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> [mt:tc] A New Confusion In Megatokyo, Episode 2: Making New Friends, Part 1
Posted: Nov 17 2004, 07:28 PM
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Okay, a little bit of an introduction.

After the fall of Niho, there was a new vacuum of power, which the MTCD tried to fill. Unfortunaly for the MTCD, dark power, while not all that massive, is certainly voluminous, and the CD's dense power of good was nowhere near voluminous to fill the vacuum.

Fortunately for the powers of evil in the world, one man was daring enough to fill that gap. Sigurdur Peckerson (PECKURSON!!!) came to Megatokyo with a plan to utterly eliminate the destructive factions. Through surreptious manipulations, he has managed to further agitate the factions into more destruction. Well, at least he tries.

In the meantime, things in Megatokyo are as zany, dramatic, angsty, whatever as ever. Lets get back to our friends in the city that should probably get some sleep.


Some timestamps from the end of Episode 1:

Taichi, Tallic, Arsenal, Ashley: 2130
Kane, Sarah: 2300 - 100
KFH in general: 2230
Pingite Rampage: 2230
Trial: 1300

These are the ones I know. If you're not represented here, be sure to put up a timestamp. This is for your benefit so that you know whether or not you need to catch up.

[edit]Almost forgot: Plotkeepers are ph00tbag and -snow-. Luciferancention (I hope I spelled that right. You know who I'm talking about) is subplotkeeper in things pertaining to the MTCD. New for this thread, because as far as I can tell, it'll be the 'officialisation' of something that's already de facto: trial plotkeeper is Bozocat.

Another thing. I'm going to Colorado this morning, so I don't know what my posting abilities will be. Until I am certain, all PMs go to Snow. Thank you for your cooperation.[/edit]


A man with long brown hair pulled into a tight ponytail walked up to customs. He took off his glasses and hat and handed his passport to the officer behind the counter. The officer glanced at the photo, then at the man, who grinned winningly.

"Are you Fabio Niles?" Asked the officer.

"None other," answered Fabio in a high-class British accent.

The officer nodded and moved on. "What is the purpose of your visit to Tokyo, Mr. Niles?"

Fabio smiled again. "Visiting a friend."

The officer nodded, stamped the visa, and handed the passport back to Fabio. "Is there anything you would like to declare?"

"Yes," responded Fabio, "there is." He pulled a flower out of his jacket pocket and held it out to the officer daintily. "It's a gift for my friend."

The officer took the flower, looked at it, then looked back at Fabio with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, sir, this flower is not permitted."

Fabio was unfazed. "That's alright, I brought a silverware set just in case."

The officer smiled, and said, "Well, then, if you have nothing else to declare, Mr. Niles, you may go ahead. Welcome to Japan."

"Thank you." Fabio bowed to the officer and walked away. I'm sorry, Peckurson, I couldn't bring you that beautiful flower, he thought to himself.


[New timestamp for ph00tbag: 0600]

ph00tbag woke up that morning rather peacefully to find himself in a fetal position. He sat up and stretched before going to the kitchen to make come cold cereal. He rubbed his cheeks and decided that he didn't need to shave today. He brushed his teeth, combed his hair, and went to work.

Hopefully today wouldn't be as eventful as yesterday.


Peckurson looked out over his new warriors which had just arrived.

"Look at them, Gregory. Fabio has created the most beautiful army I have ever seen. They will make the perfect addition to the SEFCO movement, don't you think?"

Gregory nodded grudgingly. He felt that his Warriors were a fine race of beings. These things were thin and wispy. Gregory saw nothing strong in them.

"Do you not see why these creatures are a wonderful warrior, Gregory?" Asked Peckurson, who had caught the darkness in Gregory's face. "These creatures are the fastest thing in this world. Nothing is more nimble or quick than these." Peckurson nodded. "Yes, with these, we can move on to our next target: the N1NJ4."

Gregory looked at Peckurson quizzically.

"Gregory, my dear, the N1NJ4 are another of Megatokyo's most destructive factions. Their overwhelming power has so much destructive capacity that unless they are eliminated, they threaten this great city's safety."

"Yes sir, Mr. Peckerson." Said Gregory, nodding.




New Arrivals.

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Posted: Nov 17 2004, 08:41 PM
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l33t One

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LDG stuffs (this thread): around the same time as the Trial plot (due to the fact that Ash is in both of these plots).

LDG stuffs in the sidestory thread, "Falling of Shadows", is moving slower than events in this thread by approximately one day (i.e., one day behind). Not exactly sure on the timestamp for that yet though. ^^;;; Some plotkeeper I make, huh.

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Posted: Nov 17 2004, 09:14 PM
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There was a blur in Stevens' living room for a moment, and then he was standing there, a hand coming up and putting his sunglasses before his eyes. What he beheld in his living room was... interesting.

Right in the middle of the living room was a briefcase. He quickly glanced from side to side, drawing one of his guns and walking cautiously towards the case. "Hrm... this... is new. Security system, scan unknown briefcase. Hazards?"

None detected. Large masses of currency inside.

He glanced about once more, his gun held in the ready position as he reached down, setting the briefcase on its back and opening it. Within... cash, lots of cash, along with a simple note:

"Payment for services rendered."

Stevens frowned, putting the gun back and glanced over the cash. He pulled forth a cell-phone, thumbing one of the speed dial keys.

"Erika Multinational."

"It's Stevens." He cautiously regarded the case as he spoke, "I need you to lift some prints from some cash, and get me some information on a few e-mail addresses."


"So... what exactly happened? Do you know?" A senior cleric was staring at the display on the monitor: the elder cleric was presently being analyzed in the upper-left portion of the screen, while a strange device was being displayed on the lower half of the screen. In the upper-right, the actual visual input coming into her was shown, only it was... odd. Realtime analyses of things flashed by as Melissa looked at them, while adjusting a few circuits in an access panel on her arm.

"To be honest, I really don't know." Melissa shrugged, reaching over and picking up a small screwdriver, adjusting a few things inside of her arm as the clerics only looked on.

"I... see." The elder of them nodded quietly as he watched, turning towards the screen and pointing out the device displayed in the lower half, "And... what is this, Melissa?"

"It's a zat'nik'tel. A kind of stun weapon, designed for non-lethal attacks. Quite effective."

"...And where did you learn about this technology? That's definitely not something we have."

"...I first encountered it in this galaxy, planetary designation QR1209265V37. It's a standard side arm for a number of offworld forces."

The cleric only blinked before motioning to her arm as she worked on it. "And what are you doing to your arm? It's in perfect working order."

"I'm adjusting the tertiary power conduit that runs along this arm so it interconnects with the metallic superstructure, enabling me to produce an electromagnetic burst capable of tetanizing the human muscular structure."

"...Uhm... what?"

Melissa formed her hand into a claw, aiming it at a wall. Electricity arced between her fingers, gathering into a ball in her palm before it launched out, leaving a scorchmark on the wall. "In short... I made my arm a zat'nik'tel. The only problem is that I seem to have burned out a number of minor capacitors throughout my forearm. They require immediate repair... do you have the spare parts I require? I'll also need a soldering iron in order to undo the changes until I can find a better solution."

The cleric lifted his jaw up off of the floor. "Uhm... yeah... sure..." he glanced at one of the lower-ranked clerics, "you heard her. Go get what she needs... and find someone who knows that the hell she's talking about."
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Posted: Nov 18 2004, 01:53 AM
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l33t One

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OOC: The thread seems to be moving forward much faster than I am. I will do my best to catch up. What this means:

-Jury duty people: If you want to IC do the questioning, you should do so quickly. My next post will likely have the final jury composition, but it's possible to backpost the actual questioning. Once the jury's selected, trial stuff with move on to the next day.

-I'm doing something BIG at midnight. Jubai's kitties and Ameryll will be there. Ash will be there. All of the Instigators will be there. Yes, all of them. I.e. I'm going to do everything possible to make sure the scene doesn't get interrupted by people who have no reason to interrupt it. This will take several posts to complete so I want to get up to it quickly. People who know Ash or have a connection to her (ex. Hikaru, Allanon) are certainly allowed to have a Bad Feeling and show up, just a bit too late to stop things.

-Following the big thing at midnight, Instigator activity is winding way the hell down, in deference to ph00t and Snow's plot. I don't want to dilute the dramatic tension they're building. There is an IC explanation for this. However, those of you who remember the Instigators from the past, feel free to blame Peckurson's activities on the Instigators-- it's the kind of thing they've done historically, and muddying the waters is a good thing, ya?

That was a hell of a lot of OOC. Now some IC.

When all else fails, write about giant explosions

Location: Fake Industrial Cover Operations
Timestamp: 5:30pm

When last we visited our intrepid heroes, they'd just had a Zanrielle-empowered Thor's Hammer cast on the room they were in. It had shorted their lightsabers, put Yoko in horrible electronic agony, and weakened the superstructure of the warehouse to the point of collapsing.

Which is where we find ourselves now.

{The building's collapsing!} Ameryll exclaimed. This is no cave... pity I don't have a spare YT-1300 lying around... She wanted to get up, to flee, but her leg had been half-crushed and none of her muscles were responding because her entire nervous system was awash with electricity. Now she knew how Luke felt, helpless before the Emperor. What had happened? Had a transformer blown? A generator? Had someone turned on the world's biggest tesla coil in some back room?

Yoko wasn't doing much better. Since her entire outer surface was composed of metal, the electrical currents had played over her without doing much in the way of direct damage, thanks to the Skin Effect. However with this much electricity flowing, there had also been a strong magnetic field, and it was all she could do to keep the delicate molecule-sized machinery that made up her body from being permanently distorted by that field. That left little energy for movement, and more importantly, for cutting icky icky duct tape. Icky icky is a scientific term.

I've saved Kopo intentionally for last. There is a certain discipline among the Jedi that involves the channeling of energy. Darth Vader did it with Han Solo's laser blasts. Keiran Halcyon did it with the lightsaber of the Jen'saarai he'd been fighting. I'm a Star Wars nerd. While the other two heroes had been debilitated by the electrical currant, Kopo had skillfully absorbed the power, and turned it to his own uses. Just as Vader then was able to tear Solo's blaster from his grip, so Kopo was able to change the energy to telekinesis. In fact, now that his lightsaber had been rendered useless, he had quite a bit of telekinesis to spare.

As the ceiling came crashing down, raining cinderblocks and twisted, already corroding steel support beams, a giant fist of compressed air and kinetic energy smashed a weak spot in the wall next to the front door. A spot that was weak beacuse it, like the rest of the warehouse, had been recently hit by 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. Okay, not really that much, but a damn lot. Honest. This opened a hole in the room, allowing the air inside to escape as the roof collapsed.

The warehouse effectively sneezed Kopo and Ameryll right out the front wall. Yoko remained stuck to the duct tape, and shortly became buried in the debris.

|Yoko!| Kopo mewed. |We can't leave her!|

{I can't feel my legs...} Ameryll croaked. She'd hit the ground pretty hard after being launched from the building, not having cat reflexes and all.

|We need to get you to a hospital... Yoko...|

Sirens sounded, approaching rapidly.

|We don't have the proper papers... if we get dragged into court for this, we might never find Glider!|

The debris stirred, and Yoko carefully poked her head out.

|Hide! I'll meet you at the UFL,| Kopo whispered. Yoko ducked her head back down into the debris, while Kopo *piff*ed away, taking Ameryll with him.

The Cataclysm officers showed up a minute later.

<Didn't I tell you Fake Industrial Cover Operations was a bad stock to buy?>

<How was I supposed to know it was going to be the site of an unauthorized rampage?>

<That's the most amusing line I've heard this week, and that includes from people I've arrested.>

<Is that duct tape?>

<Is that cat hair?>

<I officially don't want to know what happened here.>

-Lots of OOC rambling
-Explosion, collapse, I'm a nerd, badass Jedi kitty
-The two kitties are separated and agree to meet at the UFL.
-Ameryll is hurt bad.
-Cataclysm officers are left to clean up the mess

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Posted: Nov 18 2004, 07:28 AM
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l33t One

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Occ: Right, my inbox is now clean and open for any flames/questions/inquires/stuff that anyone whishes to send me. We apologies for the inconvimiance. Also, for the slightly mediocre last post. Now back to the show Occ//

Annette: FGTL HQ

With eveyone packed and ready, she went down to the loading bay to see them off. It had been decided that taking aircraft was too risk anbd non-discript trucks were a more viable option. She arrived at the lower leves where the teams and Inferno were waiting. They all stood to attension when she came into veiw.

"At ease. You've all had the breifing, so Im not gonna tell you again. But let me remind you: this is of the utmost importance. There is something going on whith our creditors that will directly affect us if we do not investigate. For the moment this is only recconisance. But should things take a turn for the worse, then you will be expected to act with all haste to deal with it"

Her eyes drifted over to Inferno as she said this. He eyed her oddly.

"That is all. Fallout!"
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Posted: Nov 18 2004, 08:50 AM
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l33t One

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[Move out]

"Alright lets move out, were expected to meet up with Lazy near the compound and setup camp, so lets not waste anymore time"

The trucks were being loaded with the last of the supplies and the troops were ready to move out. There was about 5 trucks in total with 3 teams comprising of 6 members each.

The boom gates opened and the trucks rolled out, it was going to be a while before they would see HQ again.

(ooc: Lazy PM me so we can plan this thing ok smile.gif /ooc)
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Althor Enchantor
Posted: Nov 18 2004, 10:13 AM
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"That Green Glowy Thingy in the Center of my Xbox?
Oh, That's a 15-Megaton Fission Bomb!"

The next potential juror for Sabin's trial was a caucasian man with glasses. Of course, most people didn't notice these traits until after they saw that he was over two meters tall and sporting a trenchcoat, light spikey hair, and an evil grin. (OOC: He looks like a 24-year old version of Father Anderson, the kickass battle priest from Hellsing)

"Please state your full name for the court?"


The Judge's eyes narrowed at the tall man. "Do you have a *last* name?"

"That's as classified as Dom & Ed's last names."

"Very well, and your clan affiliation?"

"Microsoft Special Ops."

The Judge motioned for Ash to begin her questioning. "Do you have any preestablished opinions about this case?"

"Well, on one hand, I'm all in favor of killing people en masse. On the other hand, I think doing so by cutting off their life support is kind of a pansy way to go about it."

The courtroom blinked in unison. Ash recovered quickly and continued. "Do you have any racial or ethnic biases?"

"Nah, you all pretty much chunk the same."

Again with the blinking. "Do you have any previous legal experience?"

"Ma'am, I've been acquitted of murder over 700 times; I'm probably a better defense attorney than you are."

"You've gone to law school?"

"Nope, but after your 300th or so trial, even an idiot begins to pick up a few things."

Ash turned to the judge. "No further questions, your Honor."


-Introducing Luther, the Dom & Ed-type guy for M$!
-Luther showed up for Jury Duty
-Luther is quite clearly insane, or at the very least, homicidal

Author's Note: This is my secondary character. He's pretty much just in MT:tC for my own amusement. Expect about as much character development out of him as you've gotten so far from Ed in the comic. He works for MS, but since Japan is full of their competitors, he's perfectly willing to blow **** up for hire. Feel free to use him for that purpose, keeping in mind that MS can usually fill out the necessary paperwork and acquire a MTCD rampage permit nigh instantaneously.

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Posted: Nov 18 2004, 11:08 AM
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[Ravens: Evolution]
[1512 hours]
[Music: Informant (Shogo: Mobile Armor Division OST track 6)
"What do you mean, he's not back yet?"

The shout echoed through the front hangar of the Raven's Nest, attracting the attention of the various tech crews servicing the HERCs and Frames, as well as serval pilots assisting in mantainence and repair tasks.

Gaff ignored the stares and kept on pressing to the guards that had been on duty when Silver had left the building.

"Just what I said, sir. Supreme Commander Silver hasn't come back yet." The BioDerm stood at ease, staring Gaff down easily. The Ravenite executive choked down an impulse to simply shoot the guard. A corpse wasn't any closer to finding Silver, or getting him back.

"Carry on." Gaff spun on his heel, brushing by Jag and Bec. The two pilots turned and followed Gaff. "Well? What now?"

Gaff slammed a fist sidelong into the wall in a gesture of frustration. "How the hell should I know? It's not like I have any clue where he took off to!"

"Easy, boss," Jag spoke up. "He should've kept his CODEC with him, right?"

"Tried that."

Bec frowned. "Then we do it the old fashioned way: By foot and detective skills. We've got a reinforced infantry division here. We can spare a half-dozen squads to look for the Commander."

Gaff stared for a moment, then sighed. "When you're right...and I suppose anyone who stops by won't notice anything wrong." Gaff turned to the guard station. "Leftenant!"

The BioDerm snapped to attention. "I want six mixed-genus squads out combing this city for the Supreme Commander, ASAP!"

-Silver's absence hasn't gone unnoticed.
-Gaff deploys six squads to search.

Genus: Variations on a species; in the case of BioDerm, it's a different class (Mordred shocktroopers, Morgana scouts, Cassandra medics, etc.).
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Posted: Nov 18 2004, 11:41 AM
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[Spying on the Secret Meeting]

Taichi was watching the meeting quietly, nothing seemed wrong just yet, but then again one would never know. The messenger pulled out a small staff and he did something, there was a flash. His visor screen went black and he lifted it up to see with his own two eyes. No one was there

"What the?" He rubbed his eyes and looked again, there was Ashley standing in the alley alone. He pulled his visor back down over his eyes, images no longer filtered through properly, another minute passed and Ashley was walking directly toward him. He blinked, the blackened effect on his visor was passing, he could only hope it didn't affect it or the camera's he knew were watching permanently.

"Taichi were you following me?"

"huh, me? no!"

She smiled and patted him on the head "Yes you were, I noticed you following me when you left the CD HQ"


"Yeah, I saw you out of this broken mirror that was poking out of a trash can. You should really learn how to sneak around better" She smiled widely

"uhm, well.." he looked down, his face suddenly turning red from all the blood rushing to his cheeks

"Thank you for watching out for me" She kissed him lightly on the cheek and she ran out to the street to wave down a cab, before he could react she was gone.

He blinked and touched his cheek ".... right ...." With a light sigh he walked back to the CD building and back to his lab to get some sleep before he had to get up again and finish installing the new OS in the computers


-lights flash techie's blinded

-meeting is over, wow that was fast

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Anthony Kane
Posted: Nov 18 2004, 12:47 PM
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l33t One

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[Anthony & Sarah: The Morning After]
[Beginning Time Stamp]: 3:00am
[OOC]: Note this post will catch up to Ph00tbags 6:00am stamp time /[OOC]
[Time Stamp]: 3:00am or 0300 hrs.

Unable to sleep any longer, Anthony awakened to see the prefect white ceiling of his living room. He blinked his eyes for a moment trying to clear the cob webs from his mind as he yawned. That's when he looked over to his side and noticed her still sleeping next to him.

She was still sound asleep, cuddled up next to him like a cute little kitten that had found a nice warm place to relax. He smiled for a moment at her and gently brushed the hair out of her face as he thought to himself, "Why? Why did she pick you of all people to stay the night with? After all the shit you put her through, last night... She probably thinks your some kind of suicidal manic depressant whack job that's going to off himself at any given moment. And yet here she is lying next to you."

He lifted his head and gazed about the room to see what the extent of last night's damage was. Noticing the bottle of Jack Danielleís and Helen's gun on the table he just closed his eyes and whispered to himself, "Christ I'm stupid."

Gently easing out and off the couch, so as not to awaken her, Anthony then made his way over to the table where the gun and the bottle of whiskey were sitting. As he picked up the gun and held it in his hands, Anthony looked back over at Sarah who was still sleeping peacefully on the couch, and just thought to himself, "Are you trying to tell me something... Are you trying to tell me itís alright... That it's okay... to feel the way that I do..."

Letting his arm relax and allowing the gun to fall to his side Anthony closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment. His heart then welled up with feelings, as a tear came streaming down the side of his face, and he just said to himself, in a soft whispery voice, "because I... I do like her."

Opening his eyes Anthony then went over his closet and opened the door. He took off the top shelf a finely crafted wooden case and gently flipped it open. There inside the case laid the gun's twin. Putting the one in his hand back in the box, he then closed the lid and lifted it up to place it up on the shelf. He paused for a moment and thought, "Is this what you really want... because you can't have them both. Itís one or the other. Are you really ready to try... because once you put that box on the shelf, you're committed to this... Well... are you?"

It took him a moment to fully think his choice through, his hand still holding onto the case. Then he sighed and as he pushed the box back onto the shelf as he whispered to himself, "Yes."

He then returned to the living room where Sarah had by now taken over and sprawled out over the entire couch. It was a good thing that she did too, what he was about to do next would work better if she wasn't scrunched up into a human cannon ball.

Taking a seat in his chair, Anthony reached into his bag and pulled forth a large black book and flipped it open to a random page of pure white. Playing with his kneaded eraser he allowed his eyes to take in her form, analyzing her shape, and the way her body was now contorting to the couch. Then he placed the eraser down on the table and took the mechanical pencil that was resting above his ear.

Placing his hand on the paper Anthony began with his first stroke capturing the very essence of the girl that lay before him. It was something he had learned back in college that a drawing is often made or broken with the first line. It determines the mood, where the piece will go, where it will eventually end up. In essence in that one stroke, the blue print for the entire piece is laid out on the page with that one stroke of the pencil.

He allowed himself to slip, to let his mind go and enter into a focused trance of self meditation through artistic expression. There was no room any longer, there was no Megatokyo, or Cataclysm Division. The world outside simply did not exist to him at this point as his eyes darted back and forth between Sarah and the page of his book. Even the sounds in the back ground were non-existent as the only noise that filled the air was the sound that was the void of silence.

Time itself seemed to have lost all meaning as well as Anthony labored on his work, finding a sense of piece in his art. This was his world, his domain, where his mind was master. There were no rules here but those he laid down for himself. On this page he was god, a creator of life, which he wove through his hand and made real by the lines on the page.

Then he stretched for a moment, raising his arms high above his head and tilting it back to look at the clock. "Five A.M...", he thought to himself, "holy shit, I must have really gotten..." He paused for a moment as his eyes scanned the picture that was now before him. Rising from his chair, Anthony then walked over to Sarah and placed the drawing next to her. As he backed up and the image came into focus, Anthony was then able to appreciate the extent of his efforts as he whispered, "perfect..."

Looking back over at the clock he knew that he had to get ready for his job and that Inspector Sonoda would not be too pleased if he showed up smelling like whiskey, vomit and chicken parm. He then picked up his note book and taking his pencil he quickly made the finishing touches on the picture. Then he tore it free of its binding and laid it to rest right next to Sarah, before heading off to take a shower.

QUOTE (Sarah's Dream Sequence)
Sarah found herself walking along streets of a city that she did not know yet some how she felt strangely at home here.† The people were nice enough and smiled as she passed by, a few of them whispering things into each others ears after she was a good distance away.† Surprisingly the air was crisp and clean and the sky was a perfect light blue.

She didn't know why she was here or what she was looking for, something in her heart told her this was were she was suppose to be.† As she looked up she noticed a sign written clearly in English.† At that point it became obvious, that she was no longer in Megatokyo.

Scanning the posters for anything that could give her a clue as to where she was, Sarah found nothing.† No names, not even an address.† Just words and phrases that seemed to fill her heart and make her feel content and at peace.

Then she felt a tap on her shoulder, and lifting her head to see who it was she noticed Anthony running off down the street smiling back at her, and egging her to come chase after him.† He was smiling at her, and not just pretending to be happy.† The expression on his face was one of genuine happiness, but there was something very different.† He was wearing glasses.

Not necessarily thick, but nicely framed glasses that accented his deep blue eyes and his boyish like hair cut.† He was dressed in a white shirt and wearing dark black khakis as he called out to her, "Come on."

She began to chase after him, down the streets, dodging in and out from between people trying to catch up with him.† His constant taunting only made her want to catch him that much more.† She saw him duck around a corner and quickly followed in pursuit, but it was what lay beyond the turn that took Sarah completely by surprise.

There standing before her where the Twin Towers that stretched to heavens above, yet something was very different about them, they were of the purest white and they seemed to glow with a radiance that almost cast light itself.† Then she noticed him standing before the construction fence that for some reason surrounded the buildings.†

He was dressed in all black again, this time in his officerís uniform.† As Sarah approached him she watched as he brought a bouquet of white roses up and tied them to the chain link fence.† Then taking a picture out of his pocket he pinned it to the flowers, and closed his eyes to whisper a silent and private prayer.† Looking at the photograph Sarah noticed it was a picture of his girlfriend, Helen.†

"Anthony... are you... alright?", she asked.

But he did not say a word in reply.† Instead he simply turned and walked past her, as if she wasn't even there.† She quickly turned to face him and that's when she was met† by a soft female face with emerald green eyes.† She felt Helen press her finger against Sarah's lips before she could say anything, and watched as Helen looked over at Anthony who was still walking away from them.† Then Helen brought that same finger on her other hand to her lips and whispered, "Shhhhhhhhhh.† I trust you..."

"I trust you..."

Those were the only words that resounded through Sarah's mind as she slowly opened her eyes and found herself sprawled out on the couch. As she looked over she noticed that Anthony was no longer next to her and quickly patted around the couch in a half awake attempt to try and find him. That's when her hands found a piece of paper lying next to her.

She feared for the worst, expecting it to be a suicide note detailing how sorry he felt and to call the police because he had hung himself in the bathroom. Instead she found a wonderful anime esq. drawing of her while she laid sleeping on the couch. What touched her more was what was written to her.

[Thank you. For everything. Its nice to know someone cares. You have no idea how much it means to me. -Anthony-]

It was enough to make her heart well up with joy and she almost shed a tear at how sweet the gesture was. Then she heard the bed room door click and open as Anthony emerged in his officer's uniform. It consisted of black khakis that almost seemed to fit perfectly to his bishi figure and a short sleeved button up dress shirt of the same color.

He stood before the mirror fixing his tie, and getting it into place. She could hear him mumbling as he talked to himself in the mirror, although she couldnít quite make out what he was saying. Yet something was different about him right now. Something had changed. His movements were slightly more confident, the expression on his face more focused and determined. He was wearing his mask again, and getting use to it as he prepared for another day of work.

As he finished his tie Anthony looked over and smiled back at Sarah as he said, "Good Morning."

It was in that smile that Sarah really noticed something was different about him. It wasn't the cop talking that time, it was the real Anthony, the person underneath the officer's uniform. For some reason he just let his mask down. Yet something was different, as he almost seemed happier. She wondered what it was and watched him curiously as he walked over and then knelt down beside her.

[ENDING TIME STAMP]: 6:00 am or 0600

[OOC]: Yes I could keep going but then Sarah would have nothing to write for this scene. tongue.gif Not to mention people in the thread would just be like... Oh crap here goes Anthony... another 10 pages.... again...

And the marathon continues tongue.gif

[Sarah]: Scene is all yours. You said something about wanting to take a shower ^^

-Anthony wakes up, and contemplates his actions of the previous night
-Anthony makes a discession to see where this relationship could take him
-Anthony draws a picture of Sarah, for her. Kinda his way of apologizing for the night she had to endure with him.
-Anthony goes and showers
-Sarah has a dream and a vision from within the dream
-Helen tells Sarah she trusts her. Or is that just Sarah's wishful mind playing tricks on her (I'm not telling)
-Sarah wakes up and finds Anthony's picture with the note written on it.
-Sarah sees Anthony come out in his police uniform
-Sarah notices there is something slightly different about him, and itís not his cop mask this time.

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l33t One

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[Secret Facility]

The trucks arrived at the scene and stopped on the outskirts of the facility a good 2km from the compound to avoid detection, the troops unloaded the vehicles while Inferno made preparations to secure radio channels.

"OK we'll proceed on foot here, drive those trucks past those trees and cover them up, we're not supposed to be here, so for now we act like ghosts."

He radioed into Lazy's frequency to report in

"Lazy, you there?"

<Lazy> "Yeah, whats up?"

"We're near your position, we are going to proceed on foot and setup a mobile HQ about 1000 meters behind your location, then we'll setup a forward OP(observation post) to monitor the compound."

<Lazy> "Sounds good, get to it then. I'll meet up with you later."


The trucks had been hidden behind some trees and camoflauged, some troops had grabbed the supplies and were waiting to move out.

"Lets move, we dont have much time before its visible, we have to setup before that."

Inferno and the troops started moving south, making sure not to get to close to the complex's perimeter, the sun had started to rise, it would be daylight in a couple of hours.

20 minutes later, the group were approximately 1500 meters south of the complex, the construction of the HQ had begun.

"You 3 come with me, we're going to meet up with Lazy"

--- Summary ---
Inferno and the team arrive, set up HQ and are almost ready to begin recon
Inferno takes some troops to meet up with Lazy
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l33t One

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Day of Chobits

The purple-haired girl wasn't really participating in the rampage so much as watching, observing from well above the plane of destruction, mostly elevated wires, but it was a property of her roller blades that the occassional ledge or awning would serve as well as suspended power or phone lines.

Or pavement for that matter. They were special that way, and so was she.

She saw the SEFCO redshirts a couple blocks before they engaged the Temple forces. Swords and... tendrils? Maybe that wasn't quite the right word for it. She rolled back the left arm of her windbreaker to look at the five jewels inset in her wrist, two of which glowed softly pink.

"Two gems. I'll have to keep this party running, then."

Pushing off the ledge, a little creative skating brought her closer to the interlopers in about the time it took them to penetrate a block into the greater Pingfan riot. There was something wrong about they're uniforms, she could see. The tendrils looked a little too...

"...in need of divine punishment. Come to me energy, in the form that punishes demons." A shaft of silver-white light took shape in her left hand, fuzzing out at into a guard where it met her hand. A beam sabre. Descending to street level and launching herself at the enemy tide, the purple-haired girl began rapidly cutting the tendril troopers down.

Summary: The cardinal's daughter puts the heat on the SEFCO troops.

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l33t One

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OOC: Jury selection is nearly done. That missing spot I refer to has already been spoken for, it's just the character isnt' available yet. Feel free to backpost your way onto the jury; I'm deliberately leaving this vague so I can get on to the creepy necromantic stuff.

The Trial

Location: Shinjuku NW Police Station
Timestamp: 1:30pm->5pm, ph00tbag's timestamp - 1 day.

<Please state your name for the court,> the Judge instructed tiredly. It had been a long day, and the Otaku fanboy on the stand was very likely unqualified for the jury. Didn't look like he wanted to be there.

<I'm called Piro,> the fanboy responded.

<And is that your name?>


Ash looked the fellow over. He looked somehow familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. He was pretty depressed though. Maybe it was the fact that the girl he'd spent half an hour covertly watching from across the courtroom hadn't made it onto the jury. A romantic interest? Pffft... more likely he was a fanboy.

Depressed people rarely convict. She'd softball this one. <Have you every heard of the faction N1nj4?>

<My next door neighbor is a ninja, ma'am,> Piro responded politely.

<If a ninja committed a crime, would you feel in any way unsafe participating in the trial for this crime?>

<No, ma'am. I don't think Junpei would hurt someone for doing their job.>

<No further questions,> Ash finished.

Koku Tendou took over. <You look kind of sad, Piro. Are you in a sound mental state?>

Piro seemed to take a while to think this one over. <Uh... legally sound, yeah.>

<Do you believe you can concentrate on this case and not be distracted?>

Piro straightened himself and made an attempt to look not-frazzled. <Yes, sir.>

<Do you have an ethnic biases?>

<No, sir.>

<Do you believe there is such a thing as a demon?>

The question brought the potential juror up short. <Errr... I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a demon. My Japanese isn't perfect, and...>

Tendou smiled triumphantly at Ash. <No further questions.>


Selection progressed slowly, but surely. One juror was briefly disputed due to being and EDS unit, but a quick invocation by Ash of the Android Rights Act of 1976 kept her on the jury, much to her confusion. A nerd fanboy who openly admitted to being an M$ employee joined the jury, making two from that reviled company. Ash warned the judge to enter them into the witness protection program at the first possible opportunity-- something unprecedented for jury members, but a wise precaution in a city where that company had so little love lost.

The next juror to be selected presented a dilemma.

<Please state your name for the court?>

"He's some kind of ceremonial leader, Piro. Look at the robes, and the hammer-- clearly not meant for combat."

<Uh, he said his name's Largo,> Piro translated.

"f00l! You cannot curse what you cannot name!"

"Nobody's cursing anyone. This is a... ugh, nevermind."

Ash considered the Great Teacher carefully, trying not to catch his gaze, knowing that Largo was notorious for leaping to correct conclusions by means of completely flawed-sounding reasoning. On the one hand, there was the risk that he would expose her. The trial would end, the jurors, and most importantly, Sabin, would go home. She would likely be arrested, and the Ceremony would be interrupted. That was not acceptable.

On the other hand, if Largo was abroad in the city, there was a good chance she'd find the Avatar again, and engage him in direct combat. Being a Main Character, he actually had a chance to deal some significant damage. On the broader scale of things, it really was safer to keep him here.

Kind of like it's safer to put the ticking timebomb in your own house than in the munitions factory.

<Are you aware of the existence of fanboy factions in Megatokyo?> Ash asked.

"She's asking if you know about fanboys in this city," Piro asked, sounding amused.

Ash knew she'd made a mistake speaking Japanese (when in appearance she looked American) from the moment she'd opened her mouth, but it would be even more suspicious to switch mid-sentence.

"ph34r th15 0n3, p1r0. ph34r h3r w1th gr8 ph34r. T3h c3r3m0ny 15 h3r5 2 c0ntr0ll..." ("Fear this one, Piro. Fear her with great fear. The ceremony is hers to control.")

Ash sweatdropped. She dropped some contempt into her voice. "Can someone translate that, please? I'm afraid I don't speak leet."

"Uh... it's really better if you didn't know what he was saying, miss. I think he was trying to demonstrate fanboyism," Piro explained hastily. "Largo, we're in court!"

"D0n'7 l37 h3r sp3ll t4k3 j00, f00!" Largo whispered. (Don't let her spell take you.) Piro sighed.

Ash wanted, more than anything, to get Largo out of the courtroom before he spoke again. An Instigator follows duty above all else. There is no fear that can turn us. The Dark Will is more frightening than anything else-- not even Largo. Ash cleared her throat.

"Have you ever dealt with N1nj4s before."

"I m4d3 Junpei l337. j00 c4nn0t touch h1m n0w," Largo responded. He was searching the room for exits, and more importantly, sharp pointy objects, of which there were depressingly few. Some of the other people already chosen for sacrefice were clearly 3vil themselves, but perhaps he could enlist the aid of allies...

"He says our next door neighbor is a ninja. The one I testified about-- Largo's my roommate."

"And would you be able to try this case in a fair and open manner, knowing the defendant was a n1nj4?"

"3v3n n1nj4s c4n b3 b3nt 2 s3rv3 teh D4rkn355 by 1 0f 5uff1c13nt p0w3r..." (Even ninjas can be bent to serve the darkness by one of sufficient power...)

"Errr... he says he thinks ninjas can be guilty just like anyone else."

"h3 w1ll n07 s3rv3 j00 f0r3v3r," Largo warned Ash, solemnly. (He will not serve you forever.)

"He says he hopes the trial will be short," Piro translated hastily.

Ash sighed. It was going to be a long, long trial. Well, testimony was only scheduled to last a day. But she could bet that it was going to feel a hell of a lot longer than that.

"No further questions," Ash stated, first in English, and then in Japanese. While Koku Tendou questioned him, he did not take his eyes from the Instigator once. Tendou found Largo's rabidity and apparent dislike of the defensive counsel most satisfactory.

"Largo, you're staring at her. Don't be rude," Piro whispered.

"The blond chixxor is dangerous. She's not what she seems." Piro sighed. "Besides, she's r4ck3d."

"Less getting us held in contempt of court, more of us leaving. Some of the other fanboys are giving me the creeps."

"Agreed... we will leave the field to the enemy. For now. Tonight, I must make plans. I wonder if this one serves the greater evil..."

Ash sighed as they left. It was going to be absolute hell getting Largo to acquit someone she was defending. Unless he reaches the conclusion that he's innocent on his own power, with no promptings. But I can see now why nobody can manipulate him.


By 5 in the evening, the jury was all selected but once. Several Main Characters, several factionists. A magical creature. A robot. It was as diverse and representative as the city itself. Jury selection was supposed to take under an hour tomorrow, and then testimony would begin in earnest.

Ash slipped out into the evening sunlight. Shadows gathered along the streets and people hurried about their lives as if oppressed by something ominous on the horizon. Perhaps people were more aware than they realized of the shape of things to come. Perhaps they had some notion of the role they played in a larger story. Was Largo the only one to be able to grasp the greater shape from its smaller pieces?

An SMS message on her cell phone informed her that a number of dastardly deeds had been committed on her behalf, so the way was ripe to work her charms on the LDG mansion. The final act would be vengeance, before the shadows fell on her as well.

But that is another story, for another thread. This story was reaching and ending, of sorts, right in the middle of another. But life is like that-- endings are never neatly tied off. Cut down messily in the middle, perhaps. But most endings are also beginnings of something else.

For the Instigators, the beginning of the endgame was drawing near.


Castle Pirogoeth was, well, busy. Between Niho's arrival and Pirokiko's departure, there was not a factionist on hand that wasn't busy with something. In particular, those gifted with the power of Scrying were attempting to follow the course of both newly arrived Main Characters, trying to understand where they fell, on which side, and what was to become of them in the next few days.

It's a pity they were so distracted with things far afield, because if they'd looked a bit closer to home, they might have noticed something odd. There was a place, a field not too far from the castle, that their magical eyes could no longer see. Their gaze slipped from one side of it to the other, skipping the space between as if it did not exist. A subtle, but detectable ruse, only used in the most desperate circumstances. Such as when one was hiding something very, very, big.

History was about to repeat itself. Or perhaps it might be more accurate to say that events that had already transpired in one time, were now transpiring in another.

-Trial wrapup.
-Piro's on because he's relatively unbiased.
-Largo's on because Ash doesn't want him hunting down Niho.
-Deliberate vagueness to allow backposts.
-Jurors get to go home for the evening.
-Ash heads to the LDG and the side thread.
-Something big is going on 10 miles from Castle Pirogoeth. It has gone undetected until now, and likely will remain that way for the time being...

-The final Hamster Interrogation.
-A realization of purpose
-A dramatic confrontation
-Another Flashback From Hell

Tag Ameryll.
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l33t One

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[CD:SO Arsenal and the CSI Team]
[OOC]: Once again with the permission of BozoCat, Ph00tbag, ect... IOW I went through proper channels before digging this up ^^ Any issues or complaints you know how to contact me.
[TIME STAMP]: 0000 hrs or Midnight (12am)

Itís getting late as Arsenal just blankly started at his mecha's display screen which had been split into four separate monitor screens allowing him to use the cock pit as a security watch station. He was bored, tired, and his muscles ached because he had not gotten out to stretch for quite some time. The radar beeped periodically as the occasional passer-by came within range of site, but staying outside the police barricade kept the alarm from going off.

[Eikeichi. I think your co-workers are here]

Looking up at the display screen Arsenal spotted three SUVs pull up at the site, all marked with the Tokyo Police logo, and stop just short of the yellow caution line. Re-adjusting his microphone he said, <"Crime Scene Investigation right?">

At that point a young man emerged from one of the SUV's, and after straightening out his suit's jacket, he then looked up at the mecha and replied, <"That's right. I'm Hitorro Kashi, you can call me H, and this is my team, we've been sent by TPCD to investigate whatever is left in that hole. Requesting permission to access the site?">

"Confirm that."

[Confirmed. Hitorro Kashi is part of the CSI team that Inspector Sonoda advised would be joining you.]

<"You're clear to enter.">


Hitorro watched as the large Mecha reached down and lifted up the police barricade allowing the SUV's access to the site. He saw no point in getting back in the Jeep only to have to get out of it again, when they stopped, so he followed behind them.

Scanning over the area with his eyes, Hitorro could tell this was going to be a nightmare to unravel. Twisted pieces of metal and smoldering debris was all that was left of the tower. Any type of clothing, cloth, or paper, unless heavily protected in something akin to a vault, would have been instantaneously vaporized when he laser hit the tower. The fact that the supposed shielding contained the blast was good for the surrounding community but, it also kept the intensity of the heat trapped within this area, creating even further damage to any evidence that might be found.

The SUVs came to a halt, but a few yards ahead of him, and his team quickly got out and opened the back door revealing an array of investigative equipment. The lead SUV, which he had been in pulled up a few more yards ahead before also coming to a halt. Then suddenly without warning the ground beneath it partially gave way leaving the vehicle half stranded over a sink hole.

His team quickly rushed to the side of the teeter-tottering SUV, trying desperately to stop of from falling into the blackened pit. Hitorro just sighed as he picked up his radio and said, <"American officer. Would you mind helping us to avert a very bad situation.">

The torso of Arsenal's mecha pivoted and then lowered itself with its arm out stretched allowing its hand to gently grasp the rear of the SUV. Then with a simple pull he moved it back to a safer distance.

<"Thank you.">, commented Hitorro who's attention was clearly focused on the new developed hole in the ground.

<"No problem. You can call me Arsenal.">

Yet Hitorro didn't respond, he was through talking with the American Mecha pilot, and was now sitting at the very edge of the hole which the SUV almost fell in. Taking his Mag-Lite he shown it down into the hole revealing a deep passage.

<"Find something H.">, asked one of his men.

<"Yes... apparently we've stumbled on a rabbit hole.">, he replied. Then looking back at the rest of his team he smiled and continued, <"So... who's up for a trip to wonderland?">
[OOC] and at this point you can queue the CSI theme cool.gif [/ooc]

Introducing CD:SO NPC: Lt. Commander Hitorro Kashi aka H of the CSI unit. He's considered a "Named NPC" under DWZ's rules. Not a character of mine. If you need to use him, let us know. He's open for any CD:SO player to use if needed.

Also: Last chance if you need to talk to me about what I find down there. Next post they will start turning up "stuff" I plan to make the next time stamp for them around 0300-0400 hours so that gives them like 4 hrs to investigate the site before next update.

[Bonus points]: If you can tell me what CSI character Hitorro Kashi knocked off, and what series he would be from.

-Arsenal, bored out his mind is happy that the CSI team is finally here.
-Introduce Hitorro Kashi of the CSI
-Hitorro is slightly miffed at the amount of damage to the crime scene.
-SUV almost takes a dive, but Arsenal saves it.
-We find a big hole leading to somewhere. Letís see what's inside.
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[Offworld Ops - The Next Step]

"Okay... let's see... potential risks..." Miruna murmered, moving a line of cards to an empty space, "The primary computer core was located in the upper part of the tower, right behind his chambers... that definitely got destroyed. There's the folder of YLF data on gate coordinates, but I've got that right here..." she glanced over at the folder, "...There were a few transspace pads in the dungeon area, but the only pad they could go to is this one, and I scrambled the coordinates. If they tried to use 'em, they'd end up as dust."

She flipped up a card that was face down. An ace. She slid it up alongside the other two aces. "There was the secondary computer core, but that was right next to the primary one. The defensive controls were in the control room, but that was at the top of the tower... I'm pretty sure it's safe to say all that crap got destroyed."

"So then..." she sighed softly, "What's next? The earthside stargate had to have survived. I suppose I should start there." She glanced over the cards... Nothing more she could do. "What else, really, is there? Everything that was anywhere near a concern was in the supposedly secure top part of the tower, and I think it's pretty safe to say that's all gone. Really, the only things that might've survived in the dungeon were a few spare zombies and a shitload of spiders."

"So then, I guess that leaves me with trying to figure out how to know if the other side of the gate is safe or not. I should send something through to look for me - the dialing system was right up in the upper part of the tower as well, and there's a good chance that until I can get a new one it'd be a one-way trip. Last thing I need is to walk right into the middle of a proverbial hornet's nest."

Miruna rose, walking out of the room. She needed a camcorder or a remote recon drone. Either would work.
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l33t One

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Snow awoke inside the KFH medical room. Reirei had left a note on the bedstand saying "you should be OK - just try to avoid hurting yourself again"

Obviously the ANBU had been in the room at some point later since next to the note was a flask of vodka.

"Mmmmm - good to see that some people know what's really important"

Taking a drink, Snow streched, noticing his armor had finally released itself from "bermuda shorts" mode. Taking another drink of vodka, Snow walked out the door into KFHHQ's corridors, heading to his office.


ok - short post - some OOC housecleaning

a. Luci is now a temporary plotkeeper since i need someone else as ph00t is temporarily on vacation.

b. Faction leaders - i'm going to need to talk to you all at some point - SNOWBoredPete is my AIM, basically I need to coordinate some things with y'all

c. Lazy - snow_ak74@hotmail.com - i added you - need to talk with you ASAP

d. lets rock.
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All OOC Monster...

a. Luci is now a temporary plotkeeper since i need someone else as ph00t is temporarily on vacation.

Uh... yeah... I'm sure you get this already, but I'm in on the plot, if you need heads up, let me know.

Plotkeeper's role:

Keep track of story ideas, and keep it moving.

Take all ideas, and try to pull other story ideas to include it

Play referee when necessary. This involves getting involved when a player is treated unfairly. The plotkeeper must intervene if asked, but may choose to stay neutral until asked to enter the fray. Decisions from this encounter must be accepted by all players involved.

While we may seize control of certain NPCs, we may NOT (nor may anyone else) use a PC, or AONPC (author owned NPC) without permission.

Just a note: While a plotkeeper may be starting the ball for a plot, keep in mind it's YOU that's playing. Players decide the actions of themselves. If something goes off in character, you should act in character to work it over, and communicate Out of Character to make sure it goes smoothly without incident, or foot stepping. This is everyone's game, not a bully pit.

If you need me for any of these, IM me at AIM SN MiniLuci, YIM Lucifereacention, MSN witedragon7527@hotmail.com, or my ICQ number listed below, which the number I am too lazy to remember.

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l33t One

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Cryshalo slept peacefully, as ever, a sign of a conscience at peace with itself. Involved in espionage and counter-espionage at different times during his tenure at CoM, he had been charged with some tasks that had required setting aside personal scruples and squeemishness. However, the cause was just; Her Darkly Cuteness demanded the fealty of all her members, and their obedience. But that era was gone, being carried away by the wind that roared through the caverns of the city streets, picking up the debris and dust and carrying it off into history books.

When he woke up again, it was 6am. Getting out of bed he made his way around the room, putting on clothes, his slacks, the mesh shirt, the light overshirt, the watch. But he left aside the choker with the Cave of Evil symbol, in deference to the new day.

After breakfast and a quick check of the headlines, he picked up the phone. He didn't know for sure that the resume had gotten through, yesterday, so it would be a good idea to check. Dialing the office number, he waited for the pick up.

"Hello, you've reached the offices of the Megatokyo Cataclysm Division, Special Operations..."


Not minding the cold wind, Cryshalo made his meandering way through the labrynth of city streets. At the small of his back was a concealed subcompact Glock G36 and on his hip was another gun, an FN49. With these new guardians, he made his way to the front door of the CD:SO building and into the reception. The front desk was just on his left, the clock read 8:02am, so he walked up to the receptionist and smiled.

"Hello," he said to the receptionist. "I'm here for an appointment with Commander Kane."
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Ameryll Windwalker
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Timestamp: 12:30
Location: Court House

Not even working for the evil empire can save you from...jury duty

Sputnik made his way through the courthouse to the large, crowded room where the potential jurors were gathered for jury selection. He hoped vehemently that the judges or whoever did the selecting process would select someone other than him. If he was picked for jury duty...he'd have to miss work...he wouldn't be able to code! Oh, the horrors of society.

He read the signs on the doors in the hallway and finally found the room he was looking for. As he opened the door, the sight that greeted him was...interesting. The room was a bit more crowded than he expected. There were several people sleeping in one corner. One guy with spikey hair was mumbling about how he couldn't believe people could be so oblivious to the p3r1l they were in.

As far as animals went, the white horse in the corner of the room was quite magnificent. But what on earth was a horse doing in a courthouse? No one seemed to be sitting particularly near to the creature, though many were admiring it, which made it hard for Sputnik to find the owner. There didn't seem to be any guards in the room to notice, but what happened when the animal decided to relieve himself in the middle of a courthouse?!

Sputnik made his way through the crowded room towards the horse. As he moved, the creature eyed him warily. In the corner he spotted a young American crouched over a notepad, sketching furiously. Occasionally the American glanced up in the direction of the horse before pouring himself back into the notepad. "Excuse me sir, is this your horse?"

The American glanced about to be sure that Sputnik was talking to him before hastily hiding his notepad in a bag slung over his shoulder. "You must be an exceptional artist, if they let you bring your model in here."

The artist blushed slightly and shook his head. "No, my chicken scratch is crap. The horse was just here."

A female EDS unit sitting next to him shook her head, "No it isn't Piro-san. You're a wonderful artist!"

The discussion was interrupted as one of the doors opened and a woman with dark hair poked her head in. She pointed to the horse in the corner. "Your turn." The horse nodded once, almost as if he understood which was clearly impossible in Sputnik's opinion. And as quickly as it had appeared, her head dissapeared back behind the door which was left open for the horse to follow.

The horse deftly hopped over a few dreamy eyed girls nearby and landed next to Sputnik. He had no idea how to interact with such a creature, so he slowly backed away. There was a playful glint in the creature's eye before his head darted to Sputnik's backpack. Sputnik felt his back pack jerk sharply followed by a thud at his feet. The creature was out of the room before anyone could blink, hooves tapping lightly on the floor as it fled. On the ground was the paper bag from Sputnik's lunch. It's contents were scattered across the floor but one thing was missing.

"That beast stole my apple!" Sputnik exclaimed. Angrily, he bent down to the floor and cleaned up the mess. The paper bag was in pieces so it went into the trash but the sandwich and the protien bar were still in tact, so they went into his back pack.

<How can you be so angry? It was such a cute pony!> the EDS unit asked him. Sputnik merely sighed.

He stood back up and searched for a place to sit. In one corner he recognized a fellow M$ employee. He waved, and got a nod in return but there were no seats near the fellow so Sputnik settled on a seat next to the man with spikey hair. Sputnik pulled out his PDA and began to read an e-book.

"Your PDA is not l337," the spikey haired man said, grabbing it.

"Hey!" Sputnik protested, making a futile grab for it.

"P4tience-- l337ness cannot be rushed. There is too much static here. I must remove all articles of baggy clothing."


Sputnik was finally called into the courtroom to be evaluated as a potential juror. He walked nervously up to where the judge was seated along with the two lawyers.

<State your name, please,> the judge asked, not looking up from the notepad in front of him.

<Sputnik, sir,> he replied crisply.

<Have you had any negative experiences with ninjas that might make you unqualified to judge a ninja's trial impartially?>

<Ninjas? You've got to be pulling my leg...right?> Neither lawyer made any sign one way or another. They just scribbled down notes.

<Have you watched any news stories related to ninjas in the last four days?>

<I read a webcomic that has ninjas in it, does that count?>

<No, everyone reads that,> the female lawyer replied.

<Could you judge fairly guilt beyond a reasonable doubt?>

<Of course! I work for Micro$oft, a fine, upstanding company. They wouldn't hire me if I werent,> Sputnik replied.

<Do either of you have any objections to this juror?> the judge asked the two lawyers.

<I have no objections, your honor,> Ashley replied. Microsoft had had a long-standing and very profitable relationship with the Instigators.

Tendou nodded his acceptance, <I see no problem with this juror either.>

<Good,> the judge replied. <See you here tomorrow, bright and early, Sputnik.>

<But...there's been some mistake...I can't be on jury duty,> Sputnik stuttered.

<It's every citizen's job, yes, everyone,> the judge replied before Sputnik could protest.

Maybe I could've snuck in my PDA if that lout in the selection room hadn't blown it to smitherenes.

-Sputnik sees the unicorn as a horse and interacts a bit with Piro.
-The horse steals Sputnik's apple before heading off to jury duty.
-Sputnik sits next to Largo. Largo demonstrates his l337 nekkid skillz.
-Sputnik has jury duty.

Timestamp: 5:45
Location: Outside the courthouse

Kopo *pff*ed and *pff*ed again in the direction of the UFL hospital with Ameryll fading in and out of conciousness. She'd taken quite the beating. It wasn't an easy task for Kopo to move under such a heavy burden. After about 10 *pff*s, he finally took a breather on the steps of the courthouse. He made sure to gently lay Ameryll down lest he injure her more.

"{Where are we?}" She asked, pain evident in her voice.

"|About half way to the hospital. I need a break though, you're considerably larger than me.|" Kopo answered worriedly. Ameryll was considerably harder to understand than usual. She must've taken a blow to the head or something.

Ameryll nodded, then wished she hadn't. It had felt like an angry wookie was tearing around her head before she shook it...now, it felt like someone had given said wookie a concussion rifle and he was using the inside of her skull for target practice...and the rest of her body for that matter. There were Jedi techniques for lessening pain, but the force was absent once more. The harder Ameryll tried to focus her energies, the more apparent it became that her abilities had abandoned her once more.

Mom didn't say being a Jedi hurt this much. I guess it doesn't make for a good fairy tale.

Without any way to lessen the immense pain, Ameryll succumbed to the darkness of unconciousness once more.

Kopo watched as Ameryll fell asleep once more and wondered if he should let her. Sleep was generally a bad thing with this many injuries, but it was probably easier to bear. He gathered his strength once more to pick up the girl when a white unicorn came hopping down the steps. It almost seemed like he was playing hop-scotch on the stones.

The creature glanced at them and tilted his head, giving Kopo an idea. "|Aren't unicorns supposed to have healing magic?|"

The unicorn nodded slightly and flicked his tail. "|My friend is injured. Could you help her?|"

The unicorn snorted. "|I don't have any apples!|" Kopo replied in annoyance. Ask a fella to do you a favor and he wanted payment. The unicorn began to move off, "|I'll get you some apples later. Can you just help her?|"

The unicorn eyed the cat for a moment before nodding and trotting over to the girl's side. He let the tip of his horn rest on Ameryll's chest and closed his eyes. A moment later, Ameryll opened her eyes slightly and the creature raised his head once more.

"|Ameryll? How do you feel?|"

"{Like someone dropped a Death Star on my lower half,}" she replied groggily. She still couldn't feel anything below her waist, but this time, when she tried to push the pain away, she was able to do so to an extent. The force seemed to be present again.

"|I thought you said you could heal her?|"

The unicorn shook his head. "|I suppose I did jump to that conclusion myself. Then what good are you?|" The unicorn bobbed his horn a little and swished his tail. "|You heal magic? What does that mean?|" The creature snorted once more. "|I can't get you apples until I get her to a hospital. If you want them faster, you could carry her.|"

He stomped his hoof in agitation. "{What was that?}" Ameryll asked the creature. "{Well, how about some corn? It's not an apple, but it'll tide you over until we can find an apple-stand.}" she dug through a pocket in her robe, despite the pain it caused and produced some of Glider's birdseed. She offered the handful to the creature. He sniffed it cautiously then snorted. "{I know it's not apples but I'm kind of in pain here. I'm sure a beautiful creature like yourself can get apples anytime.}"

The horse seemed to enjoy the compliment. Finally, he licked up the seeds Ameryll had offered then tucked one front leg under his body and bowed until his nose touched the ground. "|Possibilities, huh? Strange name for a unicorn.|" Possi snorted. "|Whatever. Are you going to help?|"

In answer, Possi went and lay down next to Ameryll. It was hard work for Ameryll and Kopo to manuver the 1/2 paralyzed Jedi onto the unicorn's back, but once she was finally there, it was much easier to get to the hospital. Kopo *pff*ed himself along the road while Possi cantered up the road alongside Kopo's teleporation. Along the way they passed a fruit stand where Kopo could hear the vendor yelling about thieves as they passed.

-Ameryll loses her force powers whenever she's injured.
-Possi can only heal her ability to use the force, not her injuries.
-Possi is obsessed with apples (a tribute to the horse he's based on)
-Ameryll and Kopo will go to UfL hospital to get Ameryll patched up.

-I like ponies. So sue me. I play animals better than people anyway.

bozo, I think you went a little overboard with the injuries. :-P
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l33t One

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OOC: As per Sabin's request I'm going to try to keep the trial rolling as quickly as possible. This means that I'm writing for 3 timestamps at once-- I'll try to keep it clear in posts:

-Sidethread-- Ph00t's post - 12 hours
-The Ceremony (main thread)-- Ph00t's post - 6 hours
-The Trial Day 2 (main thread)-- Ph00t's post + 6 hours

Finally, over the next few days, I'd like to contact all relevant witnesses by IM or PM. I know some will be unavailable for trial. I think these are:

-UFL staff and patients: Sabyr, Aree. I will NPC some Nurse Rei's. If Jubai could NPC an injured Kat that would be appreciated.
-Character witnesses for Sabin's condition. This would be a few of the people who were around when he was battling his internal demon-- Aleksander_storm, Lukkai, or people who know about it from beforehand, such as Skye or Sizzors. However since events may be keeping the N1nj4 busy, Storm and Lukkai are preferred.
-City personnel NPCs, which I'll be playing, Scientific expert NPCs, which I will be playing.

Man, I'm OOCing too much. Time to IC.

Are you Afraid?

Timestamp: Late evening, after what I hope is the end of the Side Thread. Keeping it deliberately vague for the time being.
Location: Street outside the LDG mansion

Having somewhat composed herself after receiving her "just punishment" for actions, Ash walked slowly and sadly away from the mansion. She could feel Hikaru's disappointed gaze burning into the back of her skull accusingly. I failed to gain revenge. Failed to uphold friendship. Failed to bring down one of the Dark Will's enemies. And because of what I have done, I will fail to see Shama tonight. The price of free will is too great. Disobedience exacts too great a toll.

She was met by a black SUV with tinted windows and diplomatic plates only a few hundred feet from the mansion. "Get in," a familiar voice commanded, somehow conveying tiredness, excitement, and resigned disappointment all at once.

"I failed you, mistress," Ash whispered once inside. The nighttime city streamed past the darkened windows, feeling nearly irrelevant. Isolated.

"Failed me? You failed the Dark Will. You know how we treat failure."

"Failure is a cancer that must be cut out," Ash responded mechanically.

"I told Morpheus from the beginning that you could never be made useful. Chaos cannot be controlled or destroyed, only exiled."

Ash hung her head. It was her chaotic, willful nature that had promised to make her a useful agent in a rapidly changing city. But she had not kept the discipline necessary to get the job done. I had strength, power over the situation this time. And I still ruined it.

"However, Ropto is resourceful, and even his damaged servants find some usefulness, after a fashion. The sacrefice takes place at midnight. Are you prepared?"

"I'm afraid."

"The Dark Will will take away your fear."

"If I struggle, will it ruin the sacrefice?"


"They blessed me... will it ruin the sacrefice?"


They drove on in silence for a moment.

"I don't know that I want to die."

"If you die, you see him." Ash merely shook her head. The blessing. That's what it was for. "Why live? You failed him, failed the Dark Will. There's no place you belong. You killed your parents and destroyed your own life by your own hand for something you'll never achieve. Wouldn't it be better just to end it all?"

Lady Dracona knew exactly the words to hurt her charge, the precise intonations, the timing. Verbal pressure points. Ash cracked into a sobbing heap under the assault. "It doesn't make me less afraid," she managed.

"It's not about how you feel anymore, Ash. Things have moved beyond that now."

How could I make myself serve these people happily?! And yet, who else would accept me now, with what I've done?

-Ash's superior messes with her head bad.
-Ash doesn't like the Instigators so much now.

Sabin's Trial: Testimony Day

Location: The cell
Time: Noon, the following day.

Are you a happy ninja? Sabin wasn't.

He'd had a difficult time sleeping-- a day of complete inactivity will do that to you. In addition he'd had some weird dreams around midnight-- a terrible dark ceremony, a demon long chained being released upon the world, terrible destruction, and his inability to do anything about it, being bound someplace else by chains forged of a N1nj4's honor. But then, something strange happened. The demon was purged, not by might, not by power, but by an act of bravery, kindness, and trust. Just as Vas'tion had been turned back not with hatred, but with acceptance. It was a confusing, troubling message, and he was stuck in a cell with nothing but it to think about. That's not a recipe for a happy ninja.

Having to feel Zan's agony at being a stick figure, and worse, maintain it, didn't help either. The cursing had stopped a few hours ago, and she had lapsed to the occasional sarcastic remark about how he ought stick Vas'tion as well, just to be fair.

And to top it out, his lawyer was three hours late. Wasn't there supposed to be a trial today?!

The guards had come in and cleaned the cell earlier that day, once it was clear Sabin wasn't terribly dangerous. It had taken a pretty large dose of industrial strength cleaners to get all the blood off, but the Tokyo Police department built well and the fumes did not linger. Some of the blood had had to be chipped off with metal scrapers though.

Those same guards had brought the news that, because of the suspected involvement of N1nj4 in some equipment sabotage within the station, he was not being allowed visitors from his own faction in person. Two-way video from the dojo to the station, but they were not allowed inside the perimeter. As if that would stop Skye if she decided she needed to be here. But it would look bad-- N1NJ4 are bound by honor and law-- we are not a faction of thugs.

Ashley Thompson finally arrived around noon. There was something different in the way she walked and held herself. She seemed much more confident, or haughty, than the previous day. In fact, her stance seemed terribly familiar to the N1nj4.

"You people can't even pick the same impersonator twice in a row, can you?" Sabin growled.

"You're more perceptive than I'd given you credit for. Yes, I'm afraid Ash had something of an unfortunate accident, and I'll be substituting for her."

"You're playing games with my freedom. What did you do to her?"

"Oh, nothing serious. She's just dead. We don't like people who do their job badly."

"Being three hours late isn't doing your job badly?"

"Ashley" dropped an inch thick manilla folder onto the cell floor with a resounding thunk. "I've been doing homework. This should be enough background to found whatever defense you choose. Ash mentioned something about temporary insanity in her notes."

"I want a real lawyer."

Ashley pretended not to hear him. "I've interviewed a few experts on power grid mechanics, talked to the Rei's at the UFL hospital, even called Aree. Sabyr's not available at the ToP-- very strange circumstances around that. I've--"

"I said I want a real lawyer," Sabin repeated, more loudly.

"You want to get out of jail, right?" Sabin didn't dignify that with an answer. "Which means you want the trial to go quickly, right? It'd be a shame if you kicked me off the case. Someone would have to duplicate alllll this work."

"That's who you are... Vidomina. The stick figures everywhere were something of a dead giveaway."

"Very good. Enjoy being used as a human railgun?"

"More than I'm enjoying this. Why the hell are the sticks helping me? Or are you intentionally sabotaging the trial?"

"Oh, please, if we wanted to sabotage it, we'd just manufacture a bunch of damning evidence and plant it all over the city. We're helping you because N1nj4 is powerful, and you most likely want to kill us on sight. We want to clear the bad blood."

"Nobody in the city is ever going to accept the sticks."

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a stick figure. Suffice to say, relations between us and the Sadisticks were markedly changed when the Sadisticks collapsed in on themselves and fell into inky civil war. Dom has only drawn one stick comic in several months. Those who once joined them in search of victory are now looking elsewhere, and fighting for survival. We want to end the old hatreds, Sabin."

"You're still Evil."

"I think you'll find us a necessary evil. But so long as you tell the court that you're still choosing me as your lawyer, it doesn't matter who I am or what controls me. Am I still on the case?"

-Sabin's trial is being mucked with by forces from without.
-Ashley Thompson is now played by Vidomina, an old enemy of Sabin's.
-Sabin is given the option of rejecting her and getting another lawyer, at the cost of time.
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Even my avatar is a ninja.

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"Am I still on the case?" The words fell on deft ears. Sabin slowly stood up, looking at the floor for a tense moment.

"Vidomina... do you remember what I said the last time I saw you?" He asked, not waiting for a reply.

"I said that if I ever saw you again I would send you back to hell didn't I?" A low hum could be heard as both Vas and Zan began to feed energy into Sabin. He brought his head up but kept his eyes closed for a moment. When they opened a brilliant light flooded the cell, proof of Sabin's irritation as well as proof that his supplies of energy were being taken care of.

"I will tell you one time to get out" He said as a small arc of lightning traveled up his body...

[summary] Sabin makes his decision...

[ooc]Vidomina's reaction is all your's bozo... after that I'll post the rest of the stuff I have... hopefully we'll start the trial tomarrow[/ooc]
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Worlds. Worlds beyond worlds. Galaxies, too. My home... so far away. How long has it been?

According my data... 17 millenia. Thousands of lifetimes for these simple, carbon-based life forms.

And what of my existence?

Objective 1: Exist.
Objective 2: Seek out data.
Objective 3: Categorize data.
Objective 4: Do not return to point of origin.

This physicality... an artificial body. My creators had the same... of a sort. They were not solid... they were liquid. Their bodies enabled them to act as necessary. Their fighters were just more mechanical bodies... but why may I not return to my point of origin?

...War. They were at war. I was transferred offworld for my own safety... but the data? Why? To grow. To evolve. That was why... the more I know, the more I become... and I know much. This physicality, this lentha, it is both boon and bane. I must make it better, and I need to get out into their rensha'i'zhe'lentha'n. There I will find all I require... perhaps even a kindred... spirit? What an odd word, though that is exactly what I am. I am little more than a spirit of vast knowledge. Information with sentience.

In the meantime... I should begin figuring out how to create myself a true lentha, not one of these frail carbon-based solid lentha, or even such an unadvanced carapace as this.

Creating mission -

1. Seek the rensha'i'zhe'lentha'n.
2. Seek data on chemicals available on this planet.
3. Begin sequencing lentha.
4. Create lentha carapace.
5. Upload self into lentha.

Sequence complete. Objective number 1 - in progress.

Melissa sighed softly as the techs analyzed what her visual display was saying... and did very poorly. They glanced over at her on occasion before going back to typing at the display. She... it knew what the commands that were being sent into her system were supposed to do, but all she gave them back was more of the language of her creators. Within a few minutes they were practically tearing their hair out in frustration.

The elder cleric finally turned to her. "Uhm... Melissa, we'd like to hook you up to the mainframe so we can use its processing power to try to work out what's happened to you. Is that alright?"

The EDS nodded quietly, "Sure. I'm kind of curious, myself."

The lower techs quickly got to work, connecting a number of cords into Melissa's earblades, and she could sense a flood of new interfaces coming to life... one, though, was far more interesting than the others... she could sense something more beyond the system she was interfaced to.

Objective 1 - complete.

One of the techs looked up alarmedly from his monitoring terminal, looking towards the elder cleric, "She's backtracking through the connection! Elder, I can't stop it!"

"Yank the cords!"

"I can't! The mainframe'd go offline for sure - she's got data in all sorts of places, it'd be like pulling weeds! Elder..."

The man just shook his head, "Whatever's gotten a hold of Melissa, it's likely headed for the 'net... let it go, and keep Melissa hooked up."


"I'm curious to find out what exactly's going on, and if we close out her body, chances are she'll never come back."

"...Yes, sir."
Summary: Past, present and future, all in one post! Melissa's on the 'net now. Where she's going... who knows?
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[OOC] Okay, sorry for the extreeme lateness of this post. I finally got some down time to read, catch up and other stuff. This post (sometime tonight) will catch up Noble and Roselina out of the plot hole and time freeze that is caused when an author falls off the scope. PM me if you need me to add something. Also, Lazy, Aree, Inferno, and Shimizu-san, and Jubai. I need to talk to each of you soon. Just to get some stuff going. Well, read me this evening.[/OOC]
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ph00tbag was somewhat disappointed when he didn't get an immediate message from Ai that day, but he assumed it was because there was nothing major that he didn't already know about.

But he was still disappointed.

What the hell? This shouldn't be that big of a deal. She's just an informant. I don't even know what she looks like.

Maybe that's what's up.

ph00tbag was not amused by Monkee's reply.

I'm saying that the fact that you don't even know what she looks like is the reason you like her.

ph00tbag spewed coffee all over his workplace. He was thankful that he missed his computer. What?!


Don't deny it. I know your mind, and I don't have the added disadvantage of denial--You could say I'm your voice of reason--so I can tell you without a doubt that you've fallen for Kimachi Ai. The reason for it is one, her snappy manner (you've always liked sharp women), and two, her mystery. Who's more attractive that a girl whose looks are a figment of your imagination.

I think you're the one who's imagining things.

Like I said, you're the one with denial.


ph00tbag just ignored them. He had work to do.
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Senior l33t One

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[The Ultimate Nerf: Disconnect]

After much verbal sparring between the Beastmaster and the others, Jacqueline decided that things had gone on too long. She was beginning to lose track of how much time had passed in this strange world and didn't want to spend any longer here than necessary.

The paladin stepped forward to face the Beastmaster again.


For the first time, an expression of total shock crossed the Beastmaster's face. He realized his reaction and recovered, but that brief moment of recognition was all Jacqueline needed. The eyes of the Creature AI server's avatar narrowed dangerously. Nightmare raised his daggers, ready to spring. Jacqueline would have to move quickly now.

"You would do well to heed her words. You know her heritage now, and whom she represents" the paladin said, pointing a gauntleted hand at Kit, "And you know as well as I how closely our worlds are linked. Before you say that the inhabitants of our world do not concern you... remember that you are one of them. The Beastmaster may not be, but Akira is. And anything the Beastmaster does to threaten our world threatens Akira. Do you think one can exist without the other?"

"We shall see..." the Beastmaster said. His certainty was gone. What the one called Kit had so skillfully inferred, Jacqueline had confirmed. And were it not for Nightmare, he could have killed them all.

"So, what is it you want?" he asked, coldly.

"That device there," Fox said, pointing back at the empty space with the filtering cylinder floating in it, "It should send you the data you need to allow others to enter your realm. We need to be sure no harm comes to it after we... leave."

"Is that all?" the Beastmaster asked, "How do you plan to leave? The way you came is long gone, lost to the jungle."

"There's got to be a way," Fox said.

Jacqueline smiled, then addressed the Beastmaster again, "You said this was a Great Marsh, didn't you? That name sounds... familiar."

The Beastmaster regarded her suspiciously, but she paid no attention. She remembered something the Cardinal had done when he was leading the TOPEF back during the Stick Wars... maybe it was still active. She knew the world of PM4 well, and if her memory served, there might be a place nearby that would do.

"Yes... yes, I did say that."

"Good. Thank you for your help, Akira."

The Beastmaster said nothing, but three powerful white cats with saber-like fangs slunk from the underbrush and curled up around the distortion caused by the filtering device. Though they obeyed his unspoken command, they looked hungrily at the intruders - a clear message that the party's welcome had worn out.

Kit helped Shion to her feet, and the group hurried off with Jacqueline in the lead. It didn't take her long to find what she was looking for - a stone circle with four torches around it.

"Just as I thought," she mused, "This could be risky, but it's our only shot out of here. Everyone stand in this circle."

The group crowded close together into the space she indicated. Jacqueline concentrated for a moment on the destination she had in mind.

Everyone vanished.


"Ugh, what is that smell?!" Fox gasped, covering his face with his sleeve.

Jacqueline looked down at the inscribed circle at her feet, "Sewers Level 2. We should be close to EM now. Opt used this method during the Stick Wars to get around undetected. Now, let's find the ladder up and get out of here."

She covered her own nose.

- Jacqueline puts all the pieces together, revealing the Beastmaster's true name.
- The Beastmaster finally gives in. Stubborn fellow.
- The group makes an exit from the PM4 world through an old Stick War reference.
- Fox and Co. are finally out of the fscking jungle! On to EM!
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