Magical Boy Yuuji?

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Magical Boy Yuuji?

Post by Liminaut » Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:03 pm

The post viewtopic.php?f=6&t=293&start=25#p4153 made me go back to the comic and sure enough, everybody in the room is covered in foam except for Yuuji. This inspired the following unsupported-by-fact speculation: Magical Boy Yuuji. Yuuji is clearly exhibiting speed-based abilities that are Magical Girl-level; how is this possible?

Sparklogenity can be inherited, both by males and females. Yuuji also inherited a heaping helping of sparlogenity, along with his sister. It's interesting to note that their sparklogenity is much higher than their mother's, which leads to the question of where the extra sparlogenity in their genes came from. Clearly it must be from Masamichi, which creates the huge issue of why Masamichi was never noted as a sparklogen, and also why Yuuji has never been sprarkogen-outed.

First, people see what they expect to see. Magical Girls are, well, girls. Nobody expects boys to be magical, so nobody sees them.
Second, note the length of Yuuji's hair. It's basically girl-length hair. To activate their powers, sparklogens must tread the path of Kawaii. His hair is Yuuji's small concession to the Kawaii path. Yuuji can access some sparklogens, just enough to keep him out of trouble but not enough to get him into trouble. This explains why Masamichi can rock a massive innate sparklogenity and still not register as a MB: he is anti-Kawaii. Yuki, on the other hand, is so inherently kawaii that she makes a tac suit look adorkable.

Note that German Sparkle Parties are clearly an attempt to boot-strap sparklogenity in the participants.

This brings us to Yutaka. Youngest (?) son of a very strong MG, it is likely he has substantial sparklogen potential. Like Masamichi, he is so focused on being anti-kawaii that his substantial abilities may never surface. Yutaka may not be allowed that luxury much longer, however. The fate of Megatokyo may depend on Yutaka embracing the Path of Kawaii.

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Re: Magical Boy Yuuji?

Post by Yl33 D4 N00b » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:38 am

Interesting theory that makes sense! But will Fred ever exploit it? We'll see, perhaps?

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