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> Megatokyo Forum Rules & Faq, READ BEFORE POSTING
Posted: Sep 26 2004, 06:51 PM
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Megatokyo Forum Rules 'n Faq:

(this set of rules and FAQ governs every subsection of the MegaTokyo Forums)

A prettier revamped version by Cym; updates might be made later on.

Aug 3 2009 - Please use kluge spoiler tags when appropriate.
Nov 6 2008 - Clarification that oversized sigs and avatars will be taken away without prior notice.
March 2 2007 - Because of the cartoon porn voting in AMC, members need to have at least 1 post before they can start a topic. I don't know if this is temporary or not, we'll see~ apparently you become a sooper -Members- instead of just Members when you hit 1 post. If you already had 1+ and are in Members, post once and you should get converted to the elitist clique
Aug 23 2006 - Actually tells people how to set an avatar now
Oct 14 2004 - changed the 'jap' issue to a rule from a guideline
Feb 15 2006 - pimp rule revamp!
Jul 25 2006 - changed avatar max size to 65k because of size change

Megatokyo Forum Rules, Guildelines, & FAQ

What follows are some simple rules that are in place to ensure that the forum runs smoothly. Generally speaking, these rules apply to every forum here at Megatokyo, but where there is conflict, the other forum's rules take precedence over these.


These are rules. Break them and you risk a locked thread and/or a ban.
  • Read the FAQs For Each Forum Specifically Before Posting
    There are different ones for the Gamers, Anime, Writing, and so on. The rules for a specific forum often supercede these rules. For example, pimping your work is welcomed in Music, but is not here.

  • Do NOT Flame
    Tearing into other users is not productive for anyone. If they have broken a rule, use the Report button. If they need to be pointed to the Rules & FAQ, point them to it, and leave it at that.

  • Do NOT Spam
    Spouting random jibberish at everyone opportunity is not good, especially not if it is done in a thread that has a clear point. This includes comments such as "IBL"(In Before Lock) and flaming/mocking pictures. If you want to chat, do it on IRC or AIM, don't do it here. Excessive roleplaying is also prohibited.

  • Use the Report Button
    There is a "REPORT" button next to the edit one on the top right corner of each post. If you feel that that post is breaking the rules, hit the report button, enter a legible reason, and leave it at that. Posting "Will a mod please lock this thread!?" does nothing to bring the thread to our attention.

  • Make Threads That Have a Point
    Meaningless random jibberish will be locked. Likewise, this is not your Live Journal. If your post does not kick off a conversation, and is simply a diary for you, it will be locked.

  • Do NOT Start Introductory Threads
    There's no need to say "I'm new here, I'm a fan of MegaTokyo!" Just have fun on the forums and post to threads you want to contribute to. So-called Newbie Threads usually result in spam and flames.

  • Yes, This is the Internet, But This is Our Corner of it
    While this is on the Internet, these forums are not a democracy. We have rules, and we expect them to be followed.

  • Do NOT be Elitist or Bad to New Members of the Forums
    We will not tolerate ANYONE using any sort of Megatokyo related status to lord themselves over ANYONE ELSE. This isn't high school. Megatokyo is a community of equals, and it will stay that way. Post count, join date, member number, and all other such measures are quite irrelevant.

  • Do NOT Pad Your Post Count
    We know if you do, and then sometimes your title gets reset and your posts removed. Padding your post count is spamming the forums. Ridiculous jibberish often leads to temporary (or possibly permanent) bans.

  • Keep Your Sig And Your Avatar Small
    The limit for sigs is either 8 lines of text at default size and font, one 125 pixel high sig image and three lines of text at default size and font, or the rough equivalent if you have a sig image that is less than 125 pixels high. The maximum width for a sig image is 600 pixels. The maximum total size for sig images is 35KB. This will ensure that the forums load quickly for all users. Quiz pictures are, for most cases, too large for signatures.
    Likewise, avatars should be no larger than 65KB. The maximum size is 150 pixels by 150 pixels.
    Moderators reserve the right to remove oversized signatures and avatars without warning. If you aren't sure and it's something you don't want to lose, keep a copy of your sig text and/or image url somewhere else. Ignorance of these rules is not protection from having your avatar or sig edited.


    You can use photobucket.
  • Make Sure You Post in the Right Forum
    Before you start a new thread, make sure that the topic of your thread is best fitting in the forum you are posting to; if you want to roleplay, please do it in the roleplaying section, for example. It should be noted that Megatokyo Central really is typically not the best place to talk about the comic itself. Almost all comic related threads fare better in Story Discussions.

  • The Forums Must Be Work Safe
    All content on the forums must be work safe. Where that really matters is posted and linked images. The Megatokyo forums should be safely browsable at work or school. That means no explicit content. Generally speaking, if it could go in a PG-13 movie, it's okay for the forums. However, just because something is free of nudity does not make it work safe. In all cases, it is best to err on the side of caution. If you absolutely must share something that is not work safe, then link it, and include a warning that states that the image or video is not work safe. On a seperate note, it is advised that you not post medical images that are gross or something along that line. We'll edit them as we see fit.

  • Absolutely NO Goatse, Tubgirl, or Any Links of that Sort
    Common sense. Directing linking them or linking them will result in a swift and permanent ban. Likewise, directly posting Something Awful's pictures will result in very very bad things. Don't do it.

  • No Site Pimping
    Do not create threads to promote your website, your online recruitment game, your webcomic, or anything else. Put anything you feel the need to promote in your sig, and please don't link to anything illegal. However, if you want to make a thread about something that you want people to check out in Music, Anime/Manga/Cosplay, Creative Writing, Arts & Drawing, and possibly some other subforums, for the purposes of getting comments and critiques, you can! If you just want to "pimp" however, YOU MUST GET PERMISSION FROM A MOD OR ADMIN. Finally, check the appropriate forum and their Rules & FAQ before pimping your material.

  • This Is Not a File Sharing Forum
    Please do not post requests or sites for illegally obtained games, software, music, scans or the sort. Freeware or in general, free stuff is fine. For things that you have to pay for, go buy it.

  • Don't Flood
    Please don't kill the first page of the forums with too many of your threads - 3 or 4 is more than enough.

  • Jap is a Racial Slur
    "Jap" is a racial slur. Please do not use it, even as an abbreviation for "Japan" or "Japanese."

  • Take Personal Issues to PM
    If you have personal issues with other users, take it to Private Messaging. If necessary, let the mods know. Threads made regarding these will be locked. The REPORT button is another alternative.

  • Don't Repost Locked Threads
    If threads get locked, they get locked for a reason - don't make new threads asking why it happened, and don't whine. Apologies are also unecessary. PM a moderator if you have to.

  • No Forum Wars
    Don't start, participate in, or encourage forum wars here or anywhere. You will be at the least temporarily banned. Use the Report button if necessary.

  • Search
    Search for previous threads before posting a topic, especially if it's related to popular topics. Rehashes of old and frequently seen material will be locked if the poster doesn't have anything new to contribute.

  • Necromancy is Bad
    Check the date on the thread before replying to it. If no new posts have been made for a number of days on a thread, it is dead; no one wants to talk about the topic anymore. This is not a hard and fast rule, but generally, a thread that is more than four days old is considered dead. If you have some truly meaningful input to add (not something like, "it sucks!"), then a revival is okay. Past the one or two week point, if you do want to reopen a discussion on an old thread, the best way to do it is to start a new thread with your new angle on the subject, and include a link to the old thread to indicate that you've already read it. If you don't have anything to contribute to an old topic, don't respond to it.

  • Use Spoiler Tags
    If you're discussing a show or manga in a thread that is not specifically designated as having spoilers, use spoiler tags. If you are posting text that gives away or ruins a particular series, denote the spoiler text somehow (e.g. [ quote][ color=gray]text of spoiler[/color][/quote] or [ size=-4]text of spoiler[/size]). It doesn't matter if the show is a day old or a decade; it's a matter of simple courtesy to other forumites who have not yet seen the show.

  • Take Problems With Mods to PM First.
    If you have a problem with the way that a mod is behaving, discuss it with that mod in private via PM. If you feel that your complaints are still not being addressed, then take it to someone else from there. Raising the issue in a thread will not win you any points, as it is, 99.9% of the time, off topic, and derailment. In addition, courtesy when communicating with the person in question will generally get you a much nicer response.

Following the rules to the letter will likely keep you out of trouble with the mods, but will not necessarily guarantee that you'll go over well with other forum-goers. In order to help you get a feel for the way the forum works, I offer the following suggestions - not rules.
  • Lurk and Learn
    I cannot stress this one enough. There's no better way to get a feel for the forums and what is and is not accepted here than to lurk for awhile. Hang around, read some threads, and refrain from replying for a week or two. Get some firsthand knowledge of how things work here.

  • Use Proper English
    To the best of your ability, use clear English; strive for correct spelling and good grammar. This is, perhaps, the second most important point. You will find that people will tend to respond to your writing much more positively when you do. Resist the temptation to post using "fanboy Japanese" (mixing words such as "baka" and "kawaii" in with your English text) as well as leet speak (l337 5p34k). It's not going to impress anyone.

  • Have Thick Skin
    Don't be offended if someone disagrees with you. If you think their attitude has problems, PM a mod.

  • You Don't Know Everything
    It is definitely far from safe to assume (and even less safe to sound like you believe) that you know more about a subject than the rest of the forum; we have some very knowledgeable people here, and superiority isn't a tone that folks are prone to appreciate.

  • Colored Text and Odd Fonts are Bad
    Most people find colored text (particularly whole posts in colored text) and odd fonts (especially small ones) unpleasant, and in some cases, unreadable. Stick to the default text.

  • Use a Meaningful Subject
    When creating a new post, use an informative subject line / title. Too often we get threads with titles like "A question," or "Cool stuff." Please be specific about what you want to talk about; if you don't, you likely won't get many people participating in your thread.

  • Tell Us What You Think
    When creating a new post, state your own opinion. We frequently get posts that do nothing but ask, "What do you think of <topic>?" We would much prefer that you state your own opinion as well as asking for ours; it's more equitable, and gives us a starting point for the discussion. If you don't have enough information to form an opinion, by all means find some before posting.

  • Read the Thread Before Replying
    If you fail to do so, you're likely to say something that has already been said in the thread. This makes you sound like you're more interested in talking than having a conversation, which tends to put people off.

  • Best / worst / favorite (X) Threads Are Bad
    This isn't as absolute as the others, but generally, if your topic is fundamentally asking "What is (the best / the worst / your favorite) (X)," you're going to have to go pretty far afield (within the realm of the forum's subject matter) to hit a thread topic that hasn't already been done. Creating such threads is generally not advisable.

  • Don't Quote Entire Posts
    It's extremely annoying to see another persons's 20 line post quoted in entirety with only the comment, "I agree," or something similar added by the quoter at the end. When using the quote button to reply to posts, delete the text that is not relevant to the comments that you are going to make. You can edit the text in the "Original Post to Quote" box.

  • Don't Double Post
    If you need to reply to multiple users in a thread, do it within a single post. Denote who you're replying to by mentioning their name first. Don't make multiple consecutive posts. If another post appears while you are posting yours, use the edit button.

  • You Can Curse Here.
    Yes, you are allowed to say, fuck, shit, bitch, ass, damn, cock, balls, and even shit-fucking ass-balls cock here. It's really not a problem. We're fine with it. To that end, you should also avoid making a point out of someone else cursing. They're allowed to do that. Yes, even the mods. You don't like that they're cursing? Deal with it. Do not raise a fit in public.
Frequently Asked Questions

Several questions have been asked on this board time and time again, and as a result, aren't exactly welcomed by users. It's always a good idea to Search first before posting. Here are some of the most frequent, and their answers.
  • How Do I Get a Different Title?
    Titles are awarded automatically depending upon post count, and are listed underneath a user's name. The titles are:

    Post Count: Title
    0: Tourist
    25: Member
    100: Local
    250: Addict
    500: Veteran
    1000: l33t one
    2500: Senior l33t One
    5000: Ultimate l33t One
    10000: Magical Girl
    Custom titles: For staff only or special occasions with permission (No, you cannot ask for them) Update: Urban Legend is you can change the title after you hit a number of posts. conspiracy theory it be

  • How Do I Change My Profile / Get an Avatar?
    A lot of common questions regarding things such as modifying your profile, your signature, your avatar, UBB tags, and so on can be found in "HELP" at the top right side of your screen, next to the Search button. Please check it before making a thread, or search the forums for recently asked questions ("Search" button).

  • Can I Upload Avatars to the Forum?
    No, you cannot upload avatars to the forum.

  • What Are These Boxes Below My Name?
    The more posts you make, the more boxes you have under your name and avatar. Your title also changes accordingly. Only staff members have customized titles. Boxes and postcounts are not a thing to argue over, and having more boxes does not make you "cooler." Elitism of any sort is frowned apon.

  • Where's Largo?
    Please read Piro's rant under strip #275.

  • What's IRC, and Where is Megatokyo's Channel?
    IRC is Internet Relay Chat, essentially a way to talk to other people real time via text. The Megatokyo channel was originally on the main MT page but removed - if you need info, please conduct a search. Also, if you were banned from the channel or "harassed," please do not make complain here. It usually makes the situation worse.

  • My Password Doesn't Work or There is Some Other Problem With My Account!
    If your password is invalid, your profile likely got edited. Use the "temporary password" feature to get an email with one. If your email does not work, make a temporary account and PM Piro.

  • What's Up With Merchandise and the Graphic Novels?
    For merchandise and graphic novel questions, please check the stickied threads and search the forums a little.

  • Why is the Character link empty?
    The character link will be done when it is done. Please don't make threads asking about its status. To quote Piro:

Wanna know why i dont like making character sheets and story guides? They are a lot like resumes - small sound bytes that contain over simplified information about characters and story concepts. Does your resume really say what kind of person you are? Thats why i've always felt it was best for people to read the comic and gain thier own opinions. Most novels dont have character guides, why should a comic?
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