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Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:20 am
by Murren
Hello! I was just getting nostalgic about the past of MT forums and MT mafia, and wanted to post something of a "how is everyone doing?" type thread here. I hope the mods are OK with this, given that the RPGs forum has (sadly) had basically no activity since the revamp.

I only found MT and MT forums in 2011, at which time the forums were still fairly active, then over the next few years gradually turned into a complete ghost town. So I have less nostalgia about it than many, but I still have some...

I also started getting nostalgic and missing specifically the Mafia community. I hope you all are doing well.

Man, with the new forums it really feels like a checkpoint as to a new era in our lives... (and the checkpoint may be a couple years late :P )

(The new era referring to a new era in which we've moved past mafia onto other things, though I imagine that doesn't apply to everyone here meaning perhaps some still play on other forums... but I know many of us have mentioned moving on from mafia, either due to not having time, or just because of a loss of interest, or both, or neither)

But I miss you and hope you all are doing well!