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> Reference, Reference, Reference, tips, tuts and treats
Posted: Oct 28 2006, 10:32 PM
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So as the sticky section of the forum has been getting a little unwieldly, I've decided to consolidate many of the threads as well as create a place for some of that reference everyone talks about but no one can find after the thread moves.

Listed are digital tutorials including the Art Process Bootcamp threads and a bunch of books that you guys might find useful. These starting tomes are all in my collection and I recommend them greatly. I will be updating this thread with more references as I find them, or as are suggested. I would like to keep most of the links to higher-level works from pros in the industry. So if you have any suggestions to other published books, tutorials or reference materials and sites, PM me and I'll see how they can fit.


Merekat's Art Process Boot Camp
Merekat's Art Process Boot Camp

Merekat's Character Design 101 Course
Character Design 101 : Step One
Character Design 101 : Step Two
Character Design 101 : Step Three
Character Design 101 : Step Four
Character Design 101 : Step Five
Character Design 101 : Final
Character Design 101 : Final Grades

Discussion Articles
A Public Service Announcement


The Human Figure: An Anatomy for Artists by David K. Rubins

The Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing: A Contemporary Perspective on the Classical Tradition by Anthony Ryder

Design & Composition Secrets of Professional Artists: 16 Successful Painters Show How They Create Prize-Winning Work by International Artist

Basic Perspectives for Artists: A Guide to the Creative Use of Perspective in Drawing, Painting, and Design by Keith West (An excellent perspective book, easy to read, easy to follow, easy to use. My favorite.)

Basic Perspective Drawing: A Visual Approach by John Montague (An excellent reference book, a bit more on the technical approach, but will do some of the more advanced ideals of perspective like boat hulls and such.)

Pose Reference
Pose File: Theatrical Pose (vol 2)
Pose File: Sports Action (Pose File, Vol 5)
Pose File: Light and Shadow (vol 7)
Pose File: Vertical Perspective (aka "Above and Below") (vol 8)

by Elte Shuppan

The Pose File books are hard to find. Most are out of print, but it is obtainable. Donít worry about the combat pose or the supersize ones: those are a different series and theyíre printed badly making details nearly indiscernible. Youíre looking for the Japanese nude photography, the models shot from different angles in varied poses and such. Donít worry, itís clean. Itís just the best photo reference Iíve ever come across. There are many in the series, these are just my four faves.

Breaking Bounds: The Dance Photography of Lois Greenfield

Airborne: The New Dance Photography of Lois Greenfield

Tutu by Greg Barrett

The Figure in Motion by Thomas Easley, Mark Smith

Artist Reference Books
The Orientalists: Western Artists In Arabia, The Sahara, Persia & India by Kristian Davies

The Skillful Huntsman: Visual Development of a Grimm Tale at Art Center College of Design by Khang Le, Mike Yamada, Felix Yoon

Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 Works by John S. Sargent

Lawrence Alma-Tadema by Rosemary J. Barrow

Charles Bargue Et Jean Leon Gerome: Study of Drawing (ďDrawing CourseĒ) by Gerald Ackerman

Photo Reference Books
Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference For Artists by Mark Simon

Meetings with Remarkable Trees by Thomas Pakenham

Kimono by Paul Van Riel

Arms and Armor of the Samurai by Ian Bottomley

The Last of the Wind Ships by Alan John Villiers

Website Anatomy and Pose Reference (Caution: Fine Art Photo Nudity)

Websites of Artist Reference
Craig Mullins http://goodbrush.com/
Tony Ryder http://www.tonyryder.com
Jeremy Lipking http://www.lipking.com/
Dean Cornwell http://www.americanartarchives.com/cornwell.htm
J C Leyendecker http://www.americanartarchives.com/leyendeceker,jc.htm
Anders Zorn http://www.anderszorn.info/
John Singer Sargent http://jssgallery.org/
Matt and Danika Wright http://www.mattikaarts.com/ 3D modeling

Websites Art Forums

Food-For-Thought Articles
'Hiring Artists' Hooplah

Megatokyo's Masterwork Debate Threads
001 Lascaux Essence
002 Egyptian Idealism
003 Dutch Colors and Contrast
004 Mucha's Line Creating Form
005 Hopper's Color Moods
006 Caravaggio's Chiaroscuro
007 Escher's Exquisite Etchings

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