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> FAQ :: A&D Rules. These Are Not Optional, Read This Before Posting
Posted: Mar 17 2006, 12:11 AM
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Welcome to the New and Improved A&D Forum Rules.
The moderators: Merekat, kit & Wombat74

A lot of common questions such as title changes, modifying your profile, e.g. Avatar problems and UBB tags, can be found in user posted image Help at the top right side of your screen, next to the Search button. Please check it before making a thread, or search the forums for recently asked questions. user posted image Search

Everyone is advised to read the Megatokyo Central General Forum rules.

We also have a modified version fit for A&D that everyone is expected to uphold.


General A&D Forum Rules & Guidelines

Forum Etiquette
  • We are a LEARNING FORUM. This means effort must be given and critques must be applied. See Merekat's Not Fair thread excerpt below for details.
  • Read the entire FAQ before posting For MT specific questions, try the search feature in Story Discussions.
    Typing etiquette. Do not overuse "l33t" It's annoying. Don't do it.
  • Proper English. To the best of your ability, use clear concise English. Strive for correct spelling and good grammar. Use a spell checker if you have to. You will find that people will respond positively to your post when you do this. Resist the temptation to use "engrish" (mixing japanese with english.)
  • Colored Text and Odd Fonts and ridiculously small or large text are bad. Most people find colored text, odd and unpleasant fonts and sizes, especially entire posts formatted this way, annoying. Stick to the default text. If you want to emphasize a word or link, less is more.
  • Lurk and Learn. There's no better way to get a feel for the forums and what is and is not accepted here than to lurk for a time before posting. Hang around, read some threads and refrain from replying or posting for a week or two. Get some firsthand knowledge of how things work here. I cannot stress this enough.
  • Art Dumps. These fall under "Sketchbook Threads" See "No, it's NOT fair..." below for further details
  • Please see the webcomic thread for more information about how to get your webcomic listed on this forum. (link)
NO Spamming and Pimping
  • Close thread requests. PM a mod. There is a user posted image button next to the user posted image button on the top right corner. Enter a legitimate reason. Posting "Please lock this thread" does nothing.
  • Multiple threads. If you have a lot of art that you want to post on the same day, do NOT make a new thread for each piece. Consolidate it all into one thread and do NOT have multiple threads on the first page of the forum.
  • Introductory or 'I'm back' threads. These result in spam and this is not allowed. Your thread will be locked and you may possibly be warned or temporarily put on suspension.
  • Solicitation. You will not solicit a website, webcomic or any other commercialized or personal work on behalf of yourself or anyone else simply to advertise. If you want to join the community for helpful critiques, by all means, post your work. We will critique when asked with specific questions and direct links to the work in question. Do not simply post a link to an entire website, page, gallery or DA account. If you do this, your thread will be locked and you will be warned or banned depending on the degree of the offense. Keep these to signatures only. Do not Private Message people or solicit users to view them.
  • Necromancy. Do not revive (reply to) threads that are MORE than one or two weeks old (or on the 3rd page of the forum or older if older than one week.) This is known as "necromancy" and is pointless when the original participants in the thread have either forgotten about it or simply gone. If you do this, the thread will be locked and you will be warned. If you have something new to contribute, it is better to begin a new thread with a LINK to the old one, even if it is your own, old art topic.
  • Placeholder posts/threads. Don't create a thread or a post saying "I'm working on something now / I'll post later / I'm looking forward to working on this / I'll post when I have a scanner/camera/software" etc. Post it when you're done, not before.
  • Bumping. Minimize bumping. In fact, do not bump at all. If you have new content to add to your thread in the way of an update to art or a question or legitimate comment to someone who has replied, that is acceptable. If you haven't received the replies you're looking for, your original post was not worthwhile enough. Next time, think about wording differently. Post a question or something you're having trouble with and ask for help. Do not simply post an image with a brief blurb such as "my latest drawing" etc.
  • Do NOT pad your post count. We know if you do. Your title can and will become reset and your posts removed. Padding your post count is spam. Spamming can lead to temporary or permanent bans.
  • Do NOT double post. It's that simple. Don't do it. If you need to reply to multiple users in a thread, do it within a single post. If another post appears while you are writing yours or you want to add something, fix something, etc.. use the user posted image button. If you have accidentally double posted, feel free to contact a moderator to correct this.
NO Flaming
  • A&D will not tolerate abusive language, excessive profanities nor vulgar expletives. Trolling is NOT tolerated. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't waste anyone's time. Harsh critiques are only allowed as long as they are intelligent and truly helpful. Aim to still be polite and useful.
  • Do NOT be elitist or unwelcoming to new members of the forum. These forums are not a democracy. They are private and will be run how the mods deem fit. We will not tolerate anyone using join dates, posts, age, etc. to lord themselves over anyone else. It's good for the health of these forums to have a constant influx of new users or else we will stagnate.
  • Do not start, participate or encourage forum wars here or anywhere else. Use the report button if you see this elsewhere. If you are doing this, you will be temporarily banned or permanently banned depending on the severity of the infraction.
  • If you have a personal issue with another user(s), take it to Private Messaging or report the post to a mod. Threads disregarding this rule will be locked and there will be warnings and possibly bans.
NO Illegal or Unsavory Links, Images or Information
  • The forums MUST be work safe. All content on the forums must be work safe. All content you post must be safe for people to browse at work or school. This means no explicit content. Work containing excessive graphic violence and explicit sexual themes, porn, softcore sexual themes are NOT permitted. Artistic nudity will be allowed but you must link it, you cannot embed it using [IMG] tags. You will mark the link with "NSFW" or "NWS" where appropriate as well as putting a warning into the topic title. Failure to comply with this will result in a warning and an edit of your post.
  • Figure drawings, etc. should be ok to embed as long as they are not overly explicit, but if posting reference photos of actual nudes, link it and tag it as "NWS" or "NSWF."
  • The mods will have the final say on whether something is too explicit or not.
  • You will not post requests for sites or illegally obtained games, software, music, scans, art, etc. This forum does not condone linked or embeded images or photographs depicting illegal activity and conduct. You put yourself at risk for being immediately banned for any amount of time we see fit.
Signatures and Avatars
  • Keep your signature images small. Do NOT exceed 600 pixels wide by 125 pixels high at 35k max. When using an image, there is a maximum 3 lines of text at the default size.
  • If there is no image, the limit is 8 lines of text at the default size.
  • Avatars have a limit of 65k.
  • Failure to comply will result in removal of the offending image and possibly a temp ban for repeat offenders. We have the ability to replace your signature and we will do it. No, you won't like what we replace it with.
  • There will be no non-work safe images for signatures or avatars. Failure to comply will result in a ban and removal of the offending image.
Megatokyo art, story, fanart and contacting Fred
  • Posts for Fred. Do not create posts with questions or comments to Fred. He will not receive them, read them and is not likely to respond. Email him directly using the address on the comic's homepage.
  • Questions about Megatokyo. Concerning art or story, please conduct a search in SD or search the other forums for the appropriate place.
  • Megatokyo fanart, anime and manga style is an accepted style of drawing in these forums. You may receive critiques suggesting that you study or reference human anatomy. Do not be offended or become angry because this doesn't fit your "style." Any variance from normal human anatomy is a caricature. The exact ratio of that caricature is dependant on the individual "style." You still need to know proper anatomy in order to develop caricatures.
  • Copying fanart. Try to avoid posting fanart that is an exact replica of something (including Fred's work.). If you want to expand on it or use it as a reference to improve on it that is fine, but only posting something you outright traced, copied or replicated is not going to be looked highly upon and your responses may not be what you are looking for. If you still do this, you will be asked for examples of your original work or you may be given challenges to evolve from carbon copying someone else's work. This is perfectly acceptable as we want to keep A&D a forum of teaching and learning.

    The reason for this; aspiring to be a clone does not improve. Critiquing carbon copies is difficult because the only thing of the artist in it is how well they replicated something.

    You should also know that this is not a forum to "pimp" or "show off" your art ("lol look what I drew, everyone say how cool it is!") You must be looking to improve your personal skill and accept critiques, constructive comments, and feedback for this to work.
Concerning Critiquing and Posting
  • Make substantial replies. You will not reply with one-liners nor one word responses. We are here for constructive criticism. Before posting a reply, ask yourself: "Am I making a post worthy contribution that is relevant to the topic?" If the answer is no, do NOT post.
  • Preview your posts before posting. Make sure that your pictures are showing up. Check to make sure you formatted your post correctly so that links work. People cannot offer feedback if they cannot view your work.
  • If embedding images, do not embed huge images. Use common sense here. If you think you will be breaking tables or making people side scroll to see the entire image, do one of two things: 1) Link it instead of embedding it. 2) Offer a smaller version of the image with the option of a link if they want to view a larger, more detailed version. If you want to embed images for example, ones that you're using as a reference (this also applies to ANY image), do NOT hotlink images from webspace that is not your own. Text linking is fine, or use your own webhosting to embed. (See below on how to get your own webspace.)
  • Have thick skin. Do not be easily offended if someone isn't the biggest fan of your work or disagrees with you. If you you fall into a debacle with another user, take it to PM's or PM a mod. Do NOT flame in the thread.
  • NO TRACING. Simply copying another's work outright is a useless learning tool. Do not trace a photo, another's artwork, or other material and claim it for your own. Since we are a learning forum and tracing does not aid in learning, this is prohibited.
Concerning Mod Actions
  • If a thread gets locked, it was locked for a reason. Do not repost the same content in a thread that was locked. Do NOT make a new thread asking why it happened. Do not whine or complain about it publicly. PM a moderator if you have to.
  • Do NOT backseat mod. Do not tell users their posts don't belong. If you disagree with something or discover flames, do not contribute. Report (or PM) it and move along.
  • The report button is broken. It will get fixed eventually. This should not stop you from PMing one of the mods (see links at the top) to report something. Rest assured that your report will be kept anonymous.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I share pictures?
    To do this, you must first upload them to a webhost. Once you have done this, follow the UBB code [img] [url] tags to embed links and images. If you want to embed a picture, your webhost must allow "hotlinking."
  2. How do I get webhosting?
    Free hosting is out there, but the most convenient and user-friendly hosting costs money. ISP's sometimes supply their customers with webspace, as do some colleges.
  3. Why won't the Image I'm linking on my free host show up?
    Most free webhosts don't allow direct image linking. You need to find a webhost that does, see above.
  4. Do you have any tablet settings suggestions? aye
Helpful Websites ________________________________________________________________________________

Excerpt from Merekat's "No, it's NOT fair..." post (discussion link)

Sit down. Class is in session.

For years I've been here, I've watched this forum degrade from a helpful, friendly place of useful learning to a pack of Lord of the Flies egotistical children posting only for attention. I've seen you post tracings of other's work claiming them as legitimate examples of practice and study. I've seen you post scribbles of drivel so hideous that even your mother wouldn't post it on the refrigerator. I've seen subpar acts of so-called art posted that took more technical knowledge, intelligence and hand skills to SCAN AND POST than it did to draw. And I've seen this forum devolve into nothing more than a useless gathering of yesmen and whiners that have no desire to actually improve or learn anything. And you've been pushing most of those who DO want to learn off the pages.

Anyone who posts here should have the goal of improving themselves or helping improve others. This is a place of learning and of growing and we will accept nothing less. If art is your hobby, then you post to improve your hobby and learn. This means people WILL tell you what you are doing right as well as what you are doing wrong. If you didn't want to improve, you have no business posting. If art is your future career goal, this forum will be a place of learning to achieve the practices and quality necessary to be a part of the working world.

So here's the new deal. This is the way it will be. This forum is now going to be run like a private college. There will be minimal quality requirements to get in like any college. There will be critiques and everyone is part of that group, pointing out the good things as well as the bad and offering solutions and useful advice for improvement to whomever you critique. You will take those critiques and apply them to your future works, using various methods for growing and improving your art. If you do not show any evidence that you are trying, you will be dealt with accordingly.

What's that mean? That means class has new rules, kiddies:
  • You WILL BE POLITE AND HELPFUL. You do not get to be profane or disrespectful. If I see you guys snapping the heads off each other, you will be introduced to a 'time out'. I get to give orders because I am Rogue-Mod. You give suggestions in your critiques. We will be a civil and courteous forum.
  • One Hour's Effort. Anything you post will have at least an hour's effort in it, excluding speed painting in the speed painting thread.
  • Apply the critiques. Upon receiving critiques, you will apply the lessons learned and research practical applications of that knowledge in your future projects posted.
  • Failure to try to learn anything or show valid attempts at improving will be met with locked threads.
  • Failure to put effort into a drawing will be met with a locked thread.
  • Art-Related question threads are valid posts so long as they contain useful information or insights. 'How do I draw' does not apply. Research the answers on your own before you post.
  • Observe and teach yourselves by studying others and the critiques given to others and apply it to your own work before you post
  • Party Threads are okay on two conditions: One, you pick a theme and if you post anything in the thread at all, you must draw a themed sketch to go with it. Put some effort into it, it doesn't have to be an hour, but it does have to look like you tried. Two, if spamming starts and/or the thread goes off topic, it will be locked and you'll only have yourselves to blame. And don't think I won't lock it for turning into a chat room with stick figures or stupid icons.
  • Sketchbook Threads are only permitted if they display study, effort and/or experimentation. If you are just posting quick sketches to get out of the hour rule and there are no significant studies/repetition/experimentation/design/anatomy/etc shows of learning and effort, it will be locked. Posting anything from boredom doodles in class is cause for suspicion and will more than likely be locked.
  • All previous FAQ rules and codes of conduct of the MT forums will be met.
  • I and my fellow mods will be the judge of what you post and we will lock accordingly.
What is minimal quality?
Minimal quality means you drew something taking effort and observation into consideration, spending time to attempt form, design, line quality, gesture or any of the many things that shows you were not just slapping down something that took you less than 5 minutes just to make a mockery of those kind enough to give you words of advice. This does not mean only good artists are welcome here. This means those artists trying to improve are here showing that they are looking at reference, everyday life and further tools of gathering information that will make their art better.

Practical applications of these new rules (IE. an example):
You have studied the forum postings and managed to get your works up to a level considered decent enough for minimal requirements. You post your new work, having put effort and common sense into it and wait to receive crits. After receiving crits, you will then go back to your next project and apply the lessons learned of the crits to the new work. You may post your new art for further crits. But if you do not show improvement, you must minimally show effort. This means drawing many studies of your problem areas, showing the reference you used (there will be no tracing of other's work) or the many repetitions of the whole sketch so that effort is shown. If you do not show effort to improve or actual improvement, your threads will be locked until you come to the mods with valid examples of improvement.

No, this is not a joke. This is how the forums will be run until further notice. Whining to the other mods will not help, everyone is in agreement that A&D has degraded to a point where radical change is needed to shake loose the lazy, useless and wasteful threads this forum has been plagued with for months if not years.

And as irrefutable proof, this radical behavior and authority comes with a universally mod-sanctioned new title. Rogue-Mod. This means the regular babysitting rules of modship do not apply. I can enter and change any thread at any time if you do not follow the rules of learning and effort. I am not bound by any responsibility to respond to, or to monitor you. I will sweep through and delete/lock/critique any thread deemed fit to edit whenever convenient. You will learn by the critiques of others and by the example of locked threads what to do and not to do. You MAY get tutorials. It depends on the effort you show to deserve it.

This is to be run just like college was run for me. Critiques are hard and the sum of them dictate whether or not you remain enrolled in the program. There will be emphasis on research and observation, hand skills and practice, study and experimentation. This forum will grow to be a place where you can prepare yourself for lessons and approaches necessary in the real world, if this is to be your career, and ways to grow and improve if this is your hobby. What you post is figuratively graded and you'll know how you do by how much you see happening to your threads. If you refuse to improve or are simply posting for ego-stroking, then perhaps you are not 'college' material and are no longer permitted to post here.

There are many of the mods who are professional artists in the industry here. There are many users who are professionals who will also be critiquing when they care to. We are all mobilized to shake this forum back into something to be proud of. Listen and learn. Because frankly, if this doesn't work, and you don't want to learn, this forum is useless and a waste of time for us all.

The next step is up to you.


Disclaimer: All mod decisions are final. All rules are subject to change without notice. No discussions into mod decisions will be entered into.

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Posted: Sep 7 2006, 03:47 PM
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The rules to A&D have been modified. There have been some changes as well as additions. These have been put in place to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. I encourage everyone - new users and veteran users alike, to read or reread through the rules at this time.

As a general reminder regarding critiques, aim to be polite and helpful. Being blunt is fine but do not get aggressive. I have noticed this disturbing trend recently. It will not be tolerated. We would like to keep the forums an inviting place where everyone can learn.
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