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> Possible answer to your questions; read first~, Possible answer to your questions; read first~
Posted: Jan 18 2038, 09:14 PM
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♪So I got married♪
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I'll save you trouble from darn links! mellow.gif Quote Crackpr0n:

Some typical issues~From *link has to be fixed, yet, keep reading*
1. I like this girl and...
I don't need to hear any more. Ask her out. If she says yes, YAY you got a date, if she says no, OH FUCKING WELL, move on and do something else. If you don't, all you'll be doing is wondering about what would happen if you did ask.

2. Is it right for me to...
These are questions of ethics and morals. No one can tell you if it's right or wrong, because it's based on your own morals. The general rule is "how does this affect others. If it's gonna hurt someone uneededly, don't do it. If you have to hurt them then use your best judgement.

3. How can...
Seriously the answer to 95% of the questions asked here is simple. Confidence. With confidence you can do anything. Without it you can do nothing but wonder. Just leap and hope you make it. If you fail, well... better luck next time.

4. I'm in love and...
I really doubt you're in love. Love is a perfect state of mentality and emotion. If you really believe you are in love... do all that is in your power for the sake and happiness of those who you love. Be selfless, be caring... most importantly... be willing to sacrifice and work as hard as you can.


Guidelines(extracted from *link has to be fixed. doesnt matter though*)
Feel free to post about things you're wondering about discussion that's been on your mind etc.

OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't make posts replying to someone without reading all that person has said. it's really annoying when you go "you should have done this" when the paragraph you didn't read says "i did this but it didn't work" or something like that.

My additional comments
Of course if have specific problems after reading this you can also post it up biggrin.gif But if it's less-than-serious stuff such as "Who's your favourite actor", then please post it in Central, thanks wink.gif
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Posted: Jan 16 2005, 04:30 PM
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"It's は flavored for my pleasure."
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Crack updating the sticky... OMG!

Just one thing I wanted to add to possible answers.

- Should I...

Chances are... yes. One thing in the world that people hate more than anything is regret. What if I did... what if I didn't. I myself don't care about regret, because regret is pointless to think about. Actions I made are actions I made... The thing is, you have to do what you want to have this mentallity.

Basically... if you have a chance to do something you want... take it. It may be the only chance you get. Just keep in mind how it will affect others though. If that chance may ruin a life... you may not want to take it.
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Posted: Jul 31 2006, 06:23 PM
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Topics Discussed to Death

If you must bring any of the following up please please PLEASE have something new to bring to the table.

Nice Guys

This is a topic that has been discussed here to death. The basics are that most guys who claim to be a "nice guy that doesn't get the girl" is anything but nice. Instead they are a manipulative door mat that feel because they are nice to a girl she owes them. How many times do you hear something along the lines of I was there for her and sacrificed things for her out of the kindness of my heart, and she goes off and dates a jerk?"

A real "nice guy" can be a jerk when it's warranted. He can stand up for himself and others, has both self esteem and a modicum of pride. When he does something nice for others he doesn't expect to be repaid. When he listens to a friend vent, he doesn't expect to get a date later because he was her ear and then get pissed off when it doesn't happen.

Feel free to search for further opinions along with checking out the HBI "nice guy" FAQ.
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