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Posted by: Telliamed Dec 25 2002, 04:31 AM
(here's a first. me starting a haiku thread.)

Up high, and down low.
Consciences hang on a tree.
Guilt tinseled over.

Behold! Such an ornament fair!
With soft skin and luxurious hair!
But it must be excused,
If she comes off as rude;
For there's pine needles sticking her derriere.

Oh Seraphim! Oh Seraphim!
How is your poor otaku?
Oh Seraphim! Oh Seraphim!
What would he do without you?
Without a job, without a home,
In Tokyo he mopes and moans.
Oh Seraphim! Oh Seraphim!
He's hopeless, but you'll still try.
To keep him from that Yuki-chan,
And not be dissuaded by Kanon.
Oh Seraphim! Oh Seraphim!
How do you keep from going mad?

I feel this should be longer, feel free to add more to it.

Posted by: Azuki Dec 25 2002, 06:12 AM
[!haiku]Really, this would be more of my personal cristmas experience than anything else[/!haiku}

outside, the snow falls
What is this sleep you speak of?
inside, eye lids droop

to shoot back up 'gain
creativity festers
in sleep-sotted mind

[edit]Yep...stayed up all Chirstmas's 5:15ish right now...and I may just take a nap....[/edit]

Posted by: Shoka Dec 26 2002, 12:37 AM
asmodeus is
needled by the grave insult
of so low a bough.

If your client exalts you, then please
Don't complain, for you surely must see,
That most girls only get
A small pedestal rest,
While Seraphim gets a whole tree!

couldn't let a thread
started by telliamed
pass away unread!

Posted by: Mintaka Dec 26 2002, 08:08 AM
Seraphim's other
Two pairs of wings are hidden
(Glasses and laptop?)

But if we've been bad,
Let her bring us burning coals
So we may speak truth!

<religion mode>

Burning Seraphim,
Who comes and goes at One's will,
For once forced to stay.

Conscience, decoration?
Or is she bound to rest now
And ponder her heart?

Next day a martyr,
Then the Holy Innocents --
Wars, rumors of wars.

Stand and fight evil --
Stand and die for peace --
Stand and draw for life --

Conscience, nat'ral law,
And the needs of heart and hand
Light each mortal's path.

But when the way's lost,
On the people in darkness
Comes a shining light:

Fusion light of hope,
Angelic armies singing,
Then the rising Sun

Of Justice, whose rays
Are healing and forgiveness --
The Way. Truth. Life.

Stay, Sera, and sing!
Old news to you, girlfriend, but
This time, it might stick.

</religion mode>

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