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> When is Piro ever going to get a girlfriend?, When is Piro ever going to get a girlfriend?
Posted: Aug 10 2004, 12:51 PM
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♪So I got married♪
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QUOTE (Rysan Marquise @ Aug 11 2004, 02:38 AM)
Well, I think the question has been answered. I just though I would remind people of the question that had been asked years ago. Now it will soon be answered.

jesus CHRIST. that wasn't even an answer.

whatever the reason, don't bump year old threads up
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Posted: Aug 10 2004, 01:06 PM
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seraphim fanboy
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QUOTE (The_Blind_Artist @ Sep 7 2002, 02:45 AM)
I hate to brake it to you, but Dom made Piro write out the whole story just after it started. So really we can't influence the story, unfortunatly.

Uh, dom never makes me do anything. I write the story, and from time to time i bounce ideas off of him. No where near as much as he would like me to, i tend to keep most of the story details to myself, and work them out on my own. I'm not real big on getting input from others on the story - i feel it needs to come from me, and not be directed or influenced by anyone else if at all possible. remember, Largo and I split up - and one of the things that lead to us parting ways was that i like to write by myself.

This has several effects on the story. First, it leads to it's quirky nature, and many of the problems that surface. The benenfits are that it really IS a story i pull together that has no outside influence or polishing (you need to do this or people won't like it, or that's a bad idea, you really should change it). The most i ever ask from people is thier reaction to what i'm doing. Very often i get advice that strongly advises that i change something. More often than not, i completely ignore the advice and do it my way anyway.

What i do get from talking to others about the story is a reaction, and from that reaction, i can guage if i want to change something - because i know what i'm trying to get across is getting across. There have been a lot of instances where Dom or Asmo has reacted to a script in a way or had an idea about it that was really good, and the idea found its way into the final strip. I try not to do that often because, well, its not fair if they don't get credit for thier ideas, so i try to use my own.

I also get a lot of input on details. For instance, Dom and Asmodeus helped me with the japanese for the most recent comic, because my japanese sucks tongue.gif There are often

Would MT be a better story if i more heavily involved a team of experts, and some editors and some people who wouldnt be afraid to grill me about it? Maybe, but personally i think it would just water it down. It is just a webcomic, you know, its not like some disney production.


PS: wow, so this is a really old thread. I didn't realize that. Yes, PLEASE do not bump old threads that have long since died. Start a new one if you must, and sum up what the old thread was talking about, and refer to it with a link. Sheesh.
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