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Posted by: omoikane Jan 11 2017, 09:58 AM

What anime/manga/etc are you watching/reading/etc ?

Posted by: DaRk_KnIgHt Jan 13 2017, 05:05 PM
Hand Shakers - I thought I knew what I was getting into but clearly I haven't seen how deep the rabbit hole can go yet. Bravo Go Hands. The first few minutes was some of the most nauseous shit shit I've watched ever. It's almost enlightening just how horrible this looks. Sad thing is that it feels like they are trying. Halfway through I questioned just what I was doing with my life, skimmed through the rest of the episode and stopped. Yeah nope.

Masamune-kun - I could live with or without this. There's a lot of stereotypical school anime type stuff that I find tiresome.

Ao no Exorcist - It's like meeting up with some old friends that you never really cared about, otherwise you would have stayed in contact or something.

Kuzu no Honkai - loldrama

Maidragon - Not feeling anything. Having already read the manga doesn't help.

Demi - Not as trashy as I'd thought it'd be from the description. I could roll with this.

Gab - Could be funnier but I'll keep watching.

ACCA - A show that was completely off my radar but I find it pretty interesting.

IBO2 - Takaki's arc was a bit poop, but it's been pretty exciting. At least compared to the first season, so I hope they keep it up for the second half.

Rakugo - Not feeling it as much as the first season, but I guess its about getting used to the new cast.

3-gatsu - I've been enjoying this, but it's somewhat depressing.

LWA - I'm happy with this.

Posted by: Yl33 D4 N00b Jan 29 2017, 02:34 AM
Let's see if I can post this before the forums crash again.... tongue.gif

3 Gatsu - I'm really happy that Shaft is continuing the 2 chapters per episode thing. I hope they can do more seasons of this, since the good stuff starts after the current 22 eps. Don't like the new op and ed as much as the Bump originals.

Acca - Liking this show a lot. It's laid back, but very complex.

LWA - Very cartoony, but it's very well done.

Rakugo S2 Started off slow, but it's picking up. Still smells of death, though.

Masamune's Revenge - I have mixed feelings about this show. I like most ofthe interactions, but half the characters in the op haven't even showed up yet.

Gundam IBO - Pathos and death flags. Lots of death flags.

Demi-chan - This is a cute, though the threat of it becoming a harem show with the MC being a thirty-something teacher remains. Hikari is probably my favorite character this season(Though Hina from 3-gatsu is awesome, but her time is not yet.)

Zestria S2 - The pacing this season is much slower, though the animation remains top notch.

Maid Dragon - It's stupid but cute.

Rerwite WTF is this? The only reason I keep watching is that I'm expecting a big payoff, but it hasn't happened yet. If it doesn't, then it's a waste.

Edited to remove all the "reallys" I originally put in there. rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Mamma Peach Feb 3 2017, 10:40 AM
I'm watching now... (following some of the recommendations too)
Naruto Shippuuden
Maid dragon
Tales of Zestria X (2nd season)
Folktales from Japan (a kids' show, but I like folktales from many places)

Posted by: Nestor Feb 3 2017, 05:59 PM
QUOTE (Mamma Peach @ Feb 3 2017, 09:40 AM)

This was some decent stuff if I remember right. It went in some bizarre directions, though.

Posted by: Nestor Feb 8 2017, 10:18 PM
Rewatched/ Rewatching:
Rinne no Lagrange - Maru~ I actually think this is the first rewatch since it first aired.
Now I know why I didn't bother rewatching it.
Legend of Legendary Heroes - Dear god, the levels of chuuni.

Maid Dragon thing - was cute. getting boring.
Konosuba S2 - rough start.
Little Witch Academia - I had hopes for this, but it seems sort of... blah.

Posted by: Telliamed Feb 11 2017, 05:43 PM
Most of the stuff I'm watching now is unremarkable. The best ones are the highly dramatic Rakugo Shinjuu and the impeccably comedic KonoSuba 2.

Maid Dragon isn't bad but what I've seen of the manga looks like a risque gag comedy, where the anime is coming off as a ruminative and wistful. Is it really a faithful adaptation?

And then there's Kemono Friends. AOTS? Well no of course not. But who could have foreseen it being as popular as it is? Definitely a phenomenon you'll want to get in on. Unless you're too churlish to enjoy cute anthropomorphic animals doing cute anthropomorphic animal things.

Posted by: Random Wanderer Feb 12 2017, 01:14 AM
QUOTE (Telliamed @ Feb 11 2017, 06:43 PM)
Maid Dragon isn't bad but what I've seen of the manga looks like a risque gag comedy, where the anime is coming off as a ruminative and wistful. Is it really a faithful adaptation?

Hmm... yes-ish. There's anime-original content, although several times the original content has been the gags, rather than the non-gags. Some other times some of the humor from the original has been cut or altered... eh. Who can say. The emotional contemplative stuff is definitely there in the manga, but the anime may be focusing on it a bit more. Maybe.

They're definitely devoting more attention to Kanna. Apparently someone figured out that audiences react well to adorable things.

And then there's Kemono Friends. AOTS? Well no of course not. But who could have foreseen it being as popular as it is? Definitely a phenomenon you'll want to get in on. Unless you're too churlish to enjoy cute anthropomorphic animals doing cute anthropomorphic animal things.

Looks kind of ugly and doesn't make a good first impression, but get a couple episodes in and what seems to be a post-apocalyptic scenario is emerging from underneath this cutsey park full of anthropomorphic animals.

KonoSuba: It's KonoSuba. More of what made season one pretty great at the time. Although they've got some quality issues, apparently stemming from one of their animation directors.

Urara Meirochou: Cute girls tell each other's futures cutely.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai: May be my favorite series of the season. Slice of life like, but with undertones of deeper implications.

LWA: Hmmmmmmmmm... Akko's kind of a brat, isn't she?

Gabriel Dropout: Vigne is adorable. Enough said.

Posted by: Mamma Peach Feb 20 2017, 11:24 AM
Fininshed D.N.Angel, and now am almost finished with Blue Exorcist which I started a little bit before now. (Posting on this forum is difficult at best.) I'm caught up with the newer ones and searching old lists for any good stuff I might have missed. (At least there are some lists to search now.) I run through this stuff way too quickly...

Posted by: Nestor Apr 18 2017, 11:42 PM
Little Witch Academia - Akko is still obnoxious. We're finally getting some plot.
Attack On Titan S2 - It's YUGE. Just tremendous. They built a great great wall, and they made the Titans pay for it. Simply the best.

Posted by: Nestor May 16 2017, 01:37 AM
Nobody's going to read this because the forums are broken and nobody is fixing them because zero fucks are given. That's okay. I've been on a rewatch frenzy:
Hitsugi no Chaika + Avenging Battle - chaika? chaika.
Girls und Panzer - that Maus fight, goddamn.
Infinite Stratos - useless tool + somewhat entertaining girls.
Vandread - truly the spirit of GATTAI
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - Yep, Endless Eight ruined it for me.
Aldnoah Zero - Seems weird how they bend over backwards (or tie themselves into knots) just to keep the plot flowing.
Arpeggio Of Blue Steel - Kongo~ sad.gif
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - I didn't think I'd like this. It was fucking great.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha That speech by Older Sister Maid, goddamn.
Overlord I like the OVAs of the maids. Solution~
Yuki Yuna wa Yusha - I most definitely did not cry when Karin goes through the Five Tenets of the Hero Club. Not. One. Bit. Wasted, because everything gets reset in the next episode.

Posted by: Mamma Peach May 16 2017, 10:35 AM
Watching regularly-
Atom: The Beginning -The take on Astro Boy's inventors while in college is interresting.
The Eccentric Family 2 -Crazy tanuki's, crazy tengus, crazy humans and a bit of dark humor
Alice and Zouroku -A girl/science experiment who can do/create anything and a fatherly curmudgeon
The King's Avatar -Chinese? A game pro forced to amateur gaming, lots of boss gaming fights
Little witch Academia
The Royal Tutor -Shrimpy/overpowered teacher tutors princes(who only need a girl to be a harem). Sweet.
Natsume's Book of Friends 6 -I love this series.
ID-O -Space, mining, rouge miners, transferring mind to machine, and a mysterious space girl
Boruto (next gen series) - It continues the Naruto universe and themes well
Clockwork Planet -The whole world was replaced by gears, throw in bad military taking it apart and mechanics and clockwork girls to save it
Kabukibu! -A high school Kabuki club
Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul -Sequel to Rage of Bahamut
My hero Academy 2 -I like it. (I wish that the main character didn't cry so much.)
Granblue Fantasy The Animation
Rin-ne Season 3 -So-so but I still watch it
Re:Creators -What would you do if the anime/manga/game character you created found out that their world was created for entertainment purposes, met you face to face, and wasn't happy? I really want to see where this goes...

I also have a bunch of older ones on a reserve list, and finished a bunch I didn't post.
(edited for format)

Posted by: Murren May 22 2017, 07:01 PM
I am currently watching Emma: A Victorian Romance. I am currently watching the second season and I think the second season is much more impactful and powerful than the first season, and therefore I enjoy it much more. Beautiful, beautiful moments. I really like this show. At times I feel like the story-telling quality could be a bit... smoother, and clearer, but I still enjoy the show very much.

I have also been watching Maria-sama Ga Miteru. I recently watched the 2nd and 3rd seasons, and I absolutely love the show. I think the interpersonal relationships are exceptionally well-written. And pretty much all of the girls in the show are the best girl. So yeah I love this show. And beautiful relationships.

I also recently re-watched Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne and became increasingly impressed with the quality of the plot and the music. I think the show is particularly well-written, and the music is especially effective and adds a significant amount to the show. Very effective music. And very good plot.

Posted by: mostlyharmless May 22 2017, 11:05 PM
"Shingeki no Bahamut - Virgin Soul" has gotta be the star of this season.

Found "Wandering Island" manga. I guess there'll be more than one vol, tho this one stands on its own as a dark story.

From ANN: "Wandering Island is the story of Mikura Amelia, a free-spirited young woman living alone with her cat, who operates an air delivery service—flying her vintage seaplane to Japan's small island communities located hundreds of miles out into the ocean. One day going through her grandfather's papers, she discovers an undelivered package with her name on it, addressed to an island Mikura has never heard of. She learns about the folklore among sailors of a "wandering island” in the North Pacific that seems to drift and disappear, spotted at various times over the years by ship's crews. For the sake of adventure, and the memory of her grandfather, Mikura is determined to find it!"

OK. Lots of fanservice, detailed backgrounds, sparse plot & characterization.

I bought all 4 J vols of "I'm not an Angel; Tenshi nanka ja Nai". Tho I can't read it - have to remember the scanlations. Early Ai Yazawa and still better than most manga.

Anyone know what happened to Yazawa after her illness?

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