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> [1472] A Pause, "would miss like lay down?"
Posted: Apr 13 2017, 01:22 PM
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Junpei doesn't seem one who'd say he's going and not. Plus he must have more hoodies and if so wouldn't need to take back to start with. Honor and tradition probably says not likely him too. And last time was button up.

So it points to a very fast very experienced female ninja, for an off guard Miho who is out of element. And seems might have had some large amount of potential power removed via circumstance, medical matters, and who knows Ping and Kimiko draining. Plus why here be on guard, especially suitable for considering if that's not the role right now to begin with.

It's not clear who is absolute faster if anyone is always. Mostly. Yuki zoinked the zombie zilla pretty quick, but apparently Miho is faster. OTOH, Meimi was faster than Junpei, not that he was trying, and not that we could equate a retired MG who is moving with purpose to her daughter that's just starting out and isn't quite as direct and confident anyway. Although if the real thing is still here and has as much control as needed, the speed might appear infinite. Especially if one power is stopping time. Although of course that's as impossible as either returning from being disintegrated or being immune to it in the first place or gapping through spacetime and what have you.

As far as what has been told to one but not another. Kimiko but not to Piro. Indications are, that directly clearly informing Piro in detail about anything as an absolute at all ever, was never part of any plan. Rather, that was more not telling him anything about anything except as hint and nuance and partial demonstration at most. A sort of you'll never learn anything meaningful if you don't figure it out sort of plot. For those who are part of the effort though, telling them enough to carry out what they're supposed to is another matter entirely, something that fits there.
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