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> Lost? Want Practice? Head To Forum Rp's!, Boards should support each other!
Posted: Apr 25 2012, 01:25 PM
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Heya guys and gals!

I was a member of this forums a long time ago and one of my favorite places was the Forum RP section. The creativity and story that flowed out of that place was unequaled in any of the other forums i have ever visited to this day.

So imagine my sadness when i discover that the forum has all but been abandoned, excepting for two stories and only a handful of players to it's name. The board used to host hundreds of players and new and exciting worlds almost every week.

So this is a call to all RP'ers on these boards, help us make this board great again. Help us make this a sanctuary for creativity and writing, creating a slice of this world all our own. Like Tcyho from penny arcade said:

"Every creative act is open war against The Way It Is. What you are saying when you make something is that the universe is not sufficient, and what it really needs is more you. And it does, actually; it does. Go look outside. You can't tell me that we are done making the world."

Help us make this world.

Thanks for your time,
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