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Posted by: Shoka Sep 4 2002, 02:10 AM
seraphim shows us
a prima-donna angel;
but hey, she's a star!

It's enlightening, now that we've seen,
The hard work of the Seraphim team,
And to see the sweet angel
Paradoxically raise hell,
Getting "fired"-up to do her scene!

Well now, Piro has done it again,
Sending half of his fans 'round the bend:
'Cuz they'll all want a clue
Of what kind of tattoo
That his Seraphim has, and where penned!

"With the finest cosmetic deception,
"We must bow to mass-market perception.
"So arrange all my feathers,
"Make the wardrobe fit better,
"And erase every last imperfection!"

Posted by: Hiigaran Sep 4 2002, 09:21 AM
Waht you said

Now for my own....

Dressed up, make up,
Prissy is she who taunts her
many fanboys like so.

A tattoo rests on
her body. One might question
Where? can I see it?

</haiku> sorry....that was weak hah<//haiku>

Posted by: romeo_baglivio Sep 4 2002, 07:00 PM
Irish-Haiku... sounds like an oxymoron. ^^; Do you mean a limerick?

Posted by: vonSudden Sep 5 2002, 01:50 AM
In reply to:

Irish-Haiku... sounds like an oxymoron. ^^; Do you mean a limerick?

Posted by: Telliamed Sep 5 2002, 02:02 AM
Young forum member
Wanders into the garden
Confused by wordplay

A forum member named Shoka saw
An inspired thread of poetry and, in awe,
Said, "That's great, but my affinity
Is for meter more contemporary."
So he ammended the haiku law.

Okay, his limericks are a lot better than mine. But what it comes down to is that having two poetry threads was confusing and annoying -- particularly when not everyone goes for one form or the other. There's few enough poets on the board these days anyway, so combining them keeps these threads from looking pitifully thin.

Posted by: Cryshalo Sep 5 2002, 02:25 AM
Wise Sara knows that
Beauty's not everything;
Digital is all.

Posted by: vonSudden Sep 5 2002, 02:41 AM
War is raging wild
And Seraphim has command
What? "Fire at will!"

Tape, staple guns and digital things
Make up, wing-wax, and needles that stings
Super extra petite
Seraphim is "it"
Now we now why she's called "prissy-wings"

Posted by: Shoka Sep 5 2002, 02:52 AM
Two islands on opposite sides
Of the world, separated by tides:
The people who live there
In detail may differ
But they're the craziest people alive!

VonSudden, telliamed...thanks for the back-up guys. And you're pretty much right about my reasons for doing limericks.

Japanese haiku is very lyrical, and is far more well adapted to their own language than to ours. The people who post haiku in these threads do a great job, but I thought it would be fun to take an English-language verse form from an island on the opposite side of the world, and see how it would compare. By and large, I think they complement each other.

Like haiku, limericks are lyrical, and can be separated into three parts, almost like a syllogism. The first two lines of a limerick, like the the first line of a haiku, establishes a setting. The next two lines make a statement within the setting, and the last line is a conclusion. The main diference is that haiku is usually serious, almost ethereal in it's approach, while the limerick is light and humorous, and is therefore sometimes better adapted to a humorous strip.

Anyway, the haiku regulars have been remarkably tolerant of my little departures, for which I'm grateful. Some of you have even been crazy enough to join in, from time to time!

Posted by: romeo_baglivio Sep 5 2002, 06:47 PM
happy.gif Cool. Sorry, I forgot to search. ;_; I'm trying to do my dangest to do that too. ^^ Just read these things all the time (haven't got a poetic bone in my body though), and since I'm both Irish and Japanese in decent, I as sort of... hmmmmm... about it. ^^;

Gomen for disturbing!

Posted by: manganekoichi Sep 5 2002, 07:08 PM
hmm those are all nice, but here's mine... and it's written in whatever format i want it to be!!


so prissy and pampered and evil,
she is naught but a mask of lies.
she fired us all
faster than it takes for her
to swat a whole swarm of flies.

she says that she's absolutely perfect,
but I know just what to do,
i'm telling you all right now about
the handdrawn by piro tatoo
that is smack on her big fat caboose!

now she'll kill me for telling you this,
but she's really from the other side,
she's hunting and killing all of you down,
so all you

Posted by: manganekoichi Sep 5 2002, 07:12 PM
sorry that my poem kinda got cut off, stupid aol kicked me off before it was finished sending... i guess it's better that way, but i did write a poem that actually said that seraphim was good, right after the one that said she was evil... oh well, i'm too lazy to retype it...

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