Monster Hunter World

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Monster Hunter World

Post by DaRk_KnIgHt » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:35 pm

Anybody in on this? I was never into the MH franchise due to just not owning the relevant platforms. The little I played on a friend's PSP kinda turned me off a bit due to the single stick and lack of buttons resulting in awkward controls.

But I have played God Eater Resurrection/2 Rageburst and Toukiden 2.

I enjoy having actual levels for a change. God Eater were basically empty environments without much going for them. Toukiden had a bit more, but the terrain really wasn't a concern gameplay wise.

And I enjoy my gathering points being more than just random sparkles on the floor.

The only things I vaguely miss would be God Eater's 2 weapon system. It's just nice to have a melee/ranged option to mix things up. Toukiden 2's demon arm was also a great deal of fun, being able to grapple your way everywhere.

MHW's sling does actually function as a grappling hook, but it's highly contextual in terms of use and I wish I had more freedom to use it like Toukiden 2's demon arm.

The hunts themselves are good fun, even with repetition due to the absolute chaos that can occur. Be it from environmental hazards or just another big monster deciding to crash your fight. It does eventually get repetitive, but it's not quite as bad as God Eater or Toukiden.

The online play at the moment is absolute butts, rife with disconnects.

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Re: Monster Hunter World

Post by akasaka19 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:16 pm

I do love Monster Hunter World franchise although World is a bit of a user-friendly and feels like a spoonfeeding. That is why I was really happy when they port Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch because it feels more of a challenge than World.
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