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> The Amazing Sd Fanwork Sticky, ~RAINBOWS!~
Posted: Mar 3 2007, 12:07 AM
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Alpicola is prettiful <3
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The Amazing SD Fanwork Sticky
Read the Amazing Info Now; But Only When Sitting!~

user posted image
Once upon a time there was a city. It was clean, nicely kept and pretty. Everyone, though not completely always happy, were not emo kids locked in a closet. Then a new fad happened. Lizards. All of a sudden, everyone and their mother wanted lizards. All of the pet shops had to mass order and the petfood companies's stock skyrocketed.

user posted image
However, this obsession turned dangerous, as the happy city-dwellers soon had a city overrun with lizards. Then the food turned them into one super GIANT OMG HUGE LIZARD! It started to get so big that it was running the primary goals of the city away. (Also it was scary and loud.) (Here's a chart for all the non cool-kids who don't like my story! :< You guys make me sad! )

user posted image
And so the town decided to give the lizard a big grassy knoll in the middle of the city. So people could come visit it, and it could still be in the city, (where it was born and is still part of,) but is given its full room so it can romp around and play.

And thus rules were created to regulate the new space for the lizard. Really, however, they were less new rules, then just the old ones reiterated and looked at more closely.
  • Do Not Quote Images --
    Even if the picture in question is super pretty/funny/cute no one wants to see it a bazllion*42 times. That and it slows down people trying to load the page. So please don't do it.

  • All normal rules apply --
    You can find them here. And more specifically to SD, here. Also, if you're new to the forums, this link is a nice walk thru of SD and has many helpful ideas and advice(self pimp desu). Just because this is a subforum does not mean that its still not part of the main forum and of SD.

  • Where should your thread go? --
    In all likelyhood, you should post your mtcgac, fanart, rescript, ect... in this (fanwork) subforum. If your work is a more serious comment about the story, though, you're welcome to post in SD instead.

  • If you don't want C&C, please say so --
    Even though we aren't A&D, if you post something here it will be C&Ced most likely. This is just because we like you and want you to improve. If you'd rather us not, you are more than welcome to just post, "I just drew this and wanted to share. I don't want any crit."

  • If you really only want actual technical artistic help try A&D.

  • GIMP is a free substitute to photoshop --
    Photoshop is more professional, but GIMP is... free. Use whatever you want, but don't start a fanboy war. Both are cool in their own ways, and as long as you don't use MSPaint, who cares?

  • Put spoiler warnings on things based on the works-in-progress fredarting broadcast. Ditto for images Fred links to from Twitter. Read the Fredarting section in the Story Discussion FAQ. Posting spoiler material without appropriate warnings is a bannable offense.

  • New threads should be started for works based on the official comic when it is posted. However, unlike discussion threads, preview fanworks threads will not be closed when the official comic is posted.

  • Finally, have fun! --
    This subforum should be all about happiness and getting those creative juices flowing! Life is rad and we all know it! Try to keep this in mind~ I hope that everyone has fun, and if there is ever a problem they know to just pm their favorite mod about it.

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Ray Kremer
Posted: Mar 29 2007, 04:49 PM
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Fanmod #1
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Dom started a fanart archive on his website a while back, it's completely 404 now. However, somebody is actively running a pretty massive fanart/etc. archive here.

Random useful links:
Character Reference Sheets (unofficial As Hell), for fanartists <- this thread has started losing some of its images due to age, so they have been rehosted here.
Tutorial - Rescripting In Ms Paint

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