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OneShot is one of my favorite games. It's an RPGMaker exploration game that gets its influence from things like Cave Story, Yume Nikki, OFF, and The Little Prince.

Originally released for an RPGMaker contest in 2014, OneShot quickly won me over with its wonderful characters, art, music, and overall environmental pressure. The original release has a tension about it that I haven't experienced anywhere else.

The main character, Niko, is the sweetest character. Ever. I can't think of another character that emulates child-like innocence in the same way that Niko does.

This past December, a revamped version of OneShot was released on Steam. Developed without the contest's time constraints, the Steam release includes a plethora of features and content that weren't in the original.

OneShot is a game best experienced blind. Check out the game's website, but don't read discussion about the game and spoil yourself if you're at all interested. If you're unsure about spending $10 for the Steam version, the original is still available for free on

There are important differences between the free and Steam versions. The free game is much more intense, and since I played it first, I would consider it a more "pure" experience. It is also slighlty incomplete due to the already mentioned time constraints. The ending feels rushed to some people. The paid version has much more content than the original. The world is fleshed out better. The Steam game is more streamlined. The biggest drawbacks for the Steam version are that it is less intense and doesn't have some of my favorite music tracks from the original (sample sets used in the music had licensing that prevented use in the paid game.)

Please check it out if you haven't seen it. I love sharing this game. It's fun to hear what reactions people have.

Free release:
Steam release:

I'm working on some overly complicated fanart for the game and will share it if it turns out :)

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