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Posted by: darrin Jan 17 2007, 05:04 PM
Oh, I could hold you
till the stars grew cold and dim...
But we're not alone.

Posted by: Rapierman Jan 17 2007, 05:27 PM
The eagle to his,
and the sparrow to his mate,
all ends in their nests.

Posted by: BinaryTears Jan 18 2007, 01:13 AM
Oh hell, thats torn it.
A dream's brief fulfillment, then...
Everyone knows.

A rock. A hard place.
I lose if I go, or stay.
Mu or die, Largo!

Eew! They are hugging!
Oh wait... that game is the same
as my present trap.

Seems Piro is win.
This really hurts to admit,
but I should ask him.

"*IF* I go" he says.
A million fanboys groan.

Largo you dummy.
She already has a spare
hot box at her place.


What is it with these
fricking sparrows and eagles?
Haiku kudzu meme?

He starts many threads.
Mystery! Also why he
likes to end them too.

Posted by: Rapierman Jan 18 2007, 01:33 AM
QUOTE (BinaryTears @ Jan 18 2007, 01:13 AM)
What is it with these
fricking sparrows and eagles?
Haiku kudzu meme?

True haiku comes
from nature's examples
reflecting the truth.

are found in the world outside,
tells us the same tales.

See what they do here.
Is it similar to this?
Tell us how and why.

If you agree, then
you can write a similar
comparison, no?

If you disagree,
then tell us what you see here,
and how it'll relate.

Even another
angle can be shown when you
show us the display.

[!haiku]For example[/!haiku]

A bear has arrived
at a fork in the road, and
must choose the right path.

One leads to honey,
the other leads to the bees,
but he cannot tell.

He looks to the skies,
watches the birds make their choice.
They will lead the way.

[!haiku]In the above, I used natural descriptions to describe Largo's dilemma.[/!haiku]

And now that I've said
all that I will need to say,
I will just move on.

If there is nothing
that I need to say, then I
will remain silent.

When another thought
on another subject begins
to form in my head,

I will speak anew
though on another subject
and begin again.

Posted by: BinaryTears Jan 18 2007, 08:09 AM
Piro laughs "What?"
Can his best friend be so dense?
Which box do you mean?

Birds and bears be damned.
Fur and feathers drift about
obscuring meaning.

An allegory
is fine when all agree what
the hell its about.

In SD forums
when ever did all agree?
Better to be clear.

Why, we can't even
agree on D threads per strip.
One, or forking lots.

Posted by: darrin Jan 18 2007, 11:57 AM
Bees don't leave honey
at other forks in the road.
Nests have sweets and stings.

Bears don't follow birds;
They find honey by the smell.
(Thick skin wards off stings.)

As for our heroes:
if you fear even one sting,
you'll get no honey.

Posted by: AllanO Jan 19 2007, 11:20 PM
[!haiku]After a poem by Ihara Saikaku as translated by Ivan Morris [/!haiku]

When in love's city,
A gamer's way of playing
Does not get the win.

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