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> Music Forum Guidelines, Read this before you post!
Posted: Jan 18 2038, 09:14 PM
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Alright, it had to happen sooner or later. So, here's the official guidelines for the music section, for any new folks coming in.

1: File sharing is an iffy topic. There's no real problem with discussing the legality of it, recent rulings, so on and so forth, but try not to ask for any suggestions for p2p programs, where to find a particular song, stuff like that. It's just kinda frowned upon. Why? Because the MT staff don't want this section being some sort of music piracy hub or something. They give us this forum, so, I'll respect that. You want my personal views on "piracy" you can PM me and we'll talk.

2: The sticky threads are there for a reason. Use them.

3: I don't have a problem with off-topic discussion. I understand that threads evolve, and that people will stop talking about the given topic. So don't expect me to come in screaming about spam or anything. Note: This is _not_ a license to spam. I'm just saying that you can divert from the topic if that's where the conversation leads. I know it's kind of a given, but with all the recent crackdowns on "spam" going down around here, I just felt a need to say that.

4: I have no problem with people stating their opinions. People _can_ and _will_ disagree with you around here. If someone says that the music you like sucks or something, don't just go yelling "Stop flaming me!!!!" and hitting the notify mod button, because that'll piss me off. I get a voice telling me to ban people when I get pissed off. Suck it up and take it like a big kid. If it's a personal attack on you, it might be considered a flame. You are not the music you listen to.

5: I'd like to see more people posting their own musical works. That's the direction I want this place to head in.

6: If you talk about a band that we prolly don't know about, link to any free samples of their music, so we can hear it. Again, legitimately _free_ samples, not just something you ripped off of a CD and put on your website.

7: I'm trying to keep a lot of activities going, to give this place a little more life. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

8: Please use correct spelling and grammar. For the love of all that is holy, we have to read your writing, don't make us have to consult AOLspeak to normal English translators.

9: If you don't know what a certain song is, please, try Google first. It irritates all of us here when you show that you're too fucking lazy to find things out for yourself. Try to think of some snippet of lyric from the song (preferably one that isn't extremely cliche) and type:

"(lyric from song)" +lyrics

into Google. It will save all of us a whole lot of time and irritation.

10: Asking "what's the best/worst/(insert something here) band ever?" is a rather stupid question. Please, we all get tired of seeing shit like that. Search the forum for something like that and read it, so that we don't have to deal with it.

11: No intro posts. I mean, come on, we really don't like you. We don't need to know that you're going to be posting here. We. Don't. Care.

12: All rules from the MTC FAQ apply. Go here to see them. If there are differences between this FAQ and the MTC one, go with this one while posting in the Music Forum. The Mad Mods thread would also be a useful read to avoid mod attention / action.

13: Keep this in mind: Before you go making a thread saying "Hey, has anyone ever heard of (insert band here)", realize that yes, someone here prolly has heard of it. Especially if it's some semi-popular Japanese band, which is the general type of band that gets these kind of threads.

14: This is NOT an ad board. This is not a place for you to come in and copy and paste the same stupid press release with band URL that you've pasted to 293812 other places. If you have made an account exclusively for pimping your musical shit, your posts will be locked. This is a board for constructive criticism, not for music advertising spam.

15: On the subject of genre names (brace yourself, it's decently long):

This silly genre argument has happened fifteen billion times in the history of this music section alone. Frankly, I think it's a little silly, that's why I keep my mouth shut. There are folks here that like many different forms of music. Many of these forms of music are similar in many ways, but in other fundamental ways, are very different. Example? Techno and trance or insert whatever fucking name you can find from the Ishkur guide. Deep down, they're similar. They're made with electronics, they're mainly beat oriented, what ever the hell else you could come up with. But, there are many stylistic differences as well. These stylistic differences can make all the difference in whether someone likes a group or not.

Think of it in this way: On the radio, I can listen to Creed and Linkin Park. Now, deep down, they're pretty similar. But, there are definite stylistic differences. They're still pretty close, close enough to be played on the same station and lumped under the same generic rock label, but fuck if they're the same. Or hell, insert something from your favored class of music. (I'm sure prog could spend days going on about differences between Yes and Dream Theater, and I know for damn certain I could go on for a good long time detailing the differences between Otomo Yoshihide and Hecker)

This confusing mass of genre labels has evolved in order to help people who are picky (and lets face it, most of us are) find the specific type of music that they like most. Sooo, it is being _clear_ and communicating _effectively_ to use the correct genre names, even if it seems somewhat ridiculous sometimes. This does not mean we want to hear squabbling over it. Go ahead, use the term that you feel fits best. I don't want to have to listen to arguing about whether some band is post-apocalyptic fantasy death threat metal or if it is anti-grunge psycho goth metal. If you want to argue about it, take it to PM or some specialized message board for that sort of shit.

There you go. Not too painful. I'll add more as situations require.

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Posted: Sep 5 2006, 07:16 AM
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REVISION AS OF 9-5-2006:

This is already all over the place, but to reiterate:


If you come across a thread or post that is stupid / does not fit / demands moderator attention, DO NOT REPLY. This only makes our job harder in more ways than one. Send a PM to one of the mods and we will ensure that it is taken care of in the most appropriate fashion.

This is now considered to be a bannable offense, so please refrain from playing mod.

Thank you all very much in advance.
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