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Posted by: Brent Dax Oct 13 2006, 02:50 AM
Drabbles are stories of exactly 100 words, typically focusing on a character's thoughts and feelings. Comments are welcome, but please include a "[!drabble]" at the top of your post to make it clear you're not trying to write a drabble.

They are learning.

I can hear it as the comments spread. A week ago, the chatter would be in the 3v1l language learned through exposure to the undead hordes. But when I explain today's l33t assignment, many of the whispers are in the language of the living--the language I've been instructed to teach them.

And yet, what I hear disturbs me. Many of the males have little respect for their female comrades at arms. How can they face the horrors ahead if they are distracted by their party's flesh?

They are learning, but they have much yet to learn.

Ah, so nice to stretch my legs...

Posted by: rufiangel Oct 13 2006, 05:48 AM
[!drabble] Long time no see Brent Dax! Good to know you're alive and lurking. biggrin.gif I assume the language of the living is what they're poorly imitating with words like "hacksors" and "rocksors"? tongue.gif[/!drabble]

Posted by: Damion Requiem Oct 13 2006, 02:36 PM
If I may, a "double-drabble."


Pay attention class. The proper English phrase here is, “I cannot believe it.” Although “What the fuck?” might be appropriate.

Granted, if I’d left my English education to this lunatic, I wouldn’t know “Which direction is the restroom?” from “Fibu dorra you me bed.” (And these perverts would love that. People complain about lecherous old men in Japan, but the next generation of subway grope-artists is right here. At least the old men buy you dinner.) I’ve learned everything myself. Bought decent textbooks with my own money, read them by flashlight under the covers at 3 AM. And I’m using it to listen to my “teacher” tell me today’s lesson requires my panties. Lucky me, I am wearing my pink polka-dots today.

But it’s not his command to strip that I can’t believe. It’s crazy, and no jury would convict me right now, but I expect “weird” anymore.

What I can’t believe is, I’m learning something about English from him. Even college textbooks don’t mention that six words, five being monosyllabic, will restore your faith that not everything male is a bastard out for your underwear.

He’s delusional. But for seven syllables, he’s…

Great. Now I feel like a pervert.


[!drabble]I've always been struck by Junko's exceptional skill in English. Somehow, I can envision her being insanely studious if English, buying her own textbooks, picking up foreign novels to help her get a better sense of real English. Maybe not even knowing why she's so enthralled. Then again, I'm a linguistics nut. I might just be projecting.

And before anyone brings out the "Foreign languages are studied more intensely in other countries, and English is mandatory in Japanese schools," I'm referring to her control of the language. Compare with her classmates. "We must preserve the static of mad computer hacksor" doesn't exactly match Junko's pre-existing powers of comprehension.[!drabble]

Posted by: Kitchan Oct 13 2006, 03:07 PM
Half-drabble, to make up for Da-kun's double. Bwahaha.


We could wear wristbands.

Doesn't Sensei know of the guys here?

The only person we have who can speak to him is Junko-san. There is Miho-san, but she's so weird. Just like Sensei. Sensei and Miho and Junko-san and -

If we're relying on them, we're not normal either, are we?

Posted by: Silent_Rogue Oct 13 2006, 03:41 PM
Blame Kitchan.



The order sends an electric jolt through my body. We will be unclothed with the girls.

Such a dream! Much better than peeking in on the girls during physical examinations.

A distinctly masculine cheer resonates throughout the classroom. All around me eager eyes greedily await a splendorous visage of flesh before them.

But then my smile, at its peak, freezes as I see Kohana-chan turn white in the corner... and suddenly, above all, I want this lessson to stop.

Strange, is it not? How one's emotions can be turned upside-down so quickly for the sake of one person.

... Dammit.

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