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Posted by: Shoka Jun 21 2002, 02:29 AM
You can analyze this conversation
For a literal interpretation,
But when you are done
It's inevitable some
Of the nuance gets lost in translation.

With deference to moralist's rants,
I find that I'd view it askance,
To exist in a world
Where a pretty young girl
Can't answer a door without pants!

L33t Largo tells Piro to ph33r
Strange chicks bearing meals without b33r,
But neglects the import
Of the peril they court
When Erika's nearby to h34r.

Damn but there are a wealth of punch-lines in today's strip!

Posted by: Cryshalo Jun 21 2002, 02:50 AM
Like a fish to the
bear doesn't look; Piro watch out!
For Erika can hear you!

argh, you can tell I just came out of an exam. sorry, mind fried.

Posted by: Jaded-souls Jun 21 2002, 05:46 AM
Dude dont worry.... Haiku was still cool...
Well piro's in a hole,
and he cant get out at all,
And now erika's here,
his confidence more dear,
I cant think of anything else. gomen.....

Posted by: Mintaka Jun 21 2002, 10:26 AM
Shouldn't that be "Irish waka"?

Posted by: Shoka Jun 21 2002, 01:12 PM
Waka? Because of the five lines? Perhaps, but that's a more-or-less superficial distinction. In terms of thematic structure, the limerick is closer to the haiku: the first two lines set up a precursory condition, the second two an observation, and the last line a conclusion. Also, the modern name for "waka" is "tanka". And that's about as much pedantry as I can summon for a single post.

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