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Posted by: Rapierman Aug 8 2005, 03:14 PM

It's been a while since this type of prose appeared. It's time to do one again.

To review: A "drabble" is a prose consisting of 50 (half), 100 (whole), or 200 (double) words reflecting the thoughts and feelings of a character.


I hurt.

I feel not the "l33tness" of this task. I cannot pour my soul into this.

Somehow, I have made this thing work. Cerial boxes and table fans were all that I needed. It is not the best, but it will do.

I need some air.

I have said this to be true: Lov3 is dangerous. I see that it is also insidious.

Does this explain why I feel this way? Or is it merely the aftermath of drinking too much b33r? I cannot tell.

I did not remove my clothes. I may have endangered the parts. Did I not care? If so, why? What caused me to disregard the safety of the computer?

I must review:

My mind is clouded. Perhaps I did drink too much. I must concentrate. I need air.

Yes, I remember now. The "Dark Undead Qu33n". What was it that she said to me? "Soft curves, warm hips; things that she wouldn't let the likes of you touch"? Insulting.

But what did she refer to?

The idol. I remember her. "Erika", Piro called her.

Was that it?

She insulted me as well; but there's something...different.

There is a truth here: Lov3 is dangerous.

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