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> Tech Talk FAQ, Read this before posting
Posted: Jan 18 2038, 09:14 PM
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Before posting in this forum, read the Megatokyo Forums FAQ, and the Mad Moderators Post thread.

  1. When posting a question, post any helpful information such as Operating System with version, driver versions, hardware, etc. In addition, provide a clear explanation of the problem. "My computer doesn't work" is not a valid problem. If you're getting spontaneous crashes or other random errors, try Memtest86 first to check your RAM.

  2. Before posting, use Google and the Forum Search to try and see if your question has been asked and answered already.

  3. Don't flame. Doing so is a good way to get yourself banned.

  4. Try to avoid threads that follow the "X is better then Y" subject. ex PC vs Mac, Windows vs Linux, AMD vs Intel, etc.

  5. (Proposed)
    "Get a real system," and its innumerable variants, is flaming, not advice, and will be treated accordingly.

    This does not include constructive comments of the form: "Your system is not capable of doing X. Here's why. An alternative might be Z."

  6. Don't spam, and try not to derail threads.

1) Q: My computer is acting all slow/funky/buggy, what can I do?

A: http://www.sysopt.com/forum/showthread.php...threadid=168820

2) Q: I'm curious about trying linux, but I've never used it before. What do you recommend?

A: If you want to try Linux, before deciding to nuke your Windows install entirely, try Knoppix. It's a CD-based distro...download the image, burn it to a CD, and then boot from that CD. It won't touch anything on your machine.

If you like what you see in knoppix, you can pick one of several distros (this is not a definitive list by any means): RedHat is the most common distribution, and has the most support; Mandrake is RedHat plus extra tweaks to make it more user-friendly; Debian is very stable, but is a bit behind the cutting edge; Gentoo is a "build-it-from-scratch" distro, that's very cutting edge, but not for the faint of heart.

Pick your distro, each has an install CD that you can download.
Installation is just a matter of re-booting from their install CD, and answering the questions (sometimes *many* questions, depending on the distro you chose).

Beyond that, ask on the forum.

3) Q: How do I get a picture under my name?

A: Go here and fill in the avatar box.

This can not be a picture on your computer, it must be hosted online.

This does not mean linking directly to a picture you see online and like, but finding your own space to put it in, or getting permission from the person hosting it.

4) Q: What is the pinout for X

A: Check here before asking here.

5) Q: Where can I get drivers for Y

A: The manufacturer's website. Failing that, try Driver Zone. If neither turns up results, ask here. if you don't know the manufacturer and name of the device then nobody can help you.

6) Q: How do I take a screenshot from a video/DVD? When I hit the print-screen button, the area of the screen with the video in it is black.

A. If it's a DVD, check your DVD playing software; it ought to have the screen capture ability. If it's a video file, then download VirtualDub and load the file into it. Find the frame you want to capture, and hit Ctrl+1, then paste into your favorite picture editor.

7) Q: How do I do X on Linux?

A. First, try checking The Linux Documentation Project, then ask here.

Post suggestions in the FAQ Suggestions thread.

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