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Posted by: Phaedrus Nov 15 2001, 05:09 AM
Don't we all have a
secret little sock fetish?
...alluring ankles.

Posted by: Phaedrus Nov 15 2001, 05:10 AM
Seraphim answers
eternal question: angels
have belly buttons!

Posted by: O.P. Nov 15 2001, 05:59 AM
Seraphim check day;
Piro's indulgence- cute socks
Hamsters haunt the set

Posted by: Rowan Bristol Nov 15 2001, 07:27 AM
Seraphim Stylish
No surprises; Largo blunders.
Fear the CLAMP police

Secret sock fetish
Do all otaku have this?
Must update wardrobe

Posted by: smurd Nov 15 2001, 07:52 AM

O! such cute footwear!
Though she comes without pretence,
It's more than I can bear:
My heart offers no defense
To her charming fashion sense.


Posted by: topher Nov 15 2001, 08:10 AM
Kay chill out Here is my next coment. I know you just dont want to hear it but I mean, I have no problem with change and the story going some where but just what is the sub stores and where is it going I really need to know what piro and largo are up to I mean with all this swiching to another part of the story in a nothere diraction you need yo report on what is still hapening with piro or largo even if its just a glance at it with a frame that said mean while. This chaper thing just drages out at the end a chaper you have comments form dom and the fames of maga tokyo, well here is the point you need to mix it up. I am not tring to say what it needs but I think as a viewer my self I get a coment here and there Well thanks for the time me, my self , and I.
System of a down kicks ass

Posted by: HitScan Nov 15 2001, 09:10 AM
Fashion Police come,
Largo ph34rs no simple f00.
Rock on, G-T-L.

Pexto2000 has yet much to learn about MegaTokyo These aren't different directions or sub stories or anything, it's just Fred's way of cooling down between chapters. Chapters don't really drag things out, they give a marked start and stop to different parts of the story. It is supposed to be like an online Manga you see, so think of different chapters as different volumes in the comic store or something.

Posted by: dracos_nyl Nov 15 2001, 09:21 AM
O, foolish newbie
Didst thou not grasp the topic?
Use some capitals.

Chapter Two begins
Posthaste, much haste on your part
Patience is virtue.

Do not lament, but
Enjoy the omake strips
For they bring great joy.

Strident impatience
Stirs >Megatokyo's< clear

In the meantime, Fred
Favors us with omake!
Ooh, ooh, look! Cute socks!

Posted by: smurd Nov 15 2001, 10:16 AM

He, our poems, mocks,
It seems. But, pray, what has this
With cute ankle socks
To do?... At the feet, in bliss,
Of our fav'rite MT miss.


Posted by: Master Edward Nov 15 2001, 10:27 AM
Cute socks stay hidden -
"Because the camera work
is so terrible"?

Seraphim speaks with
Fred's voice, deftly putting down
his excellent work.

Don't listen to the
angel under your pencil.
Rock on, Fred-sensei!

Posted by: Justy-san Nov 15 2001, 10:53 AM
m.t. has a place
even for newbies; relax
we understand j00

but please kindly note
this topic is for haiku
about current page

haiku is fun, yo!
semi-random thoughts pressed in
five-seven-five form

have to wonder if
the angel seraphim might
want to punt kero

what season is it
in m.t.? spring? summer? fall?
ha! now it's haiku

looking forward to
the third omake, maybe
a "naze-nani"

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