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Posted by: Rapierman Dec 10 2006, 11:51 PM
Drabbles are precisely worded proses of 50 (half), 100 (full) or 200 (double) words in length, portraying the thoughts and feelings of a fictional character.

Would that you could fly; but, forsooth, you already are!

Now, do you believe? We are different from humanity. We scare them. This is your reality. Deny it as you will, but the evidence is there in front of you. This is what your life shall be.

Now, it is time to choose: Cower in fear or crush them as they would crush you. You are stronger, better, greater than humanity. They are mere pawns to you, to use as you see fit. Toys, games, amusements, that is all they are meant for. You can have the world if you so desire.

Just join me, and I shall give it to you.

Love? What is that? Just another game I play. You can play this game as well. You desired Piro. You can have that desire; that, and so much more.

"If only you knew the power of the Dark Side." So trite, yet so true. What are good and evil? Mere toys, nothing more. We do not care for such simplistic lables. Life is so much more than that. You can have it all...

...and I can teach you. All you need to do is swear allegiance to me.

Posted by: Moya Dec 11 2006, 12:07 AM
Well, this is my first time writing a Megatokyo drabble, and it was more a stream of consciousness than anything else, but here it is... Hope it's okay.


Surging power, flooding the lines that guide your feet. They call, they direct, they plead: use the power, use the power, use the power. There can be no thought, no comfort, not when there is power begging to be used.

Does she feel it yet? The pulse, the call, the vitality? No, no, you can hear her speaking – distantly, softer than the incessant pull at your feet – and she is still unaware. Stop, she asks, stop, stop!

Maybe she should remain oblivious to the power – phone lines calling others connections relationships use the power, use the power, use the power – lest it consume her.

“Are you sure you want to stop here?” I ask, trying to lure her away from the magnetic pull of the electricity. The first realization – that there is some power at her command – comes suddenly, leaving her motionless. When I try to wait for her, the pull threatens to overcome me, to drag me down again.

I move forward. Step, step, step. Before me is the momentary calm of a telephone pole. The sounds of the street below intensify, but remain distant. There is peace.

“I find balancing on power lines to be a little disquieting.”


Hmm... It doesn't even convey my beliefs about Miho all that well. That's a shame...

Have a nice day!
~ Moya

Posted by: AmbaraAurhen Dec 11 2006, 09:33 PM
My first time at a drabble, too. Not very pleased with this, but it's hard making it exactly 100 words. happy.gif

Here goes:


What? What is she talking about? Why is she toying with me?

What does she want?

I walk, walk on my injured foot, following her. Step, pain, step, pain. This twisted ankle is her fault in the first place! And she still makes me walk. She doesn't stop, doesn't say a word. Answer me! Why won't she answer me? I want to know what she means, I need to, even. Why does she make me follow her?

I tried to help; that makes me magical? She may tease, and speak so strangely, but is she a monster?

Wait, what? Power lines...?


Was going to take a stab at Miho's thoughts, but decided against it. Then I thought to do a double-drabble, but my brain isn't functioning well enough for that right now. ^^; Oh, well. Hopefully what I have seems decent.

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