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> Wallpapers For 2015ish, My desktops, let me show you them
Ray Kremer
Posted: Jan 7 2015, 09:26 AM
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New wallpaper thread if you want.

Here's the old list of rules and other assorted BS:

The calendar thing in most of these screenshots is Rainlendar.

Link pics that are larger than 1024*768.

DON'T QUOTE HUGE IMAGES. ONLY thumbnails (such as the ones in ImageShack) are allowed, certainly don't quote those huge thingies.

This thread is to show your desktop and not to link galleries, lolol.

Don't be a stubborn idiot and report (perfectly fine) pictures just because you were a fruitloop and posted oversized images yourself

Expect NSFWness in thread - Link if you have doubts. It says NSFW in the title (sometimes), but if it's too #@)#(_!@# then you should still link it.

There are retarded people who will link the source in smilies like wink.gif so CHECK.


If people ask for image sources, please ask nicely.

Don't fight over personal tastes.

A few desktop images and source per thread page @ default board settings. If you changed desktops more than once a day, keep the damn urge to yourself and wait it out.

Don't spam this thread.

For people not registered (at least for them, not sure about registered users), danbooru displays a HELL LOT of absolutely not sfw pictures (porn real women, even!), so I'll have to forbid from now on to directly link to it.

Mods may ban you happily for misconduct within this thread.
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Posted: Jul 27 2015, 03:55 AM
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l33t One

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I came across a really kickass Facebook game not that long ago.

The art they made for it was so awesome that I picked up a wallpaper they made for it.

user posted image
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Posted: Aug 22 2015, 12:37 AM
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New idolm@ster CG wallpaper

user posted image

Click on image for full-sized version

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