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> The Kawaii Moderators, Desu~~~, Things not to do
Posted: Dec 31 2003, 09:05 PM
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♪So I got married♪
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Ways to Piss a Mod Off
  • Tell someone to "fuck off" or "go die" - and nothing else. Whether at random, or just because they made a mistake, stupid as it may be.
  • Post news articles with little or no potential for discussion.
  • Post lots of news articles.
  • Post news articles without adding any commentary of your own.
  • Act like a forum mod when you're not one.
  • Issue mods commands via the report button. E.g., "this poster is guilty of necromancy. Ban him."
  • Post "IBL" or other worthless, post padding remarks.
  • Post "omg ure stupid!" pictures. Or any stupid pictures, for that matter.
  • Create dumb survey threads that have no potential for discussion.
  • Flame new people when you're a hopeless retard yourself.
  • Report a thread and then continue to post in it anyway. E.g., "this has been reported."
  • Continually derail threads.
  • Post links to goatse, tubgirl, or anything of that nature.
  • Post pimp threads, such as "hlp me get a new ipod pls".
  • Gang up and be hostile towards newbies. Even if they make a mistake.
  • Treat other forums and misplaced posts with disdain. E.g. "take your stupid story bullshit questions to fucking SD."
  • Make a sock puppet account to talk to yourself.
  • Post sarcastic idiocy or flames in CAPS LOCK or something of that nature.
  • Use an online quiz image as sig; they're usually too big.
  • Create an intro thread. E.g. "hi i'm new!"
  • Get pissy when a mod locks one of your threads.
Piss a mod off using one of these methods and you stand to be banned.
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Posted: Sep 6 2005, 05:53 PM
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Just to make things clear, here's something from the FAQ:

Use Proper English
To the best of your ability, use clear English; strive for correct spelling and good grammar. This is, perhaps, the second most important point. You will find that people will tend to respond to your writing much more positively when you do. Resist the temptation to post using "fanboy Japanese" (mixing words such as "baka" and "kawaii" in with your English text) as well as leet speak (l337 5p34k). It's not going to impress anyone.

AOL English and other forms of bastardized version of English (leet speak, pig-latin, etc.) does not count as "proper English" and won't be received very well by most of the posters. As stated in the FAQ, it is a good idea to Lurk and Learn - do you see people making threads using leet? Usually - no, and when one pops up, people tend to react very negatively to the thread (and to the OP). Don't try to come up with lame excuses for not using proper English either - "not having time" or "being too tired" isn't a valid excuse (besides, typing "u" instead of "you" isn't going to save you that much time).

English isn't your first language? Tough. That's true for more than just a few members who regularly post here so that isn't really much of an excuse either. Take time, go over what you typed, then make a post - the preview button is there for a reason. As stated in the FAQ, strive for correct spelling and good grammar - reasonable mistakes are usually forgiven (no one is asking you to be perfect), an atrocious post filled with horrible spelling and/or grammar usually isn't.
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Posted: Feb 20 2006, 12:26 AM
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One extra thing I've always noticed but it's just started to irk me somewhat, not to mention it's ALREADY BEEN MENTIONED BY CHAR IN THE OP. If someone posts a thread that's a blatant breach of the rules, don't post in it telling the user what to do. Don't offer quirky little suggestions. Either ignore ir, or report it, THEN MOVE ON.

I don't need to see 15 posts by people yelling READ THE FAQ RAARRRGGGHHH when I go to close yet another Character Discussion or Greeting post.
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Posted: Sep 5 2006, 07:14 AM
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"It's は flavored for my pleasure."
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In regards to Wombat's post.

WE WILL BE CRACKING DOWN ON PEOPLE PRETENDING TO PLAY MOD. Frankly, if someone makes a post that doesn't belong... don't reply. Report it to a fucking mod and that's it. A lot of us are getting irritated with these "fakity fake mods"(not to be confused with Fake Mods like Arc). Especially when they act like a mod, and are incorrect with what they say.

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Ray Kremer
Posted: Nov 6 2008, 01:27 PM
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Fanmod #1
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No, seriously, we have limits for your sig and avatar images, and if you go over the limit we will change them without PMing a warning to you. And we will laugh at you if you cry about it. Especially if you never read this.

Also, I know Central like current events talk and lots of political things and other controversial issues count as current events, but if things turn from Lulz to Serious Business, I will likely move the thread to Party System. That's what it's there for. Or to quote Monty Python:
"Look, I CAME HERE FOR AN ARGUMENT, I'm not going to just stand...!!"
"Oh, oh I'm sorry, but this is abuse."
"Oh, I see, well, that explains it."
"Ah yes, you want room 12A, Just along the corridor."
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