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> Winter 2017: Anything Good?, May be a long winter.....
Yl33 D4 N00b
Posted: Jan 2 2017, 09:00 AM
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This season may be one with a few really good shows, and a whole lot of meh, IMO. As for me, it's continuing 3 Gatsu and Gundam: IBO. There's second seasons of Rakugo, Konosuba, and Zestria coming up, as well as Rewrite: Moon and Terra.

As for new stuff, maybe Masamune's Revenge? Demi-chan may be OK, too. As for the rest??? Who knows?
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Posted: Jan 10 2017, 07:35 AM
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Little Witch Academia is considered by many to be one of the few things worth watching this season. And it's off to a good start.

Maidragon cause KyoAni's doing it. The manga's kinda fun but it's the sorta thing you don't need animated. Where's Violet Evergarden?

I'll check out Hand Shakers cause it's GO HANDS and I want to expose myself to some COLOUR FILTERS. I'll probably drop it after one episode.

Ao no Exorcist has another season out of the blue. I watched the first season and it was relatively inoffensive and forgettable. It serves as filler for an otherwise pretty dry season.

I suppose I'll check out Demi-chan and Gabriel DropOut for some moe.

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Posted: Jan 11 2017, 10:09 AM
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♪mojimoji shite kimoi ne♪
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So far nothing really stood out for the new shows. I haven't checked LWA yet but I suspect that is a no-brainer.

Maid Dragon gonna be good. Demi-chan should be solid. Gabriel Dropout so far is the one thing that could be good, at least before Konosuba S2 is out.

Gonna try every show at least a little if I can do it.

Schoolgirl Strikers is like koebuta dream. Also why bikini...

Minakama is the cute girls does cute thing this time huh. I like how I can recognize some of the locations now LOL.
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Posted: Jan 12 2017, 10:45 PM
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Delusional Fool

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QUOTE (omoikane @ Jan 11 2017, 11:09 AM)
why bikini...

Why not?

Other than the sequels, lots of meh right now. I can't see a lot of these passing the 3-episode test. Fuuka is the big disappointment. Not that I've read the manga to say it's any better, but the first episode was just a pile of cliches delivered without any style. Really if not for the impending plot twist that everyone and their dog knows is coming, this anime wouldn't get a second glance.

Seiren I'm also not impressed with. Thought it would be another Amagami but I'm not getting that vibe at all.

Urara Meirochou seems like fun. And it reminds me of Inari Konkon for obvious reason.

Scum's Wish looks promising even for being a decadent soap opera.

Piacevole I want to like. Needs more food porn though.

Acca 13 might be a sleeper hit. Reminds me of Lupin III.

Akibastrip, Masamune's Revenge, Minami Bike Club, Schoolgirl Strikers, Interview with the Monsters, and Gabriel Dropout are all just average and forgettable.

I haven't gotten to Maid Dragon or LWA yet.
PMUsers Website
Posted: Jan 12 2017, 11:34 PM
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Bothering no one, touching nothing, just fixing the Primus.

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So far, I guess the only new thing I've watched is Masamune-kun's Revenge. First episode was okay, the second episode was brilliant. I'm probably hooked.

I haven't watched ACCA yet, but: Natsume Ono, so probably a safe bet.

I guess I have to pony up some Amazon money for Onihei. Maybe they'll let me watch that steam-punk zombie thing on an anime-only membership, too.

Oh, yeah, and Showa Genroku Rakugo, of course.

I still haven't gotten to the Mobile Suit Gundam: Blood-covered Orphans second season yet.
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Posted: Jan 13 2017, 07:11 PM
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~Debauchery Tea Party~

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Chaos;Child - I'm trying this out.
Chain Chronicle - so far, the first episode is an exact cut of the first movie, meaning we're probably not going to see any original content until episode 5. That's not particularly endearing, because unless I miss my guess, movie 2 comes out before episode 5.
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon - So far it's stupid.
Youjo Senki - more WW2 and witches. I'm probably going to watch this just for aoi yuuki, get bored with it and drop it.

Definitely watching:
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 - KAZUMA! KAZUMA! and WAGA NAWA MEGUMIN!
Little Witch Academia (TV) - fuck yes more please.
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