Goodbye Fred

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Goodbye Fred

Post by kurosen » Mon Apr 25, 2022 10:44 pm

It's been so long since I last posted, it seems my username was released and I just recreated it to post this last post.

Fred, I started reading your comics back in 2001 and have followed MegaTokyo ever since. I've bought shirts, caps, books, and more - all because you were telling a great story with great visuals to match.

In later years, your work has slowed down, and that's understandable, given all the challenges you've faced. Recently though, it seems you've spent more time tweeting about your political beliefs, expressing your disdain for those with values you disagree with, and doodling random stuff on Twitch - all while neglecting MegaTokyo (3 pages in 4 months). Don't get me wrong - you are free to spend your time doing whatever you'd like, and you owe your fans nothing... Except that's not entirely true...

It's been almost a decade since 5,000 people pledged $300,000 for a visual novel, along with lots of things they were promised for their pledges. Things like flash drives, art prints, soundtracks, character artwork sketches and more. You've delivered on none of these things, and the last VN update was from 5 years ago.

I know many people still hold out hope that you will one day resume work on the VN. They give you the benefit of the doubt for any number of reasons that the VN has been delayed this long. They believe you might one day deliver something tangible for the money they spent in supporting you... I was one of those people up until today.

Fred - the truth is, you've given up on the VN. More than that though, it feels like you've given up on MegaTokyo and its supporters.

I no longer anticipate the next comic, and I no longer feel like a fan. It's time I say farewell to you and this community.

I wish you all the best, wherever life may lead you.

Goodbye Fred.


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Re: Goodbye Fred

Post by Orriens » Tue Jan 10, 2023 3:34 am

And with 6 (six) new panels in an entire year. It is nothing more than a hobby for fred.

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