect. So, the creator could not be associated with anything that is corrupt. Presumably the Creator had originally desired to have a close relationship with the human beings. However, when the human beings became tainted with corruption, the Creator was then required to stay somewhat distant from them, and so a close relationship was no longer really possible.

There were two basic choices. These choices basically had multiple related aspects, but one possible way that these choices could be described is a choice of harmony or a choice of chaos. The choice of harmony tended to be associated with the Creator, and the choice of chaos tended to be associated with the chaotic deity. Those who would choose harmony would tend to desire similar things to the things that were desired by the Creator, and so forth.

In order to successfully make the choice of harmony it was necessary to follow the rules that the Creator had established for the purpose of keeping everything in harmony. Fundamentally, following the rules was basically all the creator desired, more or less. Unfortunately, since the Creator was perfect, that meant that it was necessary for a human to follow the rules perfectly. It is the case, sadly, that rules do not contain within themselves the power to help a person follow them. Also, due to the fact that the very nature of human beings had been corrupted, it was essentially impossible for a human being to perfectly follow the rules. Furthermore, the fact that the Creator was perfect meant that the Creator was associated with perfect justice. And perfect justice means that every violation of a rule brings with it a requirement for punishment.

These facts certainly made things more difficult for a human who wanted to make the Choice that was associated with harmony.

The humans were not going to be able to get themselves out of their bad situation. So, if the situation was going to be fixed, it would require the intervention of someone else – someone else would have to rescue the humans from their plight.

Only the Creator was capable of (and would be interested in) doing such a thing.

So far, the methods that the Creator had been using had not been adequately effective. But, for the sake of the humans, the Creator had to act.

The structure that the Creator had established in the physical world had been corrupted, and that structure would even tend to work against the Creator to some extent. So, no effective solution to the problems that the humans faced was going to be able to come about through the structure. So, any solution would have to somehow come about from outside the structure.

In the end, a solution to the problems that the humans were facing was possible, and that solution would come about in the following way:

An agent (or avatar) in the physical world, who had the ability to directly access the necessary amount of divine power, would have to be sent out. That agent would have to directly confront the agents of the chaotic deity (probably a relatively small number of agents, as has been discussed before) and neutralize those agents, thus breaking the power of the chaotic deity. The chaotic deity would not be completely gone, but the power of the chaotic deity to affect the world would be significantly reduced.

Breaking the power of the chaotic deity would help reduce how bad that it was possible for things to get. However, in order to do anything that would actually result in a significant improvement to the situation of the humans, an application of the Creator’s divine power would be required.

If choices (or actions) did not have any significant consequences or effects, then perhaps it could be said that those choices (or actions) would be essentially meaningless.

One would generally not expect it to be the case that divine power would be provided for a purpose that would not serve to accomplish the divine will.

And so… Therefore… in order to make it possible for things to actually be set right and to reduce the chaotic deity’s ability to “cheat”, the very rules of the “game” would essentially have to be changed. The Creator deity would have to accept that in the corrupted world, it was not possible for human beings to achieve perfection and to make the correct choices all of the time. A mechanism would be set up to mediate between the Creator and the humans. That is, there would be some sort of mediating structure that would make it possible for the perfect Creator to be able to deal with the imperfect humans. So, this structure would again make it possible for there to be a close relationship between the humans and the Creator.

If a human made the significant and persistent Choice to try to live in harmony with others and to try to make their actions fit into the Creator’s general plan for harmony, then that Choice would make it possible for that human to achieve an acceptable level of attunement with the Creator. Therefore, in order to improve the overall situation, humans who made such a Choice would be given the ability to tap into the Creator’s divine power, to an extent. This divine power would give the humans a much better chance of being able to defend themselves against the divine power of the chaotic deity, and, since the divine power is able to restore things, the divine power would also help the humans compensate for their corrupted nature, therefore making it easier for humans to live in harmony with others and to follow the rules. (If a person truly tries to live in harmony with others and to do what is best for the greater good, then that person cannot always put their own individual desires first. Sometimes they have to subjugate their own desires to some greater principle. In so doing, they act like there is something more important than themselves. So, similar to that, this type of thing could perhaps be thought of as a Choice, or a surrender, or maybe as a submission to something greater than oneself…) So, basically, such a Choice would make it possible for a human to have a relationship with the Creator. Also, that human would presumably be able to live a life that was less chaotic, and they would be able to be more at peace with everything around them.

Presumably, something along the lines of what was previously described would also be done to improve the situation of the sentient animals, as well.

The “game” would still go on, and there would still be good and evil in the world, but the balance would be restored, and it would again be possible for people to live and to make either Choice in a largely free fashion.


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Re: A Very Perilous Thread – The Void! The Laws of Physics! The Kitsune! T3h G4m3!

Post by Invisigoth » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:48 pm

The entire MegaTokyo universe is a nested system like a Matryoska Doll. Endgames is nested in MegaTokyo and MegaTokyo is in turn nested in the extremely unpleasant reality of unMod.

For reference the "real world", unMod, is a technologically advanced civilization that can best be imagined as being like Bladerunner 2049.

Game technology as a form of escape from the gritty nature of the world has allowed the development of full blown simulated people who do not realize that they are not in fact real.

Yuki's powers aren't derived from anything outside of allowable game mechanics

In unMod the "owner" of Piro is Piroko, an extremely dangerous, sociopathic police agent. Miho and possibly Kimiko are characters ran by Piroko's boyfriend Moh who may be a doctor who met Piroko in the aftermath of some medical adventure.

Largo is Piroko's partner and is married to Erika. He, or maybe she, owns a home in the suburbs where they have six children..or maybe she has six children. There's tension there that bleeds into the relationship of MT Erika and Largo

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Re: A Very Perilous Thread – The Void! The Laws of Physics! The Kitsune! T3h G4m3!

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Ya know... big reveals lose a lot of their bite when you're outright laying it out in the forums.

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Re: A Very Perilous Thread – The Void! The Laws of Physics! The Kitsune! T3h G4m3!

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chemi wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:01 pm
Ya know... big reveals lose a lot of their bite when you're outright laying it out in the forums.
Dude, I was relying on the fact that most readers never know when I'm shining 'em on!

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Re: A Very Perilous Thread – The Void! The Laws of Physics! The Kitsune! T3h G4m3!

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Well... poopie.

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Re: A Very Perilous Thread – The Void! The Laws of Physics! The Kitsune! T3h G4m3!

Post by maldrul » Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:17 pm

chemi wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:19 pm
Well... poopie.
Well, I already had it figured out long ago that MegaTokyo was a persistent MMORPG with a combination of AI and RPCs with certain RPCs as moderators and admins. Similar to .HACK but with elements of SecondLife that allow an RPC to build whatever they want (the default build tool being a cardboard box) ;>

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