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Just hire a visual novel studio or an artist + experienced visual novel creator

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:48 am
by Arent
Honestly, it is clear that Fred simply has no time to create the visual novel. So why don't you just contact an experienced visual novel studio or simply hire a talented artist + experienced visual novel creator to do it? I'm sure 30000$ would be more than enough to turn the first chapter into an acceptable or even great game.

Fred hosts a lot of talented artists anyway. Of course it would be another art style, but Shilin for example has very nice art. And the storyline is already finished, you just need to turn it over to someone who has already successfully created visual novels.

Hell, I think some smaller studios would even be interested to create a megatokyo VN! Especially if you give them a part of the kickstarter money.

And yes, it wouldn't be exactly as Fred envisions it, but sometimes you need to let things run their course. Maybe his calling is being the mastermind behind the story and letting others cast it into games or movies :mrgreen:

You could even make a poll, whether the kickstarter backers would mind another artstyle by another artist. If you choose a good one, they might be just fine with it.